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Bristol Palin

Lost Virginity Drunk,

On Wine Coolers

6/18/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The night Bristol Palin lost her V card to Levi Johnston was not real romantic -- She was drunk on wine coolers, didn't remember a thing, and when she woke up ... Levi had split. Oh young love!

In excerpts from her memoir, "Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far," Bristol says she and Levi used condoms, but she got knocked up anyway. Levi's reaction when she broke the news -- "Better be a f**king boy."

Bristol says her mom was kinda shocked, because she had no idea Bristol was sexually active.

When the doctors asked Levi -- a real wordsmith -- to cut the cord, he responded by saying, "gross," and backed off.  The honors were left to Sarah.

Bristol goes on to say Levi cheated on her constantly, coming home drunk, with hickeys on his neck. She says she finally ended things when Levi told her he got another girl pregnant and that Levi named the child Bentley, which was her first choice when they were naming Tripp.

The book comes out on Tuesday -- Levi's memoir comes out in the fall.

Move over, "Outliers."


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I don't understand that he was cheating on her. Just because they were f**king doesn't mean they had a committed relationship. Sounds more like they were f**k buddies. Bristol is delusional. She goes around the country telling what a mistake Tripp was; now she writes a book about it. Tripp is going to be one messed up kid growing up being the poster child for M*I*S*T*A*K*E.

1168 days ago


Agree , only sluts want you to hear about thier sex life.

1168 days ago


File tHis in the who cares column

1168 days ago


he is a pig and always will be.

1168 days ago


She was raped by her "boyfriend", didn't quite understand it was rape (many women believe they lose all rights to their own bodies if they are unconscious), got pregnant, was thrown before cameras by her crazy mom, was cheated on by low life baby daddy, had to make a living, got job offers (Dancing with the starts, book deal), accepted them and went through with them. Now she has a house and lives her own life, which means she's doing pretty well so far. Still, she is called all sorts of names by low lives on gossip sites who sit in front of their computers and think they are God with the right to judge from afar. But don't want to take responsibility for their pathetic name-calling, because they "don't give a ****".

I don't think Bristol Palin is a genius, and she didn't start out under the best of cir****tances in a home without reason and culture, but if she stays away from drugs and doesn't get overboard with the plastic surgeries and silly dieting, she just may be all right.

1168 days ago

Kitty D Katt    

Well, I just want to know that if she was drunk, then isn't that rape? Or deed you people not think about that as you bashed her?

1168 days ago


she was no virgin yeah right her brother was her first sarah is actually her sister ha ha

1168 days ago


Hahaha who wants to read this famewhore's memoir?? Bristol, your life is NOT that interesting. And I want to know, did she write it herself, or pay someone to write it for her? Because if she tried to write it herself... YIKES

1168 days ago


I don't think she's ever said Tripp was a mistake. Also, birth control pills are given to young girls who are having severe cramping and also to control their cycles by doctors. It has nothing to do with if they are having sex or not. Birth control pills have been given to young girls for these reasons for years.

1168 days ago


As if anything that comes out of the mouths of any member of this family of ******* grifters can be trusted. I'd be surprised if the dumb****s that would by a book from these snowbillies could read in the first betcha!!!

1168 days ago


it's never her fault, is it? "i was drunk" and "we used condoms"! this girl is a liar, just like mommy.

1168 days ago


@gigi same can be said of is never his fault.its all on bush.

1168 days ago


Oh the stupidity of some who post without reading well. She said they used condoms implying she had sex more than one time. She does not remember losing her virginity, not the rest of the times. And sex with someone that out of it is rape and the fact that he left shows what a douche he is. In other words, she was a naive little girl who hooked up with a piece of ****. Not the first time this has happened. It's an old story

1168 days ago


And just for the record - everyone who enjoys calling others whores, skanks and sluts, are either woman-hating, bitter men or self-hating, bitter women who don't like their own lives and have bad memories of men, but are to cowardly to admit it to themselves, so they lash out angrily at other women.


1168 days ago


lol bristol is nothing but a joke. she's just a trashy whore. horny little slut. just like her ugly ass mother.

1168 days ago
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