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President Obama and Speaker Boehner -- FORE!

6/18/2011 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With the U.S. Open going on just 35 miles away, President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner played a round of golf with VP Joe Biden and Ohio governor John Kasich. 

Bipartisanism is par for the course.

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Obama looks like he has aged 20 years. He looks 70.

1224 days ago


I've been watching this little debate between Johnny and GreekGirlsDoIt Best and I just want to call Johnny a ******* idiot.
First Johnny-
By saying that America was the best thing to happen to black folks, you are saying that millions of enslaved Africans who were beaten, raped and stripped from their ancestors was apart of some sort of sick divine plan from God.

Its been said over and over again that Barack is a Christian. The people over at Farce news reported this story from conspiracy theorists who were inaccurate. So try reading sometimes. And Im not religious and I think that all religions are childish and potentially destructive. Islam is basically going through the same period that Christanity went through in the dark ages. Where for centuries, people were slaughtered if they didnt join the Catholic church. Which was why the puritanical movement came to settle in America and the reason why we have Seperation of Church and State. But you bet your ass that if we didnt have it, we would be a crazed theocracy just like the middle east. Where religious lunatics like the Pat Robertsons, Jerry Falwells and the Westboro Baptist Churches would have control. Both desert religions are dangerous when given power, its just that christianity has been domesticated and grown more civilized since they had to give up so much ground to due enlightenment.

If you stopped pandering to fox news, you would know that the taxrate is the lowest its ever been in 50 years. And there isnt a Republican nor Democrat who can solve the job problem in a matter of a 4 year term, its much too big. But one thing is for certain, you cant have taxcuts that pay for themselves while expecting some invisible hand to come and fix wall street without some serious domestic regulations for business.

1224 days ago


@GreekGirlsDoItBest .. Hate to do this, BUT, the last time anything was done with the Federal minimum wage was under Bush.

On May 25, 2007, President Bush signed into law a supplemental appropriation bill (H.R. 2206) which contains the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007. This provision amended the FLSA to provide for the increase of the federal minimum wage by an incremental plan, culminating in a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour by July 24, 2009.

If your state's minimum wage went up more than that, it was the State, not the Feds, that was responsible.

1224 days ago


what's with bohner's waxed legs?

1224 days ago


Never trust a man named Boehner who pronounces it Baner

1224 days ago


Poor President Obama, having to deal with Kasich (who is a real azz) and cry baby Boehner in one afternoon. So much for a nice relaxing game of golf.
Love the Prez---he is doing his best to dig us out of the huge hole Bush buried us in. Can't believe so many people think one man can reverse 8 years of bullcrap in just a few. He inherited a gigantic mess that unfortunately cannot be cleaned up overnight. Many economic experts have said if Obama hadn't made the decisions he has, we would be in a very bad depression, worse than the 30's. He saved our butts, you people just don't realize it!
And don't bother trying to debate this w/ me, I won't be back to read the comments the haters will spew.

1224 days ago


This man has nothing but bankrupt and destroy America. It is obvious where his syympathies lie.
I don't believe he helped finding Osama, I thank our troops. This man spent more money in his first month than others in 8 yrs. He throws money around like monoply money, our econcomy is at an all time low. He brought back jobs? It's like the depression all over. The fact that any one can stand up will always amaze me. He is the worst President ever and I am not a kid. I could go on. But the fact of his association with the Black Liberation church, which was against whites, Jews, America, loved Farakhan, should have gotten rid of him, but not to mention Ayers and on and on, he is not intelligent is a man close to 50 can't pronounce "corpsman" or says there are 57 states or doesn't know what Memorial Day is and on and on. Like I said I am amazed anyone can stick up for him. He apologizes for our country when we are the most generous and compassionate. Being a muslim isn't the problem, siding with them in a negative way and trying to change Israel borders says a lot. I could go on, but if you like him, I am wasting my time and energy.

1224 days ago


Johnny, you left out all the lives that were lost over white men fighting in the the Civil War to abolish slavery? I am not a racist either, but the people who speak the loudest are the racists, like Spike Lee. Why is the Civil War, never mentioned?

1224 days ago


This is the best we can do --George Carlin

1224 days ago


Whatever your political persuasion, you'd be an idiot to think these guys that pretend to hate each other in public aren't good friends behind the scenes. So much of what we see is for show, when the real goal of all of them is to get re-elected.

1224 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Never mind FORE, how about FAILURE.

1224 days ago

two cents    

Good gawd, odumba has a huge PENIS!! I'm outraged and offended. Look at the size of that sausage.

I think he should resign. If I were him, I'd resign. Taking pics of his pecker like that. Ugh. Disgusting.

And as for the two bickering up there.. tl; dr.

Blah blah blah. One term president. Biggest loser ever. Even the blacks are sorry they voted for him. How much better are they now then 4 years ago? lol Fools voting.

1224 days ago


Of course Obama won, he picked the lowest handicapper as his partner. That's spray on sunblock on Boehner......smart if you don't want skin cancer.

1224 days ago


why is this site turning political, I don't see politicians as celebrity's.
You have liberal Harvey parroting and carrying water along with the main stream adding nothing one can't hear or see from any other old media source now.
It all sounds the same, it all goes the same direction and like the morons they believe us to be we are suppose to go for the bait and slam this one for that, put down that one, save this one, make excuses for that one over there.

1224 days ago


Great. Two TOTAL IDIOTS trying to solve a very serious problem by playing golf. I hope neither one of them has a quarter in their pocket they can flip to decide whether we should surrender to the terrorists and let them have our country.

1224 days ago
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