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Amber Portwood

Out of the Hospital

6/19/2011 1:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amber Portwood was spotted outside her home in Anderson, IN today -- less than a week after she was hospitalized for an alleged suicide attempt. 

As TMZ first reported, baby daddy Gary Shirley called 911 on June 14 because he thought Amber "she was having a hard time with her life" and he didn't "want her to kill herself."


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She's baaaack    

Oh come on people, someone who truly wants to kill themselves **KILLS THEMSELVES** No fanfare, no calls of goodbye, they take a bridge, put a bullet through their brain or take enough pills to kill an elephant... but a person who truly wants to kill themselves KILLS THEMSELVES. The ones who give a "warning call" to someone or to the media is looking for attention. Amber? Better luck next time. Kill yourself and maybe that poor baby can have a chance at a decent life.

1223 days ago


Fresh from the Tammy Faye Bakker School of Make-Up . . . .

1223 days ago


WHO IS THIS GIRL? these overnight, do anything for television including ruining their life and their childrens life, making a fool of themselves MAKE ME SICK. Take her child away and let her go on being a fool.

1223 days ago


For the people encouraging this teen mom to commit suicide you may want to read this!

If this young girl reads your comments and kills herself I hope every one of you are charged! She doesn't need your hate filled comments, she needs some psychiatric help and some parenting skills. Her homelife appears to be completely dysfunctional. The man in her life does nothing but antagonise the situation. I really hope that someone steps in and helps this young girl change her life around so that she can break the cycle and raise her daughter properly! Good luck to her!!

1223 days ago


She looks like a drag queen.

1223 days ago

Boba Lola    

She clearly has mental problems. Either Bi-polar, Shizo, Depression, Post-partum, or, Multiple personalities.
Let's see....she had a baby when she was a teen. She takes pills to lose 50+lbs. She has anger management issues. And probably addicted to something. Oh and yeah, she got thousands of cash just for being a b*tch on Tv. wonder she feels like sh*t and wants to quit! Smh.

1223 days ago

dube blu    

if she were a muppet she would be miss piggy, no diggity, no doubt

1223 days ago


This begs the question...if an attention whore screams suicide and no one is around to give a **** did she make a sound?

1223 days ago


Does she use a paint roller to apply her make-up? Amber PORK-wood! oink oink

1223 days ago


good gawd, gross!

1223 days ago

Stewie Griffin    

Next time cut down the street, not across it. And please quit putting on 20lbs of make-up, you look like a tranny. (yes that is a bad thing) Tell your boyfriend/husband/fiance/baby daddy to hit the treadmill, he's going to have a heart-attack within a year if he keeps eating the fat off of everything and McDonalds 4 times a day.

1223 days ago


OMG!, please TMZ stop posting her photos, she just want publicity, don't you see that shes wearing more make up than Lady Gaga? She should get a job to get her daughter´s custody.

1223 days ago


Yup, got to agree with everyone. This is one butt-ass ugly girl. No wonder she's with big fat, lard ass of a dude. You know the chrmosome pool is not very deep with these two and the baby daddy can't even see his own package due to the fat that's dunlaped over his belt.

1223 days ago


I don'*****ch this show...but man, this girl needs to lay off the tweezers and wax! Let the eyebrows grow in a little sweetie!

1223 days ago


She just looks like a bitch.

1223 days ago
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