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Amy Winehouse

Booed at

'Worst' Concert Ever

6/19/2011 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse was unmercifully booed at a Serbian concert  last night as she wandered the stage incoherently, in what the local paper called, "the worst [concert] in the history of Belgrade."

At one point Amy gets so discombobulated ... one of her background singers comes over to sing the song for her. 

Tickets to the show were roughly $57 -- a lot, considering the average monthly salary there is only about $428.

Money ... spent.


No Avatar


She still sings better than Harvey.

1168 days ago


What's the name of the song she's trying to sing.

1168 days ago


This is truly sad. Amy can actually sing and the girl is throwing her talents away over what...drugs, booze. I hope she can get healthy again. This reminds me of the Whitney Houston comeback concerts except it's worse.

1168 days ago


I've been saying she has great talent for years. However she should not be doing anything until she can decently hold it together. She is not the type of chick who can party a little bit & chill. She seeks too much oblivion. A person can't perform in an obliviated state. Which is why she needs to be totally sober & live that way or else certain doom is inevitable.

1168 days ago


I didn't hear any booing at all ......WTF ?

She is amazing and being off the wall is part of her nature and the crowd didn't complain from that clip that I could see

are you stiring up trouble ?

1168 days ago


It's sickning shes charging so much for tickets in such a poor country, thats alot for people who make twice as much. Who does she think she is? Beyonce? At least give them their moneys worth! Drug addicts are so selfish.

1168 days ago


What a shame. Drugs and booze were more important than her career.

1168 days ago


At one point during the concert, she thought she was in Greece. Then she thought she was in New York. Someone ought to get that girl some help.

1168 days ago


Just a massive, tragic, loss of talent through (I believe) predominantly booze, and drug use second. It's not like people didn't see it coming:

I don't know what can be done in those cir****tances. I think for some people addiction is an exceptionally powerful thing, but nobody knows who in advance, and I don't think rock bottom is a deterrent. I'm not saying someone like that should be written off, or can't get out of that tragic situation, just that I think she is case in point that alcoholism and hard drug use are not easy things to get out of. Even suffering various health problems as a result and numerous trips to competent professionals, like Amy Winehouse has, wasn't enough. I think you could take away all her money and success and it'd be the same. Which is tragic. Hope she gets it together, because otherwise eventually we'll be reading about her untimely death.

1168 days ago

as I was sayin    

Could not hear the Boo's.

1168 days ago


Would somebody please tell me what song she was trying to sing. I think I like it but it's hard to tell. So sad........

1168 days ago


am tired of her sht. I really do not care what she does to herself any longer, however, these people paid a lot of money and deserved better than that. She should give them ALL their money back for being so loaded. That was just a drunk woman singing, I really didn't see drugs in action; just booze. Staying in the finest hotels in Belgrade, I assume, she is a slap in the face of everyone who bought a ticket. Paid it back, bitch.

1168 days ago


what about the people who dressed her and did her hair and drove her there, she is just a drunk baby.

1168 days ago


Everybody thinks they are above addiction. All addicts started out saying they would never be addicted.I think she and many others show kids why they should never do a drug, even once. I can say I grew up in Southern California, and from watching all the idiots I chose to never touch any kind of illegal drug. (I am addicted to coloring my hair and caffeine though.)I think that anyone who is considered to be influential needs to be drug tested at random times each month.Just to show that they are not abusing the spot in our eyes and our children's eyes. I am sick of these famous people who choose to be in these positions glamorizing their drugged out life styles. Overdosing is fun kids! UGH!!!

1168 days ago


who ever kisses these people asses making them think they have talent need to drop dead. this bitch has had her 15 minutes for years now. have fuyn literally drownin in liquor

1168 days ago
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