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Amy Winehouse Cancels Part of Her Tour

6/19/2011 11:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After giving a performance deemed the worst in the history of Belgrade, a rep for Amy Winehouse announced today she will be canceling part of her European tour.

Winehouse stumbled through a concert in Serbia last night -- yet another example of how the singer just can't get her act straight.

A spokesman for Amy said she will be canceling an appearance in Istanbul on Monday and in Athens on Wednesday. The rep added that Amy has realized "she cannot perform to the best of her ability."



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Are You Serious    

Sucks. Waitress maybe ?

1186 days ago


Better download the cd and sniff some coke from theat money, it will safe her life.(And you have a nice eve ;) )

1186 days ago

Rhonda C. Poynter    

I agree with the comments asking who is putting Amy onstage, instead of back into rehab...I tried to make it through the entire video, TMZ, but it seemed to be a sick sort of voyeurism that, even for this society, is over the line. As someone who's lost immediate family members to drug abuse, this isn't something to ridicule: She needs someone around her to help her get further help. =(

1186 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Rhonda C. Poynter,

I agree. It was painful and uncomfortable to watch. Why did no one come out and pull her offstage? Why was she pushed on stage to begin with? Her condition had to be obvious before the show started.

1186 days ago


Painfully skinny too, which isn't her natural frame, even looking at pictures from two or three years ago (let alone older pictures). She looks like she's been consisting on a diet of booze, hard drugs, and cigarettes. She is talented, most people know she's talented, and the addictions mean that may as well not matter, because she can't show it. I think she is a textbook example of an extreme addict. Given she's been to rehab, been hospitalised for illnesses related to her addictions, several times, I think barring some kind of personal awakening, there's a good chance she'll have an untimely death, from the booze, let alone the drugs. I don't think it would be any different if she wasn't famous, I think some people are predisposed to addiction. I hope she gets it together. I'm not a huge fan of hers but she was a reminder that genuinely talented people can have worldwide hits too.

1186 days ago


Some people never recover form drug and alcohol addiction. Amy seems to be that kind of addict. She'll be a sad headline someday and people will be trying to remember who she was.

1186 days ago


It's Amy Winehouse, they knew what they were getting into......

1186 days ago


Drunk AND high on crack.... not a good combination.

1186 days ago


This girl has to go away for a couple of years and really get her act together. Come back with an album as good as "Back in Black" and all will be forgiven.

1186 days ago


i would hate to watch her live, she looks like shes about to fall over or vomit or just something unhealthy and disturbing like that. Is she aware she is in front of a big crowd of people?

1186 days ago


LOL! Shes like a real life parody of Russell Brand!! With her new movie.... "Keep Her From Greece" HA! seriously, keep her away from any stage.

1186 days ago


You know, this makes me very sad and angry. Angry because this woman has a G-d given talent that she cannot share with us. And sad because she is obviously suffering through the effects of her addiction. She needs some serious, non-celebrity therapy and we can only hope she receives it.

1186 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Is it possible that she has done so much harm from drug and alcohol abuse that she could be possibly be brain damaged like Ozzy Osbourne and Gary Busey? Im not trying to be mean I just think Amy is suffering

1186 days ago


I didn't hear any booing. Seems to be the typical Amy Winehouse stuff even if I couldn't make out what she was singing. Fans support their favorite singers no matter what. It's her decision to go on stage. Rehab cannot be successful if the person doesn't want to get better.

1186 days ago

John Belushi    

She looks normal to me.
But what do I know I'm dead.

1186 days ago
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