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Bin Laden Hunter -- Tracking Osama's Body Dumpers

6/19/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The undersea explorer currently hunting down Osama bin Laden's body needs clues to help his search -- and he's starting his investigation ... with the US Navy sailors who dumped Osama's body.


Bill Warren tells TMZ, he has already met with people who know sailors from the USS Carl Vinson -- the same ship that buried Osama at sea last month -- but it's unclear if anything significant has come to light.

Warren figures the sailors are the key to unlocking the location of Osama's body -- telling us, one of them "must have taken the GPS position of where they body of the creep was dumped."

Warren says his plan to find the body involves remote operated vehicles and a sonar system -- and if he has to break out the big boat, it could cost him $10,000 per day, plus fuel.

You can't put a price on closure.


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This guy is really stupid if he thinks anyone on that ship is going to talk to him. A girlfriend of mines husband was (still is actually) on that ship and he's not allowed to even mention the subject. He can't tell his wife ANYTHING. He's not even allowed to confirm that he saw the body yet alone talk about where its at! I don't think this guy realizes how much trouble the seals could be in if they even nodded their heads to his questions. I really hope he dosn't start trouble for anyone that was on that ship or know anything about Osama's body.

1186 days ago


The Arabian Sea is a tick over two miles deep at its deepest point. Safe bet that's where the toxic waste was dumped.
Not gonna find it, fool. Invest your money more wisely...

1186 days ago


Bill Warren has already stated that he doesn't believe that the body was dumped at all...

So let me get this srtaight: he's guy is spending $10000 a day plus fuel to look of a needle in a haystack that he doesn't believe is there in the first place??

Sounds like the battle cry of a publicty whore to me.

1186 days ago


Best of luck to him. Hope he finds it if it was ever dumped in the first place. How do we, the people, know if what the government says is true? They have made a lot of effort to hide whatever happened and that in itself generates mistrust. The government has lied to the people many times before. What makes anybody think they'll tell the truth about this one? What is more plausible is that the government did not kill him at all but captured him and took him to some black site to undergo some of the most ruthless and intensive torture ever meted out to any human being, by a country that claims they don't condone torture. Once they get what they want from him then and only then will he be disposed of.
Like it or not, agree with it or not, bin Laden was/is based in religion. Although I too wholly disagree with his methodology as do many of his religion, he based his stance on a holy book that is as revered as the bible.
Blind trust in any government is destructive.

1186 days ago


Im not saying this guy is right or wrong...But I can tell all of you that keep saying that his corpse is Fish Food, Or Shark! That none of you have any idea how a Navy Burial is done.

Read up on your facts, and you will learn that if the body was indeed dumped.....It is still down there, and in whole.

1186 days ago

Chun LI    

LOL @ Jeff and Donna

This guy's a douche!!!Why does he want the body so bad. He probably wants to f*ck it.

1186 days ago

Jose Alvarez    

Go for it Warren. Something is rotten in Denmark.

1186 days ago


It's absurd. There was no recent mission to kill OBL. He died in 2001. See the latest post on Barry's Conspiracy World.

1186 days ago

Mick Jagger    

Anyone who believes the official 9-11 fairy tale is a a dupe. 9-11 was an inside job and Bin Laden was probably dead or captured and kept on ice for a very long time before the raid.

1186 days ago
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