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WWE Star Alex Riley -- Off the Hook for DUI

6/19/2011 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alex Riley has a big WWE match with The Miz on Sunday, but he'll fighting with one less thing to worry about -- he won't be charged for driving under the influence stemming from an arrest last year.


As TMZ first reported, Riley was busted for driving under the influence in Tampa, FL back on November 17, 2010. He was booked into a local jail and eventually released on $500 bond.

But Riley's lawyers went before a judge earlier this month and argued that police had no probable cause for a traffic stop. The judge agreed, rendering the field sobriety test and the officer's observations (detecting the odor of alcohol) inadmissible. 

Let's hope he has the same good fortune against The Miz. 

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Johnny 5    

BS. He's as guilty as they come. A shady lawyer got him off. It's nice to be rich.

1222 days ago



1222 days ago


How much did the judge get?
Cops must have stopped him for some reason. He ain't black.

1222 days ago


Wait a minute, this happened last year, and finally went to court in MAY!!!! Celebrity Justice, where you get the outcome you pay for. People need to note who these judges are and make sure [VOTE] they don't return to the bench

1222 days ago

Dragon Tattoo    

"Let's hope he has the same good fortune against The Miz" right, as if these matches aren't pre-arranged...The one who better suits their scripted storyline is the winner

1222 days ago

PRO US    

How much did the judge get? How much did the prosecutor get? The FBI should investigate all their bank and financial accounts and find out if they got any house renovations at a discount, say 100% off.

No probable cause? So why did the cops stop him? He probably was swerving all over the road or went through a stop sign or didn't signal when turning. What's the real story, TMZ, of the reason the police said they stopped him?

One law for the rich and the same law for the rest of us, only the courts don't enforce the penalties on the rich for breaking the law.

1222 days ago

Adam Heron    

I think its disappointing that an up and coming talent in the wrestling world has to resort to hiring a bunch of shady arse lawyers in order to get his record straight. if he's as guilty as i'm thinking he is, why doesn't he just face the penalty and do his time and save his reputation in the process. he's also been driving with a suspended license FFS!!

1222 days ago


Wow, you idiots don't even know your owns rights as U.S. Americans.... Cops can't stop you for NO REASON; they must have probable cause to stop you (driving erratically, seen with open container, etc). Officer stopped him because he felt like it. If you agree with that and the judge "got payed off", you're an idiot who doesn't mind his/her constitutional rights getting taken away.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourth_Amendment_to_the_United_States_Constitution <---- Read it.

1222 days ago


And in amendment to my last response: Florida cops have been harassing WWE talent for a long time now. Most of the DUI cases came from FL. Riley's lawyer is almost guaranteed to have came from the "E's" payroll.

1222 days ago


Good for him...it's time to fight these DUI Nazis.

1221 days ago


a-ri aint rich

1221 days ago

Kelly Braund    

What a bunch of crap! Yes, I know we have rights as US citizens- they are to protect all of us. But who's protecting the other drivers/pedestrians he could have killed? Being drunk behind the wheel should be a totally different story. It's not the same as forgetting to signal or going 5mph over the speed limit, he not only put himself in danger, but innocent people around him.
Now he doesn't even have a DUI on his record so what happens next time?

1221 days ago

Eilam Isaak    

Please allow me to set the record straight. My Name is Eilam Isaak and I represented Mr. Kiley on his Tampa DUI charge. I specialize in DUI cases. I was not hired by the WWE, rather Mr. Kiley hired me himself and paid for my services on his own! Florida Law prohibits police from initiating traffic stops without a lawful reason. In Mr. Kiley's case, he was pulled over after exhibiting a minimal driving pattern over a very short distance. We have become a society of distracted driver's, therefore, before a police officer can stop a vehicle for weaving, the driving pattern must be sufficiently atypical that it reasonably suggests to the officer that the person is impaired after the officer exercises reasonable caution against misinterpretation. That did not happen in Mr. Kiley's case. The police officer testified in court under oath and the Judge entered a ruling afterwards. The prosecutor represented the State of Florida with integrity, the Judge followed the law by suppressing the stop of my client's vehicle. It is an insult to suggest that officers of the court would violate the law and accept bribes or payoffs to accommodate Mr.Kiley. Not only was the stop of his vehicle illegal, but the officer violated the Tampa Police Department standard operating policy by failing to videotape the DUI investigation. Florida law also requires that police give a suspect his/her Miranda rights after taking possession of the driver's license and registration if they intend to ask any questions. That did not happen in Mr. Kiley's case. The officer never gave Mr. Kiley his Miranda warnings and interrogated him at the roadside.

1196 days ago

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