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Bam Margera's Parents: Bam Is 'Devastated'

6/20/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera is "devastated" after hearing news of his friend Ryan Dunn's death today -- and according to Bam's parents, they're worried about their son.

Bam Margera
April and Phil Margera sat for an emotional interview with MyFoxPhilly earlier today -- claiming, "We're just worried about Bam. He's out of town and was just told. He's devastated."

Bam's mom was especially choked up during the interview -- telling Fox, "I can't believe it ... [Ryan] was part of our family ... He always used to call me on Mother's Day."


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One of the friends tells TMZ ... Dunn had 3 Miller Lites and 3 "girly shots" between 10:30 PM and 2:10 AM -- nearly a 4 hour span -- but he was "not too drunk to drive."


Figures the first jackass who died would be a criminal too.

1224 days ago

Natalie Caruso/Carabelli    

I will miss you Ryan! We had fun and you will never be forgotten! I have all of your family/friends(Bam and family) in my thoughts.Much Luv Natty

1224 days ago



You are stupid. You must be 14. Shut up now.


1224 days ago

Philip Dobreski    

Ryan Dunn was one of my favorites if not the best. He was just liked me and he was great on viva la bam. Gonna miss you man you were one funny mother ******.

1224 days ago


Hello, I'm Ryan Dunn , and this is the James Dean reenactment ***BURP***

well except he was using a Porsche 911 and Dean had a 550 and Dean's passenger survived , and neither were intoxicated nor was Dean driving over 100 mph.

Everyone can believe what they want, Dunn was drunk when he was driving and killed another passenger, i have no sympathy for drunk drivers. Autopsy reports if and when they do happen they will probably say excessive speed was the factor instead of alcohol depending on how much money the Jackass crew gives the coroner to hide the info, it does happen.

I loved watching these guys do foolish stuff on their show, it was funny and sometimes really gross, but i can't sympathize with a drunk driver. R.I.P goes out to the unidentified passenger, whether he/she was drunk or not, they wasn't the one driving, and I'm sure the family is equally devastated.

1224 days ago


ndingo it was the local news in West Chester,I am not surprised because Bam and his family have a huge connection with that area as well as Ryan growing up there so if the news knocked on the door, I can see them talking about Ryan

1224 days ago


no they arent d-z listers... the latest jack ass film raked in over 5 mil in the first week... he was a huge star.. u must live under a rock holly

1224 days ago


WOW....all the people that are hurting right now and people can't say anything but crap. Regardless of how it happened, two people died. Weather it was due to drunk driving or just trying to swirve and not hit a deer, how sad to see all these people talk so negativly. I hope everyone realizes that is close to Dunn and the passenger that the media coverage and people talking crap WILL simmer down and hopefully you all can grieve the way you need to. Dunn and everybody always made me laugh since firs*****ching CKY2K. I hope this tragedy makes everyone take a look at if they have things right with their maker and to slow down in life because at any moment something can happen. RIP DUNN

1224 days ago


To all of you that say ryan killed another person, you need to learn to read and listen better. They said it was unclear who was driving so to bash ryan dunn for killing another person is wrong. we dont know the facts, no one ever will. Accidents happen, yes there was drinking and yes no one should have been driving but you cant blame just one of them without knowing the facts. RIP Dunn, you will be missed!!!

1224 days ago


Sh*t happens when you DRINK & DRIVE!!!

This will happen more, and more endearing celebs will meet the widow maker. Bam being a drunk himself will booze it up heavily over this. I'm not sad for him, I'm sad for the innocent people these Losers who will Continue to kill due to their lack of judgement!

In the end sadly, it's called Poetic Justice

1224 days ago


In Germany you cannot even drink once, towards to drive

1224 days ago


You could always tell how much Ape loved Ryan and that he was a huge part of their family. So sad. I feel for bam, I would be devastated to lose my best friend too. People do foolish things. Ryan was wrong to drive. He will forever be a poster child against drunk driving now and to remind people not to do it. Sad all around, no use in arguing or pointing the finger at him, he's not the first & not the last. People do it everyday :( habitual drunk drivers eventually do this or take other innocent people in other cars out with them....

1224 days ago


Please don't tell me that the other passenger was the Balloon Boy.

1224 days ago


Reddit is saying it was all a hoax ?!?!,160...968/

1224 days ago


Sad, tragic death but how about you (April & Phil) stop exploiting your children for money and quit endorsing this dangerous behavior. If you truly loved your son and Ryan like a son, you would stop encouraging the ridiculously unsafe lifestyles they live. Instead, you'd rather make a joke out of it all to make money.

1224 days ago
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