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Bam Margera's Parents: Bam Is 'Devastated'

6/20/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera is "devastated" after hearing news of his friend Ryan Dunn's death today -- and according to Bam's parents, they're worried about their son.

Bam Margera
April and Phil Margera sat for an emotional interview with MyFoxPhilly earlier today -- claiming, "We're just worried about Bam. He's out of town and was just told. He's devastated."

Bam's mom was especially choked up during the interview -- telling Fox, "I can't believe it ... [Ryan] was part of our family ... He always used to call me on Mother's Day."


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Its extremly rude that any of you would right things on here calling him a jackass or saying anything mean! He obviouslt meant alot to alot of people. Why is it nessicarry to write rude things on here when he has only been dead for not even a day. Keep your opionions to yourself.. alot of people r greiving this is not what they want to see.

1200 days ago


You people are ALLLLLLLLLLLLL rediculous....I would bet a million dollars that either YOU or someone you love have driven drunk at one time or another....and are just LUCKY to be alive!!!! It can happen to anyone and makes me SICK to my bones when people past judgement like this onto others....what the F have you done with your life that makes you soooooo much better???? LOLLL pathetic!!! Myself, Peace Core for 5 years, Habitat for Humanity 3 times, also own a wellness center where Im helping others heal!!! take a good look in the mirror people!!! In fact, Ryan did a lot for charity and for others in disgusted!!! Humanity will never learn!!!!

1200 days ago


I've been watching Jackass for a long time. "Don't judge us by the stupid **** that we do, but for how much we make you laugh."


1200 days ago


Ape and did you think all of the Jackass guys would die...not pushing the limits ?? Oh right natural causes..but who did he kill in the name of extremes ??

1200 days ago


why can't he just rest in peace who are we to judge, the other person got in car with him knowing that he had been drinking. I feel really sorry fo all his friends and family, its so sad. He will be missed by so many people.

1200 days ago

2 And a Half Cents    

This is clearly devestating for Bam's parents- so I can only imagine the unbearable grief his loved ones are suffering. How do you measure the "should have could have would haves" in a time like this? No sh** he shouldn't have drank then drove- that's implied. Now Ryan's family and friends are left to figure things out.

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone".

P.S.- The reporter for this interview sucked. Please prepare your questions better in the future- perhaps consult with a grief counselor or review your rhetorical questions. She didn't even ask if the Margera's spoke with Ryan's family.

1200 days ago

2 And a Half Cents    


Your post is contradictory- you are pushing humanity and all that crap but you are accusing everyone of being judgemental. Pot. Kettle. Black. Relax- you don't have to push your own laundry list of sins in the TMZ blog. AND.. for the record- there are many of us whom have never drove drunk or drank and drove. So now you owe me a million dollars. I'm a little more proactive in that area. You mentioned "Peace" corps- How about an internship at the Internal Peace Corps. May do you some good.

2 and a Half Cents

1200 days ago

anna mouse    

Terrible loss.

Ryan had a great sense of humor, he will be missed.

1200 days ago


I seriously can't believe all this bad mouthing over the passenger. He got in the car, he knew what could happen, he/she is as much at fault as Dunn was. You people are idiots.

1200 days ago

Kay Kaybear    

Ryan and the passenger were probably both drunk. Maybe Ryan was the less drunk of the two so he drove, or maybe he didn't want anyone driving his car. Who knows. People do stupid things when they are drunk. That's why I always take a cab or have a designated driver if I intend to drink. I've never driven drunk and will never. But I will not judge them. No matter what, there is still a loss of life here. And no, Ryan Dunn is not a loser as people are saying. You don't know him. It's so easy to sit and talk **** hiding behind your computers. RIP to both Ryan and the passenger. I feel sorry for those they left behind.

1200 days ago


Any fool who shuns drunk driving, and condemns death to those that do it, need well kiss atleast 25% of their family away towards death... If you agree with killing family, then fine, atleast you are on a moral plain of sorts.

1200 days ago


Dear Bam.
I am so sorry for you loss I know he was a brother to you.And a very nice prayers are with you and your family and also with ryans family.and his girlfriend who will need all of you right now.R.I.P. Ryan.. May the Lord Keep you and watch over you Ryan. Mr Ebert your a real piece of work for trodding on someone after a death... you should shut up and dont tread on the dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1200 days ago

Jacques Decelles    

Rest and Peace Ryan... Amen

1200 days ago


Bam is probably next, based on what I've seen and heard of him lately...they'd better watch their son like a hawk.

1200 days ago


RIP Ryan Dunn.
I will miss you dearly. All my prayers go out to your family and friends. Love you always.

1200 days ago
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