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Bam Margera's Parents: Bam Is 'Devastated'

6/20/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera is "devastated" after hearing news of his friend Ryan Dunn's death today -- and according to Bam's parents, they're worried about their son.

Bam Margera
April and Phil Margera sat for an emotional interview with MyFoxPhilly earlier today -- claiming, "We're just worried about Bam. He's out of town and was just told. He's devastated."

Bam's mom was especially choked up during the interview -- telling Fox, "I can't believe it ... [Ryan] was part of our family ... He always used to call me on Mother's Day."


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Kevin Francis    

MADD, SADD, Ebert...Bam's right - for the moment,shut the f up! You'll get your chance to wave your fingers and shake your heads - just not now. Ape, Phil, and everyone who cared for and loved their friend, hang together. You all need each other. Be strong. Ryan was a good soul - remember him.

1160 days ago


Who the H are all these FAT_UGLY_Drunken people boo hooing about some piece of garbage **** who killed himself with booze..Another Fatty Arbuckle story..IVE never heard of him..I wonder where he spends eternity..He got 2 KILL 2 people YIPEEE -Way to go FAT BOY, no wonder he drank all the time..Look at him and his friends..Classy people

1159 days ago


There are actually admit to being the parents of Bam? wow. I guess everyone craves those 15 minutes...

1159 days ago

Me Making A Comment    

Errrrr.... before everyone starts pointing fingers - let's see what the autopsy and investigation says. *Rolls eyes*

RIP Ryan, you brought laughter to many and love to families like the Margeras.

1159 days ago


R.I.P Ryan Dunn.
You will be remembered.
June 11, 1977 – June 20, 2011

1159 days ago


This is most tradgic. I sympathize with Ryans family and friends, especially the Jackass crew.

1159 days ago


They didnt know who was driving, so the other person couldve killed him, dont blame him. Rip dude Rip

1159 days ago


I think everyone should think about the fact that the passenger CHOSE to get into the car with Dunn. It's very sad that two people had to die so tragically under such ****ty conditions.

1159 days ago


I am sorry to say, that Bam's parents should be worried that he will end up the same way.

1159 days ago


You really should be ashamed of yourselves yes he was drinking and they shouldn't have gotten in that car, but they did. Those of you who are bashing them, shut your damn mouths two people are dead. That doesnt give you the right to put your input in. People are crying and speechless as to what happened, his family and friends do not need to see you bashing him even more have some respect for the people who have pasted in this world and do not judge them for being famous for doing the dare you were always to scared to try. RIP Ryan Dunn. My prayers are with your family and friends.

1159 days ago


I feel no sympathy for Dunn. I am just appreciative that his reckless decision didn't kill some innocent traveler on the road with him.

1159 days ago


Martha, you are sick for defending his actions. Despicable that anyone could justify what he did. Had it been you or your kid on the road with him, I am sure you would be singing a different tune. Sometimes I don't know whose worse people like Dunn or people like you who make excuses for him. They should throw both of you in jail.

1159 days ago


Forever he will be missed but always he will still be here on TV and in our hearts and we all know that when we go to the other side we will have all those funny people we lost again like George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Bernie Mac, Greg Giraldo, Mitch Hedberg, Rob Schimmel, and the one the only 4ever Ryan Dunn. R.I.P. Ryan Matthew Dunn may god help ease the pain of Dunn's family, Ape, Phil, Bam, Jesse, Novak, Dico, Rake, Johnny Knoxville, Jeff Tremaine, Steven "Steve-O" Glover, Danger Ehren, Dave England, Chris Pontius, and the rest from Jackass, Viva La Bam, and Nitro Circus.

1159 days ago


Way to turn the attention to themselves. Attention whores to the max; no one gives a f@@k about you morons.

1159 days ago


Man listen to all you f__king bottom feeders talk s__t about someone who went out and actually did something with themselves. I'm sure you've made mistakes before and most of you sh_t talkers have prob drank and drove behind the wheel at some point in your boring ass lives so don't come on here and say nasty things about people you don't know who can't defend themselves.

1159 days ago
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