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Margera RIPS Ebert -- SHUT UP About Ryan Dunn

6/21/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera is FURIOUS with Roger Ebert -- telling the the movie critic to shut his "fat f*cking mouth" over a tweet Ebert posted earlier today, criticizing Bam's friend and "Jackass" co-star Ryan Dunn for drinking and driving ... just hours after Dunn passed away.


Earlier today, after TMZ posted the story that Dunn was seen drinking at a Philly-area bar before his fatal crash, Ebert posted a tweet that read, "Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive."

After a day of silence, Bam finally went to his Twitter to BLAST Ebert late Monday night ... saying, "I just lost my best friend, I have been crying hysterical for a full day and piece of s**t roger ebert has the gall to put in his 2 cents about a jackass drunk driving and [he is] one, f**k you!"

Bam added, "Millions of people are crying right now, shut your fat f**king mouth!"



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@Danielle-As insensitive as it is, Roger is on point and he should have chosen either better words or not say anything at all. And it hurts, especially with everything Ebert has gone through, but really? I lost my best friend to a drunk driver while he was crossing the street. Not far from his house, half a family was wiped out because of a drunk local politician drove IN THEIR DRIVEWAY.

@Supporter-I've been in Bam's shoes! And so has everybody else who lost a friend, relative, spouse, business associate to a drunk driver But this is not a p***ing contest. Yeah, you wanna scream to the world and you are going to cry a lot, but the fact remains: Dunn decided to get behind the wheel drunk with a passenger who was also drinking (dumb idea) and clocked it at 100mph (even dumber idea). Why didn't he call someone to come pick him up? Why didn't he take a cab? Why didn't he ask the bartender to call him a cab? Why didn't he walk home? There are so many questions that ask, "Why didn't he...?", but I guess Dunn wanted to prove he can hold his liquor. He may have been a jackass in many people eyes, but the bar staff that did nothing put them on equal footing.

1220 days ago


i cant believe what all you **** heads are saying. you hate your life so much that you cant respect the dead. it doesent matter how he died or what he did, doesent matter if you like him or not. im not a fan but i still have some kind of respect for him and his family and friends he wasent a rapest not a killer he made a stupid desition that was his last but i cant believe some of the things everyone says about a guy youve never met. half of you probaly have rapest or killers in your family or among other thing and i would bet almost everyone talkin crap about he shouldnt of drank and drove have had DUIS or got in a accident. get a life hes dead another person(zach) is dead and he happend to be bams pro stunt driver when you guys are done talkin **** about Ryan (RIP) go to walmart and get XXS trojans and go ******* your selfs

1220 days ago


This is roger ebert god gave you this cancer so many he wanted you to shut the **** up too!
Drunk driving is a terrible thing if that was the case but dont say thing that hurt other that are grieving .
to the family and friends of Ryan Dunn and Passenger my heart goes out to all of you GOD BLESS Terry

1220 days ago

Bob Salvage    

Hope this isn't too soon. Does anyone know if those nifty valve covers are for sale?

1220 days ago


RYAN DUNN ...So ******* what that Ryan Dunn is ******* dead, good . He was DRIVING DRUNK AND KILLED HIMSELF AND SOMEONE ELSE. It was only a MIRACLE he didnt kill others. He was DRUNK and going over 130mph .He had 23 moving violations including a DUI . IM SURE SATIN IS ASS ******* HIM AS I WRITE THIS.

1220 days ago


Well one less Jackass in the world. Drink, Drive Die. No ifs buts or when.

1220 days ago


I feel so very bad for Bam and his family, Ryan's family, and the passenger's (Zach's) family, and their friends. Losing your best friend is very hard, and people say things that are offensive or just make you hurt inside. It sucks that Ryan and Zach died in the car accident, and Ryan was known for reckless driving and drinking, but still two people who were loved a lot will be greatly missed. Everyone makes mistakes and shouldn't be blamed for them. Accidents happen everyday to the innocent, the not so innocent, and just anyone in general. Ryan and Zach will be missed.

1219 days ago


quite frankly now one really know what the **** happened i mean it takes a while for the tests to come back to begin with especialy with the suverity of the wreck.
i see were bam is coming from telling the guy off i lost a friend do to an idiot last year a good friend that was like my brother like that and the idiot that hit the car he was in took his life and another friends life my brother was jsut the passenger of the car but the idiot because they were dead on impact told the cops that the driver ran a stop sign and he didnt see them till he hit them.
later the case was red flagged because the injuries didn't add up with what the idiot and his idiot passenger wrote along with that the idiot wanted his car outta impound and fixed the same ******* day he killed my brother a new father to a beatuful baby boy that wasn't even a month old
bam you tell 'em were to shove their bull**** right now i've been watching you guys since i was a kid and the **** being said shouldn't be said publicly the way it is no matter how famous you are you still have the right for your loved ones to mourn you in peace and not be harrassed because you had a drink or what ever the cause of death might be

1219 days ago


Whoever gets in a car with an extremely drunk person at the wheel either wanted to die or is just as guilty as the person driving drunk. Pretty sure that person wasn't forced into the car. Am I wrong? nope.

1219 days ago


For that said something positive, I am with you and my heart goes out to all the fans, friends, and family.

To those that have said something negative, how ******* dare you say something about someone who has just died. You dont know what happened and your naive pieces of **** ASSUME the worst. I welcome you to send me an email or call me directly if you really are that insensitive to the death of a human. We all experience loss and you WILL also. Before you preach your **** opinions, put yourselves in the shoes of the family.

To the family of Ryan, we all salute you. Thank you for everything that you have given us. We will celebrate Ryan in sprite.

Much love - James, Shanti and Todd all in Tampa.

1219 days ago


Dunn was an idiot. Anyone can do Jackass stunts.

Real talent is a gift that he was could never have.

He played with fire and got burnt!

BOO HOO...........

Too bad Bam wasn't with him


Can we move on now?

1219 days ago


Indeed that is a funny response from a ma-kid that calls himself a stuntman!
"Millions of people are crying right now, shut your fat f**king mouth!" In response to Roger Ebert who actually has seen how rough life can be and still have such a great outlook. I also dont think it was 2 cents it was probly worth about .43 since it was kinda real! Oh well Bam if you watched anything but your bank account dwindle you would have noticed Mr Ebert has a Prosthetic lower jaw!!

1219 days ago

Digusted by People    

You're all ****** up.... Would you say the same thing if it was your friend... You all act like you've never known anyone to do anything foolish. Shame on all of you for being so judgmental. You all must be so perfect, heartless... Wow... so, the perfect people who have never done anything wrong in life... you are all here to judge.

1219 days ago

Carter Swenson    

@disgusted by people

Hey bro, you're judging the people who you accuse of judging Dunn. Be that as it may, I will judge people like Dunn when their actions infringe on my safety. Dunn could have very easily killed more than just himself and the war hero sitting next to him. Dunn was an idiot and he proved it by driving 130 mph while snot-flinging drunk.

1218 days ago


google roger ebert ?? i had to google ryan dunn and bam margera just to figure out who they were , and i still have no clue. drunk driving is foolish, if bam was a true "best friend" he would have told him to not drive drunk....if bam was in the car, he would be dead right now...wanna cry ? cry over the realization that it coulda been u.

1218 days ago
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