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Margera RIPS Ebert -- SHUT UP About Ryan Dunn

6/21/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera is FURIOUS with Roger Ebert -- telling the the movie critic to shut his "fat f*cking mouth" over a tweet Ebert posted earlier today, criticizing Bam's friend and "Jackass" co-star Ryan Dunn for drinking and driving ... just hours after Dunn passed away.


Earlier today, after TMZ posted the story that Dunn was seen drinking at a Philly-area bar before his fatal crash, Ebert posted a tweet that read, "Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive."

After a day of silence, Bam finally went to his Twitter to BLAST Ebert late Monday night ... saying, "I just lost my best friend, I have been crying hysterical for a full day and piece of s**t roger ebert has the gall to put in his 2 cents about a jackass drunk driving and [he is] one, f**k you!"

Bam added, "Millions of people are crying right now, shut your fat f**king mouth!"



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Live stupid; die stupid. He only took one person out with him. That is a small blessing. "Jackass" is evidently a lifestyle...

1222 days ago


Lala i am sorry about your story but take your anger to ALANON. Not out on a person you dont know. have some respect.

1222 days ago


I can't believe everyone. No one even knows for sure the details surrounding the accident. For anyone to say he deserved to die a horrible death, is not only a "jackass" themselves, but a degrading *******. No matter how he died, he died. His family and friends are mourning his loss, and ignorant pricks saying he deserved it are wrong. And don't even try preaching the "well his friends could have stopped him". WTF, I guarantee 3/4 of the idiots posting that have known somebody who has gotten behind the wheel after drinking. How about everyone show a little bit more respect to somebody who has died and stopped acting like you are a saint. If you hate the guy so much, then why are you wasting your time commenting on this.

1222 days ago


YES...many people are mourning his was TRAGIC and preventable, but that doesn't mean that people aren't upset!!! god bless ryan's friends and family! They are mouring and don't need this stupid bull****. **** ebert he is an idiot for putting his 2 cents out there. Glass houses people. Who never made a bad decision??? YOU are all just lucky to be here I bet, I know I am...I made plenty of bad decisions when I was younger. Bam, Jackass family and Ryan's family you are in my thoughts and prayers. RIP Ryan you will be missed, people in west chester are all mourning you....yes, thousands of us!

1222 days ago


Maybe not millions but I certainly cried a lot today.

1222 days ago

Even Smarter Human    

"Smarter Human"
I agree. Drinking and driving is wrong, but it was wrong of him to make comments like that. I'm a Bam fan, so don't think all of us are going to "show our class" like you said. If you weren't such a moron you'd realize this truly is a tragedy. Ryan Dunn will be missed. Bam is in mourning and so are the fans so maybe you really should shut your mouth. And please, before you talk about our class, evaluate your own life. I'm sure you'll find lots of trash to deal with yourself.

1222 days ago

Comic Beef    

Hi i'm Ryan Dunn and this is drunk driving.

1222 days ago


Have any of you overly judgmental people stopped to think that maybe he wasnt drunk? Just because there was a photo posted of him holding a drink doesnt mean he was over the limit! Nobody knows, the police havent released a toxicology report to say weather he was under the influence or not, if you actually read into this story a little more you may see that a person who was working at the bar that Dunn was at the night he died said that he was hardly drinking, wasnt drunk when he left, and what he did drink he drank over a long period of time while catching up with friends, Its very sad that today that people fell its ok to judge others before they have any real proof, this man was a human being, just like me, you and your families, and im sure the last thing you would like to hear if this was a member of your family was people who knew very little about the situation ragging on the person you loved and just lost.

1222 days ago


Did they say for sure he was driving or was it the other person? Hmmm?

1222 days ago


for some reason I can't get the theme song from 'George of the Jungle' out of my head...

1222 days ago


The painful truth is that Bam has lost his best friend, and he is overwhelmed with grief. Did Ryan make a stupid decision, YES but haven't we all made stupid mistakes. He paid the ultimate price for his mistake, and now his friends and family need time to come to terms with these horrible events and grieve. Mr Ebert's remark was ill timed and distasteful, because two people have died and no one has the right to pass judgement on another person. Ryan Dunn was my favourite Jackass and I am so sorry he had to leave us all so soon...I can only imagine the fun he's having right now where ever he is. There is way too much hate in this world, make a difference and don't post hateful comments...hate promote*****e!! Rest In Peace Ryan

1222 days ago


Shannon, those drunk drivers, laughed at almost killing me. As they sped away I said, I hope you fkng die and you know what? They did! I'm sick of drunks and drug addicts. They don't care who they hurt, whether they take other people's money or lives. almost running someone over and laughing. Thats the kind of people drunks are.

1222 days ago


What is wrong with you people? Today Bam, Bams parents, the entire Jackass family, Ryans family on top of this, his friends and fans have lost something so perfect to them. & all you can do is literally sit here and criticize his perspective? Ryan was such a good person in my eyes and just to let you know I do feel like people are crying because they adored him, or loved him in there own way. I cried today for his loss and this hasn't been easy for me. I am so bummed out about the incident. & whats even worse is if the same situation happened to you with a friend or family, you would be super pissed at the position if someone else was talking ****. So maybe think about what your going to say first. In the end no one deserves to die, especially if they were good heart filled people. Lastly no one is perfect, we all make mistakes. Many have gotten in a car before and drove home under the influence of alcohol but I dont hear non of you saying anything about them. Its only celebs. Well guess what if you think about it celebs are like regular people to. So show some respect and if your not going to then do something better with your life okay..Thank you!

1222 days ago


the fact of the matter is the world lost a funny ass guy and its a shame we wont see him again with the boys, doing crazy **** on film.

1222 days ago

Teddy Phillips    

Its not alright to drink and drive, but people do make mistakes unfortunately ryan dunn's mistake cost him and another person their lives witch is so sad! and millions of people are crying every single jackass fan is crying people of how devastating of a blow this is to not only the fans but the families of ryans and the passenger! for someone to say "so sad.....that he wasnt driving the jackass tour bus" is beyond me thats unnecessary and just immature!!! yesterday was a sad day for the jackass family and fans i am amongst the MILLIONS of fans that are devastated over this tragedy and i wish the best to bam and ryans other close friends and family and to stay strong in these hard times!! n for the *********s who don't have any respect for what bam is going through and how he handled the roger ebert thing put yourself in his shoes imagine loosing your best friend its never easy and i understand why bam said what he said and i respect what he said because we are all only human we make mistakes some are more intense and hold greater consciences than others but the one that ryan made is tragic and unfortunately cost him and another their lives so yesterday and the days to come for bam and the jackass family and fans are going to be extremely tough! btw his funeral will be one hell of a funeral and as the millions of friends ,family and fans show those of you who said millions arent crying you can go ahead and eat your words!!!!


1222 days ago
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