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Celeb Settles 'Herpes Lawsuit' for Millions

6/20/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The A-list celebrity "of substantial fame internationally" who allegedly gave a Las Vegas visitor herpes has settled the case for just over $5 million ... sources connected with the case tell TMZ.


We broke the story ... the plaintiff in the case claims the celeb -- a male who is referred to as John Doe in the lawsuit -- allegedly lured him/her to a hotel room and gave assurance he was STD free. 

The plaintiff claims what followed was "mutual oral copulation, mutual self-gratification, rubbing and massaging each other, play-wrestling, licking and [unprotected] intercourse."

The plaintiff claims the entire affair was videotaped.

According to the suit, the celeb knew all along he had herpes, and transmitted it to the plaintiff.

We're told Keith Davidson, the lawyer for the plaintiff, has been negotiating with the defendant even before the suit was filed last month. The case settled last week.

So we'll never know the identity of the A-list herpes celeb. 

Hollywood beware.


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Considering the secrecy involved I would not be at all surprised if the plaintiff was another man.

The description of what they did read like a gay porno film :)

1187 days ago


They actually have pictures out there of John Travolta kissing another guy. They have had guys come out in the pass that said John came on to them at a spa. Here is one guys perspective about Travolta. Makes you go HMMMMMM could be him.

According to a gossip-monger at one of the Gay Tabloid Rags, John Travolta's hunger for the sexy companionship of handsome young studs has escalated to the point where he's become shockingly indiscreet in front of his dotting wife and strangers in public.

The mind-boggling tell-all alleges that - at a trendy watering hole in LA LA LAND recently - the former "Saturday Night Fever" star made a blatant pass at a male waiter under the altruistic guise of wanting to "open doors" for the kid who is apparently trying to break into the biz.

Well, on the surface, it appears that the old "casting couch" is alive and well in Hollywood!

Before exiting the chic eatery - and as his wife twiddled-her-thumbs non-plussed across-the-table - John tried to fanagle the telephone number for the up-and-coming (wrong choice of words?) actor.

"Maybe I can help you get a start in film," the aging Lothario (who hangs out in steam rooms at a local gym where he lets it all hang-out) slyly gushed in so many words.

It was pretty much a given that John's overt pass was transparent - enough so - that the other diners supping nearly nearby within earshot (and sight) were aghast.

Couldn't the star have waited 'til Kelly dashed off to the restroom - or headed to the Valet - before lusting after the dude?

1187 days ago


It's too bad that if you have enough money you can buy your way out of anything. This person should be identified and publicly shamed, such as he/she certainly deserves.

1187 days ago


That should be "past" not pass.

1187 days ago


I think we have a right to know who it is. What if one of us (yeah right) run into this person and decide to have sex with him or her? Give us the name. It's so sad that Hollyweird has the Herps running wild. I think most of the "celebrities" have it.

1187 days ago


TMZ knows who it is, and I'm sure others do to. Sooner or later someone's big mouth is going to slip and tell the wrong person. Then, we'll ALL know. It's only a matter of time.

1187 days ago


Probably Gene Simmons.

1187 days ago


I'm still thinking it's Travolta.

1187 days ago


Well I know who it is but not going to say. But it's not John Travolta so you can lay off of that tangent.

1187 days ago


JC. figure it out. not that difficult.

1187 days ago


Gene simmons why would he bother trying to keep it hush hush: he is an open book


1187 days ago



If this person came on to you, and you knew this person had herpes would you finally do the right thing and expose this person so that they wouldn't do it to anyone else? WELL? It's time to do the right thing Harvey. If you do know and intentionally keep it to your self and others get infected because of your silence how could you live with yourself. Tell us and become a better man for you will be doing far more for your fellow man by saving them from a life of pain from Herpes than just putting celebrity gossip out there.

1187 days ago

artie help    

i thnk it's annoying when people talk to HARVEY, like he's going to respond because you mentioned his name, jerk-offs.

1187 days ago


Well artie maybe since this is his site I am sure one of his little minions will let him know when someone is addressing him....How do you know he doesn't read them? I won't lower myself to call you names like you do us but in the future just pass over the the ones that address Harvey for as you can see they are not addressed to you.

1187 days ago


Ummmm...I hope this A lister does not do anymore love scenes in movies...anyone ever think of that??

1187 days ago
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