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Johnny Knoxville:

'I Lost My Brother Ryan Dunn'

6/20/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Knoxville just took to Twitter -- expressing his sadness over the death of his friend, Ryan Dunn -- saying "Today I lost my brother Ryan Dunn. My heart goes out to his family and his beloved Angie."


Johnny continued the post saying, "RIP Ryan , I love you buddy."

Knoxville and Dunn famously goofed off in the "Jackass" films together -- and from the sound of the tweet -- it appears they were pretty close.

TMZ also spoke with Jeff Tremaine -- who starred and directed the "Jackass" movies -- who told us, "I feel like I lost a brother. Ryan Dunn was family and we are all deeply devastated."

Wee Man has also tweeted -- "RYAN DUNN-- a super awesome memory was at the J RODY walston & the business show!!! I MISS YOU BUD!! You were always a happy kick-ass dude!!"

Dunn died in a car accident this morning in Pennsylvania -- when his car sped off the road and crashed into the woods. It was "fully engulfed in flames" when police arrived on the scene.


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Nice of people to point out mistakes as though they don't make any. So many here are morally outraged when the real moral outrage is that someone is dead and they're using it to make a point. What if his family is reading that? Trying to find words of comfort any way they can, and what if they come across some of these ugly things? Let them mourn in peace.

I am truly sorry for their loss. This is simply a tragedy. Sincerest thoughts and prayers to his friends and family.

1188 days ago


How many more confused young men have to die by pushing the limit to be accepted by a TV show producer like Knoxville (who stopped doing the stunts himself)?

1188 days ago


have blood test come back yet? save all the judgement until we know all the facts. RIP Mr.Dunn.

1188 days ago


Sad that someone would be so careless with his life and the lives of others seeing someone else was in the car with him and is also dead. Prayers go out to his family and friends who are the real losers here as he didn't care to be careful with his own life so now they have to suffer with the loss of this idiot. I feel no empathy for someone who chooses to take stupid chances with his life. You live in the fast lane you die in it. Hopefully he accepted christ into his life in the last seconds of his life as their are no do overs. Sad end to a promising life.

1188 days ago


mad haters out here... can't yall save your criticisms and just respect a dude thats passed away

1188 days ago


HEY JOHNNY KNOXVILLE!!! STAR !!! if You're reading this...
Don't kid yourself about being Ryan's friend.
There's no way I would let a friend of mine dive into a pool of sewage!!
Never in a million years!!
Let alone be the one who makes him do it and makes money off it.
You're not Ryan's friend or brother.
You're a slick character

1188 days ago


You ***gets are heartless bastards what if that was your dad? you ******* pieces of **** no one diserves to die and if you think he deserved to die cuz he was stupid then you should go to hell.
RIP RYAN DUNN your funny stunts and humor will be missed! im sorry for his family.. poor guy

1188 days ago


Amber, do you really think Ryan's family is going to the TMZ comment section for comfort?

1188 days ago


Someone's loved one passed away. Regardless of how it happened have some courtesy and common decency to not talk trash the day it happens. It's a tragedy to lose someone so nice and down to earth especially when so many great things were coming his way. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and close friends.

1188 days ago

Johnny K.    

'lander': Did you really just confuse Ryan Dunn with Zac Galifianakis?

That was a joke dude.

1188 days ago


Nostradamus - His family may not be looking for comfort here but do you think its cool or funny to trash the recently deceased?

1188 days ago

Drew S    

All you stupid trolling ass ***** need to keep your disrespectful comments to yourselves .. the man is dead either you pay your respects or crawl back under the dirty ******* bridges you came from.

R.I.P Ryan Dunn .. you will be missed.

1188 days ago

Willie D    

I am saddened by the loss of Ryan Dunn. I understand some of the outrage towards him or the driver being drunk. Even if not drunk the speed at which they were traveling was very reckless. However, that being said I have been in the situation and by the grace of god no one was seriously hurt Dunn or whoever was driving did not mean for this to happen. It was not a malicious act, it was an act of not thinking. We've all made big mistakes in life. Unfortunately for Dunn and his friend this one took their lives. I know from living through it, even though no one was hurt in my case that it is something that has haunted me for years. This will haunt his family and friends for years and I wish that it had worked out differently as Dunn has provided a lot of joy for people with his antics around the world. Condolences to his family and friends during this tragic time

1188 days ago


I'm very sorry he lost his life--and yes, it was an "accident", but it is an accident that didn't have to happen. Such a colossal waste.

1188 days ago

anthony brown    

First of all I want to say I am very shocked and saddened by the untimely death of Ryan Dunn, thanks for the laughs over the years and you will not be forgotten. Secondly to all the cowards posting rude and uncalled for comments get a ******* life. If you dont like Jackass or Ryan Dunn, simply dont post anything. Regaurdless of whether he was deinking and driving 2 lives are lost and it is sad. The people posting negative things about his " lifestyle" and the Jackass crew needing to change their ways. Yeah some stunts are dangerous but they did them to entertain people if its not your taste don*****ch. I myself was and am a huge fan and continue to watch and follow the jackass crews careers. As far as im concerned anybody posting negative things should look in the mirror and change your "lifestyle" and grow the **** up. Like you have room to talk with all the immoral **** you all day. RIP Ryan you seemed like a good dude

1188 days ago
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