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Johnny Knoxville:

'I Lost My Brother Ryan Dunn'

6/20/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Knoxville just took to Twitter -- expressing his sadness over the death of his friend, Ryan Dunn -- saying "Today I lost my brother Ryan Dunn. My heart goes out to his family and his beloved Angie."


Johnny continued the post saying, "RIP Ryan , I love you buddy."

Knoxville and Dunn famously goofed off in the "Jackass" films together -- and from the sound of the tweet -- it appears they were pretty close.

TMZ also spoke with Jeff Tremaine -- who starred and directed the "Jackass" movies -- who told us, "I feel like I lost a brother. Ryan Dunn was family and we are all deeply devastated."

Wee Man has also tweeted -- "RYAN DUNN-- a super awesome memory was at the J RODY walston & the business show!!! I MISS YOU BUD!! You were always a happy kick-ass dude!!"

Dunn died in a car accident this morning in Pennsylvania -- when his car sped off the road and crashed into the woods. It was "fully engulfed in flames" when police arrived on the scene.


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i think all you heartless mutha ****** should crawl back under a rock and save your petty disrespectful comments to you and your useless piece of **** friends who are doing absolutely nothing with thier life. this man may have done stupid **** but he was more successful than any of you f*g*ts. none of you can compare to this guy 1 love R.I.P RYANN DUNN much respect to his family and friends

1131 days ago


When I first heard it I thought it was a prank cause these guys always do crazy stuff and live to tell the story so I just never expected it from any of them. Rip Dunn! Jackass will never be the same with out him

1131 days ago

Aggravated with unintelligent fools!    

This is the bio from the Twitter account you are quoting!

@JohnnyKnoxvilIe MTV Hi, I'm Johnny Knoxville, welcome to Jackass! Johnny Knoxville PARODY account! I'm not the real Johnny Knoxville. Team Follow Back Member. #TeamFollowBack

1131 days ago


its was wrong for him to drink and drive but u dont need to talk **** people make mistakes its life so live ur life and dont worry about anyone else butur selfs *********!!!!!!!!!!!!

1131 days ago


its was wrong for him to drink and drive but u dont need to talk **** people make mistakes its life so live ur life and dont worry about anyone else butur selfs *********!!!!!!!!!!!!

1131 days ago



1131 days ago


**** you insensitive bastards. Just cuz people do some stupid **** doesn't mean they should die. Dunn seamed like a good guy, he doesn't deserve people talking about him like that. R.I.P. Dunn.

1131 days ago


@Lauren Jackassworld is still up. It's ****house Tv


1131 days ago


You people who are saying he deserved this are completely SOULESS!! Yes, it's stupid to drink and drive, but NO ONE deserves to die in a firey crash. I pray that they died on impact and not burned to death. I hope he's remembered for the way he lived and not the way he died. My heart goes out to his family and friends...he will be sorely missed.
RIP, my favorite "Jackass"!

1131 days ago


What is wrong with you people someone just lost a life and your critizing they don't even know it was because of drinking get your heads outta your ass you've never met the man and you have no idea what he is like you've only seen him on camera why would you say that he deserves this if you were in his place would you want people going oh yeah they deserved this they should burn in hell.

1131 days ago

Suzie Q    

Yes, Ryan did something stupid (if he was indeed behind the wheel). Everyone seems to be missing the point. His family and friends are I am sure deeply saddened by the outcome of the situation and will forever mourn his death. Many of you are being hypocrites... Everyone here has cheated the law at least once weather it has been speeding, not stopping at a stop sign, or driving drunk. They could all result in a death... All of US here have just been lucky to not have been hurt or hurt someone else in doing so. We all make mistakes, which is a fact. This is not a time to point out the wrong in each other but rather learn from past mistakes and mistakes of others. Give the man, his family and friends some respect. There was a life taken, and it was a sad day. my thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Ryan, may you rest in peace, you live on forever!

1131 days ago


For All The People who keep hating On Ryan Dunn. STFU. All Humans Make Mistake, Me And My brothers Love Jackass And We Loved Ryan Dunn, He Was Our Favorite. Bam Lost His Best Friend And All You People Who Hate Ryan For What Happened Dont ******* Care. So What The Jackass Crew does Stupid ****, Everybody Does. So Shut Up About It And Quit Hating On Him And Bitching About It

1131 days ago


What is wrong with all those people who are posting hatefull comments? You guys are heartless!

@ Suzie Q,

I couldn't say it better,, I totally agree with you.

R.I.P Ryan Dunn.

1131 days ago


All the people defending this guy are JACKASSES and followers. He murdered an innocent victim. God knows how many kids got hurt or killed following these JACKASSES. Sympathizers should be stopped from posting. Now all we need is the rest of them to dissappear so the world can be a better place. DONT BE A JACKASS. Drunk, wreckless driving is the work of a total idiot which is Ryan...biggest jackass ever. Not even worthy of this post.

1131 days ago

Shaddie "kid dies attempting jackass stunt" then tell me these are good guys. Please do the search before hating the negative comments. These guys are responsible for killing kids and deserve all the negative comments. They are total idiots that exploited. are, were and always will be a total JACKASS. Do the search people and then tell me how funny they were and how this guy deserves respect. Prayers for his family for putting up with his non-sense over the years.

1131 days ago
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