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Lil Wayne's Baby Mama -- Mug Shot After DUI Bust

6/21/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne's baby mama #4 -- R&B singer Nivea -- was busted for DUI in Atlanta this weekend ... after she SLAMMED into a tree, with a kid in the car ... and TMZ has obtained her mug shot.


The drama began after Nivea left a nearby wedding reception for her friend Toya Carter (Lil Wayne baby mama #1) ... where she also hung out with Lauren London (L.W.B.M. #3). 

According to law enforcement sources ... Nivea was on the road around 1:30 AM on Sunday when she plowed her '06 Mercedes right into a tree that had fallen into the road during a recent storm.

We're told when cops arrived at the scene, Nivea had "bloodshot, glassy eyes and smelled like alcohol." Nivea told police she only had 3 drinks earlier in the evening ... and didn't see the bright yellow crime tape and the traffic cones directing cars away from the downed tree.

Nivea was eventually arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and reckless driving. We're told the child in the car was not injured and was released to Nivea's boyfriend. 

As for Nivea -- sources close to the family are adamant she was NOT drunk, or speeding, at the time of the accident.


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1218 days ago


Baby mama? Baby daddy?

Say it like it really is:
Baby mama = skank mother of an illegitimate child.
Baby daddy = irresponsible father of an illegitimate child.

Normalizing bad, immoral behavior with cutsie sounding words doesn't cover up the recklessness of that behavior. It is arrogantly selfish and contemptuous to expect, even demand that "erybody" accept/condone "they" attitudes and behavior.

Do blacks even speak normal english anymore? At every turn they "africanize" everything they touch, then complain about not being integrated into society.
Then they get upset when white people emmulate their speech and behavior.
Instead of recognizing and celebrating the positive contributions their race has made, they choose to glorify criminal, immoral behavior...then blame it on (white) society. It gives the false impression that blacks are incapable of anything other than anti-social behavior. And it slanders the efforts and achievements of the many blacks who have accomplished great things.

How many whites go around identifying themselves as "euro-American"? None, because it sounds STUPID. Europe, Africa, Mexico, China, etc. are PLACES not RACES. If you weren't BORN in Africa, you are NOT African-American. All the white people who immigrated to America from South Africa can call themselves Afrian-American, but it pizzes American blacks off.
An Etiopian friend of mine calls black American "culture" an "embarrassment" to his race.

Why is it that minorities insist that their "culture" be "respected", even to the point of forcing it on other ethnicities. Yet they make little or no effort to blend in with the mainstream and, in fact, eagerly show contempt for it.
If they value their "heritage" and "culture" so much, why continue to live in a society that is based in the "melting pot" concept, instead of this "tossed salad" insanity.
Multiculturalism DOES NOT WORK!!! (Even the Europeans agree.)

Here's a novel concept....quit seperating yourself from America with all those culture-centric labels and try just being AMERICAN. Then, and only then, will the stalled dream of equality and opportunity bear fruit.

Now...feel free to post your hate-riddled accusations of racism to make yourself feel politically correct, even though you just might agree and have an opinion of your own.

1218 days ago


Its funny how the title reads Lil Wayne's Baby mama mug shot. I bet if it was any other person that was not black they would describe it as the person as a ex-girlfriend or ex-wife.

1218 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Take her kids away from her. Selfish selfish selfish. The only way they learn their lesson is if you take the kids or hit them in the wallet. I hope they throw the book at her.

1218 days ago


I'm sure very few, if any of you will be interested, but...

Leslie West, the great guitarist with Mountain (Mississippi Queen) had the lower half of his right leg amputated due to diabetic complications.
The band suffered a tragedy back in the late 70's (early 80's?) when the bass player, Felix Peppilardi was murdered in Tokyo.
Mountain was awesome. "Nantuket Sleigh Ride", "Theme From an Imaginary Western", "Don't Look Around", "The Animal Trainer and the Toad". Probably one of the best bands to come out of the 60's.

1218 days ago

Jonathan Tanzman    

Casting new Major Network show. Seeking men and women ages 18-35 who hate Lil Wayne. If this is you or you know someone that does, email Jonathan Tanzman at

1218 days ago


Nivea is more than Lil Wayne's baby mama, she has a career of her own and a daughter by her ex-husband, The-Dream. And why is a big surprise that three of the women that Lil Wayne had children by would get along after all they are in the entertainment business and their children are siblings. They're linked for life. Not all black women act like they're on an episode of Basketball Wives. While I disagree with the comments saying her kids should be taken, maybe Nivea should just takes some classes. After all look how man slaps on the wrist Lindsay Lohan and Pari******on got and everybody saw what they were doing! And on a side note, if I were Toya Carter I would demand an apology from whoever wrote this story and referred to me as a baby mama that is disrespectful. She was married to him and therefore she is not a baby mama she is and ex-wife! We need to get in the habit of not using the phrases baby mama and baby daddy.

1218 days ago


For those of you defending Toya Carter, stating that she was his ex-wife, she had a child by him when she was 15 years old, they didn't get married until years later, which makes her child just a illegitimate as all his other bast*rd children. She is just as much a baby mama as the other broads. If you don't want to be labeled as a baby mama, stop having children out of wedlock. When you're only famous because of who you have kids by or used to be married to, you can't get offended if that's how people lable you. Would TMZ be running a story on Nivea if she wasn't Lil Stain's baby mammy? I think not.

1218 days ago


@JoeP Toya is no more a baby mama to Wayne than Angelina is Brad Pitt. Yes she had baby when she was 15 and they stayed together which eventually led to them getting married. I have never heard an entertainment journalist refer to Angelina Jolie as Brad Pitt's baby mama but I have heard called his partner and yet no rings were exchanged there. And there are many people, including me, who knew who Nivea was before she married The-Dream and before she dated, got engaged to and had a child by Lil Wayne. I think TMZ should have to advantage of that instead of using this as a chance to poke fun at the fact that Lil Wayne has 4 kids.

1218 days ago


Glad that the child wasn't injured. If Nivea wanted to prove that she hadn't been drinking she should have taken the sobriety test.

1218 days ago


I think she should have just got a taxi or a designated driver. I also think a taxi is a lot cheaper than a DUI charge. If everyday people get taxis so should celebrities. Also, Nivea is not Lil' Wayne's ex wife. She was married to the Dream and had three kids by him plus her last kid was by Lil Wayne, but they were not married. I am not trying to be mean, but she could have been charged with child endangerment charges also because she was risking both lives when she decided to drive DUI. If they take her kid away she stops getting that child support check so next time she should be thinking about her income being taken away and call a taxi to pick her up.

1218 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Melanie you sure do paint a rosey picture of Lil Wayne's harem of sister wives. Who told you Nivea was engaged to him? Why don't you mention the fact that Nivea, Lauren London and Baby Mama #2 were all pregnant at the same time? Some engagement. And you are incorrect. Wayne and Toya were not together from the time she had the baby until they got married. You also failed to mention that the marriage lasted all of a year if that long. It's a ghetto situation no matter how you slice it. And last and least Nivea doesn't nor has she ever had a career. She tried to have one for a minute before she married her first pay check I mean The Dream, but it didn't go anywhere. The career in which she has excelled is professional baby mama. She is better than all at picking rich baby daddies. That is all.

1218 days ago

Briana Shernice     

Rumors start n half of the aint even true anyways. I believe that nivea wasnt drunk, because she wouldnt put her child n harms way or risk hurting her child. She most likely was detracted by something for that split second, n went off track. Im still a fan and never feed into da media n its lies. Nivea im so happy that nor you or the child were hurt n any kind of way.
Briana Campbell

1218 days ago

Briana Shernice     

rumors start n half of them aint true at all. i think that she was probably distracted by something in that split second and fell off track. mistakes do happen. and its ah good thing that her n da child were okay n not injured.

1218 days ago


She needs a kick in the ass and way better taste in men.

1218 days ago
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