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Lindsay Shoots Commercial During HOUSE ARREST

6/21/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's house arrest is paying off BIG TIME -- because last weekend the actress shot a brand new commercial from inside the confines of her apartment ... TMZ has learned.

Lohan got in front of the camera for an Internet penny auction site called

A rep for the company tells us Lohan was originally offered $25k for the job ... which the actress turned down ... but the two eventually came to terms for an undisclosed amount.

We're also told Lindsay was also given a $10,000 credit to spend on the website.

Celebrity justice at its finest.


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Damn, TMZ.... it's been over 10 minutes and I'm still here. Boot posters off but you don't have the balls to explain why. Keep alienating your fan base. Fvcking cowards.

1218 days ago


Its simply amazing,when you have a job and a life to take care of,and your own issues,that lindsay is WHO??? sad

1218 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


I tweeted you and left you a post on FB about a contest you should consider entering. Check it out!

1218 days ago


Check your email! (ahem...."please"). Lol
I deleted all of my private content on my BB by accident, and can't remember the password!
Hey everyone! I'm reading front to back and not caught up yet. I'll chat when caught up!
T. T. F. N.
Tmom. {o:

1218 days ago


Wow, offwithmyhead, why would they block someone like you, but then leave people like rogue/red cloud, who have actually threatened people on here? It doesn't make any sense!

1218 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Wow, even this morning JOHN SMITH is over on BEEZID's facebook page harrassing people and giving worthless advice on bidding. People are suspect of him and he is telling lies to keep them bidding while he knows full well that Lindsay has THOUSANDS of free bids and will win everything and they will get huge bills for their loss.

John has always been an idiot, but this is downright cruel. What do you think you are "helping" Lindsay?

Check out John Smith on BEEZID's facebook wall under comments. This is a new low, even for John Smith. You are a special kind of creep.

1217 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

John Smith Linwood, take it eez! It's called competitive shopping!!! Get that way
about an hour ago

Linwood Bowers Oh John, John, John, if yu only knew what you are talking about. Some of us vets have been with Beezid for at least a year, and these mega-snipers all come and go, but none end up winners.
about an hour ago

John Smith You just sound like a sore loser!! For your info I have been a member for a lot longer than you!! If you only knew
about an hour ago

Linwood Bowers John, you are so right, I am still working on my first win. Since you are defending such a ridiculous tactic, you must be PG. That is too bad.
about an hour ago

John Smith It does not matter who I am!! But I do not do all this crying like you unhappy people. You think you should be able to tell someone how to bid? That's crazy
about an hour ago

Linwood Bowers John, I will leave you alone because obviously this is a sensitive topic with you. I do hope that you have good luck winning in the future. If PG wants to use this tactic that is his choice, but he should learn from a former bidder (jlh22) that this tactic doesn't work. I only used this person's user name because it is no longer used on Beezid.
about an hour ago

Linwood Bowers John, I am off to work, so you have a great day!!!!!!!!!!
about an hour ago

John Smith TYA!!!!!
about an hour ago

John Smith I don't
about an hour ago

Beezid Beezidders, I dont normally say things like this...but I will in this case so we can finally put this matter to rest. As much as you all believe that these bidders you keep mentioning are simply losing their money, I will tell you that one of the members that you keep mentioning is profiting greatly from the site and has won many times over. This is why I think it's unfair to be mentioning usernames when your information isn't verified.
28 minutes ago

John Smith Very well said Zid!!!!!!!!
22 minutes ago


1217 days ago


OffWithMyHead 11 hours ago

Avatar look familiar, TMZ? I'll bet it does. Your minions have been scanning this thread all day lust looking for it so that you can block my horrible comments. Again.

I shant disappoint! Block away, Fheads, you're gonna have to try a lot harder to get rid of me, and I'll still come back to F with you.



And so, I've got to ask the million dollar question: were you the one who brought down the TMZ website earlier today, FUTMZ? Enquiring minds are wondering.

1217 days ago


vorlon 13 hours ago

lou 33 minutes ago

GC, she even seemed embarrassed -

You're kidding right? This twit is genetically incapable of embarrassment. (Or just too much of a narcissist to grasp the concept.)


You're right, Vorlon. What the heck was I thinking?

1217 days ago


grandma cracker 13 hours ago

OMG, BEEZID is on FB and I was reading the comments.

I feel SO sorry for those people. They really think she is a fan of their ripoff site and these poor people have no idea that she was paid with thousands of FREE BIDS to jack their stuff and run the bidder's bills up through the ceilings!


It really doesn't seem right, does it? And I'm not even talking about the LL aspect of it. Technically she did nothing wrong, other than use her perpetual bad judgment. No, I'm talking about that sukky Beezid. From everything that I've read, they're not on the up and up - they have 'bots on their site that jack up the cost of the items though repeat bidding, then you end up paying for more bids, and then if you "win" the item - it ends up disappearing and being offered again, so you've "won" nothing. And I'm betting that most of the Beezid audience is made up of very young people or very naive people. Sites like Beezid really should be closed down.

1217 days ago


Izzy 12 hours ago

If JOHN SMITH was egging people on at that site as oh say JACK SPARROW would anyone notice? JS you deserve to be left on a deserted island, with one gun shot, and your deadly mermaid daughter swimming about. Yo ho ho


That's really sad that JS is on there, shilling. What a pathetic bunch the Lohans are.

1217 days ago


grandma cracker 12 hours ago

Geez, it's like everything she does has victims....


Yup, I no sooner got done saying that she wasn't really responsible for this mess, when I caught up on the messages. FUTMZ has it right, she's a professional, perpetual grifter. And sadly, as they like to say, there's a sukker born every day.

1217 days ago


Interesting FB comments you've posted, GC. You know, it's one thing to be a mega-Lindsay fan (or her father or whatever) but another to actively encourage people to lose their hard-earned money. I'm with BRW on this one, it's cruel.

1217 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

lou, there is something seriously wrong with JS.....

1217 days ago


Grandma Cracker, yes, there is. He's either a mental-case stalker or else he's a Lohan. Either way, something is wrong with him.

1217 days ago
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