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Lindsay Shoots Commercial During HOUSE ARREST

6/21/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's house arrest is paying off BIG TIME -- because last weekend the actress shot a brand new commercial from inside the confines of her apartment ... TMZ has learned.

Lohan got in front of the camera for an Internet penny auction site called

A rep for the company tells us Lohan was originally offered $25k for the job ... which the actress turned down ... but the two eventually came to terms for an undisclosed amount.

We're also told Lindsay was also given a $10,000 credit to spend on the website.

Celebrity justice at its finest.


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Seal Team 6    

It seems an odd business decision for a site selling things to hire a convicted thief to be their spokeswoman. Is it supposed to be an ironic or snarky statement? I'm serious. Like having Mel Gibson front Bud Light or something.

1134 days ago


the parameters for what constitutes house arrest need to be changed for people with money or else it is not punishment or deterrent at all!!!

the rules/laws/restrictions/whatever must be changed!!

1134 days ago


Beezid is NOT a scam. If you think it is, you probably just don't understand how it works. I got a PS3 with Move on Beezid for 15 bucks plus the cost of my bids (total = $32). On another topic, Lindsay Lohan looks a lot like a meth-head right now.

1134 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

What happened to her "Natural Talent"? Wildly gesturing arms, facial grimaces, it was almost as painful to watch as Amy Winehouse.

Drugs eat natural talent for breakfast and leave the person nothing in return.

1134 days ago

Big Taters    

Penny auctions are by far the biggest legit scam going online. These sites will be closed before long. These sites make about 150% of retail price and 90% of users are unaware of the aggressive tactics being used against them.

Way to HoHan!

1134 days ago


I beg to differ with you, Lenny, but if an auction site automatically raises your bid without your knowledge or approval, then it's a scam. If you enjoy the site, then more power to you but their business practices leave a bit to be desired.

1134 days ago


Vinsetta, save her money to pay her rent? Why do I have the feeling that's the very last thing she'll do with the money? I'm betting that she blows it (so to speak) as soon as she gets it because it's "extra" cash, play money.

1134 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Maybe you don't understand how it works, Lenny, how much did the site make off of the people who didn't win it?

1134 days ago


You never lose the gifts you were born with.

1134 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Seal Team 6, yeah I get this one too. Who the hell uses a convicted thief on house arrest as a spokes person for their company?

Seriously, did this company think that people would not notice?

I will bet part of this deal was that this website offs her overstock of leggings from her failed company! They sure aren't selling on EBAY!

1134 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

What's that I hear? The FLUSHING of a toilet? Look! There goes Linds career spinning down the drain! Oops, is that linds spinning around the bowel with it?

1134 days ago


From what I've read about all penny stock auctions, where you pay for bids... they are a ripoff to the consumer. The only winner is the people who run the site. They have bots that inflate the bids, and they will throw you a bone every once in a while and let you win something really cheap, so you feel like you've gotten a deal, but you need to include in that price all the money you spent on auctions that you didn't win.

1134 days ago


Grandma selling overstocked 6126 leggings on

1134 days ago


Seal Team Six, agree. It makes you wonder exactly what type of an audience Beezid is seeking? Thrill seekers? Young and dumb? Those who use legit auction sites won't be impressed. I've just found an article about Beezid that I'm going to post in my next comment, which shows how unimpressive it is.

1134 days ago


Topic:- Beezid
From website:


While surfing I happened across an ad for penny auctions, Leary about it I did some searching on Google to see if there was any HUMAN posts about them. Well I did find a scant few and NONE of them where positive and NONE of them said that they actually received the product on the auction that they felt they clearly won! Others state that the other bidders may possibly be bots or someone in the company outbidding everyone to get the bids up.
How does Beezid work?
Well unlike Ebay, you pay for each bid, Although they are penny auctions, each bid costs a dollar! You bid or buy these bid packages and they can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars. so be prepared to spend some major jack to play.
Here is a link to a blog from a woman who’s husband has become a bit addicted to this Beezid site, give it a read:
I would like to know if ANYONE has RECEIVED ANY auction product that they have won from this site?
Here is a cut,copy&paste of one unhappy customer:
“I will just copy and paste a letter of which I sent to which explains my situation and their fraudulent practices in full. As follows in quotations:
1) – Once again you are sending me endless copies of your automated responses. One had absolutely NOTHING to do with any of my grave concerns or questions. Please stop sending me mass automated responses for questions of which have been already answered.
2) – I have sent THREE emails to you concerning items I have won on your site. After patiently staring at my computer screen for endless hours and for most of the night while watching the countdown on two items until finally just at the right time, I hit the bid button AND WON BOTH ITEMS. I was originally so happy and thrilled that I had finally won these items. As I found just the right moment to hit bid on both of these items, the screen displayed, “ENDED” and displayed my user name on the bottom as the winner for both Auction ID:2329 AND Auction ID:2258. Then to my complete surprise and outrage your countdown suddenly restarted for both items! (These two items were up for bid on the same day yet separate times). At first I thought perhaps you were having a computer glitch even though I thought it was EXTREMELY unfair to me, but when it happened a second time I had enough! Eventually both of these items were awarded to other people…..if they are even real people at all. How could this happen???? And Why? What kind of a site are you running here???? It was then that I sent an email to you to address my grave concerns about what happened to me, your website and it’s practices. One email was the original letter which addressed my great concerns about this. The others were reminders to get you back on track concerning this outrage when you sent me repeated automated responses to questions that had already been answered and had absolutely nothing to do with my grave concerns about these issues.
3) – As mentioned above, there were two items that I was originally very interested in when I joined your site and purchased your Bids. If I had only known that I would have to sit and stare at my computer screen for hours upon hours in order to win these items, I would have never joined your site. I had originally expected there to be regular penny auctions available as detailed in your description of your website. I had also planned to use your, “Auto Bid” and/or your, “Sniper” options and let them do the bidding for me during hours when I was sleeping. As much as you massively advertised on the the availability of these wonderful options, you failed to mention that they were completely useless because they did not apply to your only form of auctions which had any items at all up for bid which are your, “Thriller Auctions”.

1134 days ago
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