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Ryan Dunn -- Autopsy Underway

6/20/2011 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the Chester County Coroner is currently conducting an autopsy on Ryan Dunn ... to determine, among other things, if alcohol played a role in the "Jackass" star's death.

Ryan Dunn Cause of Death
In addition, we're told the coroner is performing an autopsy on Ryan's unidentified passenger -- who was also killed in the fatal car crash this morning.

As we previously reported, friends claim Ryan had upwards of six drinks before getting behind the wheel ... and driving off a Pennsylvania highway.

So far, no word on when toxicology results will be released.


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cannot believe some of these comments, most of you people are so ignorant.. who cares what he's famous for.. yes they were probably drunk while driving the car. they are still somebodies brothers/sons/cousins ect. show some respect and if you just want to slander their achievements and accomplishments whether they required true talent or not you should just log off. i never posted anything on the internet but hopefully one of you ignorant ***** will read this not that you'll even care. RIP to dunn and his friend. i hope their families dont have to read this crap on these blogs.

1218 days ago


@Ivslezak- let me get this straight- we can't talk **** about the dude responsible for the accident, but that passenger should've known better?!? Nice!

1218 days ago


Everybody is just mad that when they, their Mom, Dad, Son or Daughter dies. It will only make the paper once in a small space next to the movie ads. Just STFU and respect the man and his family. RIP Ryan Dunn.

1218 days ago


All you people talking crap on him because of the way he died is awful. It happens and has happen in the past to great people. Not saying Ryan Dunn was of the greats but he was a human being. And I can almost bet my life that everyone in these TMZ post has at one point Drank and Drive, or have been drinking then drive... Yes its dumb but seriously **** all you idiots cause this dude was awesome!.. You wanna know why TMZ give him more press then other people. Because he WASN'T FAKE like all these "celebs" you people come here to read about.

1218 days ago


Toxicology result? Isn't it more cost efficient to just check his photos on twitter. I would say after 3 beers and 3 shots that alcohol played a part in this tragedy. Duh!

1218 days ago

anna mouse    

Ryan Dunn was one of the sanest people on the Jackass crew.

Nice to see the haters trying to pull their tiny pathetic lives up, using the death of a TV star. He was a millionaire, you aren't, losers.

1218 days ago


Ivslezak, you're a moron. He KILLED HIS FRIEND. You're immortalizing an idiot who knew better. His friend got in the car because he couldn't think for himself either idiot. All that money Dunn made? Isn't going to his family, its going to his VICTIM. Learn the law before you comment further.

1218 days ago


Fred Astaire he's not.

Guess its the life and times of a jackass. Noted.

1218 days ago


Mark- I know this is difficult to grasp, so stop chewing your gum for a minute and concentrate on what you are about to read- get this- some people don't even drink at all, let alone drive after drinking! I know, I know, in this country, day and age, it is tragic to imagine such a non-alcohol fueled existence.

1218 days ago


Amen LR!

1218 days ago


OK, for all of you self-righteous jerks out there...I hope to GOD you lose someone you love and I hope it hurts like hell! You have no human decency whatsoever to post the garbage you are at a time when a guy's friends and family are grieving his death. No one deserves what happened to Ryan and his passenger. Sure, drinking and driving are wrong...and I am sure you have made mistakes, we all do.
I HATE what this world has one gives a damn about anyone anymore! You people are mean and you SUCK!

1218 days ago


if you cant take the heat get the F**K out the PORSCHE!!!

1218 days ago

Master Po    

We are mean and this dope Dana just wished all of our loved ones die. Man up and stop being a p*ssy.

1218 days ago


I feel sorry for his family and friends, he seemed like such a nice guy, way too young to die! We often forget how dangerous the 1 ton cars we drive around can be...

RIP Ryan, and I hope his and the passenger's friends and family can find peace and strength despite what they're going through.

1218 days ago


No one here knows if he was drunk, so why judge? I just cannot get over how mean these idiot's are. I can picture them tho, young, fat, nerd's, OR OLD lifeless nerd's.

1218 days ago
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