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Ryan Dunn -- Autopsy Underway

6/20/2011 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the Chester County Coroner is currently conducting an autopsy on Ryan Dunn ... to determine, among other things, if alcohol played a role in the "Jackass" star's death.

Ryan Dunn Cause of Death
In addition, we're told the coroner is performing an autopsy on Ryan's unidentified passenger -- who was also killed in the fatal car crash this morning.

As we previously reported, friends claim Ryan had upwards of six drinks before getting behind the wheel ... and driving off a Pennsylvania highway.

So far, no word on when toxicology results will be released.


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HAVE A LITTLE RESPECT GUYS!!! I'm a HUGE Jackass fan and I'm completely destroyed about the news! Have a little respect for who cares! If you think he was stupid, just shut up and don't pos anything!

1222 days ago


if he was such a loser, why are you wasting your time posting a comment? r.i.p. ryan! my condolences to your family and friends! god bless!

1222 days ago


I cant believe how disrespectful some of these comments are. Seriously, 2 people are dead. Both have families and friends that cared very deeply for them. How dare you people say the cruel, disrespectful things you have said. Would you feel the same if it was your loved one behind the wheel of that car?? Ryan and his passenger died a horrible, undeserved death. We all make mistakes and yes, Ryan made a terrible one (maybe, autospy results are unknown at the moment) but even if he was loaded he didnt deserve to die. Please consider 2 lifes are gone and please consider their loved ones before you comment. When a person dies their slate gets whipped clean. RIP Ryan!

1222 days ago


Yeah Linda god bless you Ryan just like you say.......with no mention of the person he "KILLED"

Priceless absolutely priceless the murderer gets more attention then the innocent person.......


1222 days ago


Reading these comments show how ignorant society is today. No one gives a sh*t unless it happens to them,family/friends. Everything is speculation as of right now. Trash talkers...keep talking...karma will get you. RIP RYAN DUNN & the other person who lost their life.RIP, Ryan You are so loved! YOUR A FUNNY GUY I WILL MISS YOU!!!

1222 days ago


How about this and I will leave your precious forum......

May god bless the innocent victim in this crash and may god have mercy on Ryans soul?


1222 days ago


i looked at fox news website and i can't find the article about it being a hoax. the only article is about the accident and the deaths. i think the link may be the hoax.

1222 days ago


Dunn? Really?! I had a ten-spot on that Steve-O idiot, and a bud was betting on the Knoxville tard.
Toast, to the remaining Jackballs, who will hopefully kick it up a notch and help a brotha out! (clink!)

1222 days ago


come on you guys someone just died at least have some respect

1222 days ago


All those people saying he wasn't drunk because he took "girly shots" are plain stupid. Let's see how many "girly shots" you can take and walk in a straight line. Then add 3 beers to the mix. This guy had a MINIMUM .15 BAC

1222 days ago


Wow...reading some of these negative comments on Ryan Dunn's death has really re-reminded of why I hate the human species. GOD, you people are despicable. I'm ashamed and depressed.

1222 days ago


Well Dunn..

1222 days ago


To everyone who's saying stuff because he was drinking earlier in the evening, shut up. You wouldn't be on his case if he was some other celebrity. Instead, because he was a part of Viva La Bam and Jackass, you want to blast him for drinking. Where are all of you when someone else dies from drinking and driving? Complaining about what a tragedy it is. Yes, it was stupid on his part if he WAS drunk while driving. But also, none of you know WHEN he had those drinks. He may have had them his first hour at the bar. That gave him three hours to sober up.

Just sick and tired of people jumping on someone's case about something just because of what they're associated with. If this was some famous actor, you wouldn't be blasting him. You'd be doing nothing but feeling sorry and crying over the loss.

RIP Ryan Dunn. It sucks you're gone. Bam, I hope you hold in there. This isn't the end of the world.

1222 days ago


Actually most would be on his case if he was any other celeb, most would be on his case if he was 'just some guy'.. most of us don't like drunk drivers. Too many have lost their lives or loved one's to the stupidity that IS drunk driving... sorry it was someone you liked who happened to engage in this criminal activity and wound up killing not only himself but his passenger as well. As for Bam, well he was already passing out in public drunk and trying to assault people in public.. he's off now drinking and promoting in Vegas, Twitting about "di*ks and *ussy" .. yeah Bam will be just fine. He'll either wallow in his already self destructive drinking or he'll stop altogether... I'm thinking he'll wallow.

1222 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Breaking News!!!:

The Chester County Coroner accidentally started to cut into Flavor Flav. He thought it was Ryan.

1222 days ago
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