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Ryan Dunn's Porsche -- Built for Speed

6/20/2011 12:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Dunn's Porsche 911 GT3 -- the car he was driving during his fatal crash this morning -- was capable of hitting speeds around 190 miles per hour ... and TMZ has obtained photos of the vehicle.

Ryan Dunn Car

The "Jackass" star was most recently pictured in the car on June 12 (top) outside Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, PA ... when the Phillies beat the Cubs 4-3.

The car was sporting custom rims supplied by Vivid Racing ... which were installed back in March.

As TMZ reported, Dunn was driving the Porsche early Monday morning -- when he lost control, veered off the road, and crashed in a wooded area in Pennsylvania ... killing Dunn and an unidentified passenger.

When officers arrived to the scene, the car was engulfed in flames. The charred remains of the vehicle were eventually towed away.

Cops are investigating the cause of the accident -- but officials believe speed may have been a factor.




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Very fast, very expensive car.
Driven and owned by a jackass.
Ebert was right. What about the person he killed?

1192 days ago


Stupid is as stupid does. It's a shame that a passenger was killed, but he or she probably should have known better than to get in the car with him. Still, it's a good bet that passenger's family will sue Dunn's estate.

1192 days ago


Havent heard from Bam....maybe he was the passenger?

1192 days ago


@lander ryan dunn doesnt come in "hangover" his name is Zach Galifianakis

1192 days ago

David D.    

Shame. For shame. Did the man save any lives? No. Did he cure any diseases? No. Does that make him an easy target, or for that matter, worthwhile, for your cynical attitude toward his untimely demise? No. You might not believe, and obviously, do not think, that for what you expel, you will receive a million fold, but you will. He was another human being, that did nothing but live his life how he saw fit. I life that had no ill ramifications upon yours. You may not have cared for his antics. You may have and still are jealous of his claim to fame, how ever easy it might seem to us. But, in no way do you or I, have any justification to make lite of his death. It is no joke. Oh, and one more thing,.........ultimately, whether you wish to admit it or not, if you are of the type to joke about his death, then you were and are still envious and/or jealous of what he knew in life to become successful,i.e.; money, fame, notoriety, lifestyle. Well,...continue to hate on him then, because he still knows more than you. He is now aware of what the ultimate answer is to the ultimate question. What happens after death? Do you know? Nope, but he does,...and trust me,...right now,...Ryan Dunn is probably laughing his "JACK ASS" ass off, your expense. think about that the next time you try to make yourself feel better about your patheti*****tle lives. Shame. For shame.

1192 days ago


I feel bad for the family and I'm sending a prayer out to them. I hope that other people would learn from this accident, but I know that they won't or they just don't care. You think that knowing you could die, kill someone else, get a ticket, or put in jail would stop it from happening but it won't. I just do NOT understand why those with money who have a way to pay for a driver. The rest of the world shouldn't do it either. Someone always knows someone else, who knows someone else, who knows someone else who has died from drunk driving or a drunk driver.

1192 days ago

Pawllette Duque    

he was never in the hangover movies, you're talking about Zach Galifianakis. Although the resemblance is there. Ryan was an amazing guy, daring and funny as hell! his memory will remain in my heart forever! R.I.P. Ryan <3

1192 days ago


The problem is, when knuckleheads get money they think they need a fast car, and most don't have a clue how to operate a fast car and what it is capable of doing, thus we have these types of accidents, then throw in some booze and this is what happens.

0 to 60 in seconds flat is what his car was capable of fast cars too, have one myself, but, I don't mix it up with booze.
373 horsepower is awesome, but, I'm responsible.

He isn't alone, the problem being he was way too old to be acting like a teenage moron. Drinking and driving at 34? But, he was also on a show like Jacka$$, so......I figure he thought he was invincable and skilled enough.

Just sayin'......

1192 days ago


condolences to the Dunn family and the Jackass squad for this is a sad sad day for them. but today is not a day of tears but a day to smile and remeber all the good and laughter he brought. so while the tears run down your face just smile.

1192 days ago


all these "wait he just passed" is some nonsense and stupid people thinking. when then is it OK to talk about it............2 weeks, a month.
i wish he was the only person in that car. FAST CAR, SLOW CAR, do not drink and drive please. blame TMZ as if they bought him the drinks or made him go fast. they are reporting the news just the way it is.
you can go to YAHOO or MSN and read it if you don't like the way TMZ is reporting it.

1192 days ago


I don't think the Jackass Guys would make this a prank. They wouldn't want to see their fans cry. & thats what some of them are doing. I know when I found Out I was heart broken. I love Jackass & I have watched it since it came out.
Rest In Peace Ryan You were one of my favorites :(

1192 days ago


Well Dunn

1192 days ago


RIP Ryan and passenger. I just saw the episode of "Minute 2 Win It" with Ryan and Steve O. Classic they were both playing for charity. My prayers go out to the families and friends of both Ryan and his passenger. You both will be missed.

1192 days ago


I hope you idiots don't really think Ryan Dunn was Alan from the Hangover.

1192 days ago


Glad he's off the road but I wish he had just decided to drive 55 in a Toyota. Too bad about his passenger. Sometimes the decisions we make are not reversible.

1192 days ago
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