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Steve-O: 'I'm Really Going to Miss Ryan Dunn'

6/20/2011 2:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steve-O is at a loss for words after Ryan Dunn's death this morning -- tweeting, "I don't know what to say, except I love Ryan Dunn and I'm really going to miss him."



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You can start by ending jackass...

1220 days ago


If this dearly departed Jackass has any legacy, it is to show kids what can happen to Jackasses.

Yes, @JoeFrancis, start by obliterating that inane program, and all other similar crap.

1220 days ago


**** both of you scrubs. You're sitting behind a screen talking **** about the deceased who have no way to defend themselves against your thoughtless commentary. I hope your ***** rot off and roll down your pants leg, you ******* bottom feeders.

1220 days ago


@ Harry Palms. you are one sadistic MF.. do we know that he was drunk?? Saying good riddance about anybody's death only reflects on your own character...

1220 days ago


TMZ Ryan Dunn Post #8 Today.

This is an effing joke. Why does this guy even deserve 1 post, much less 8? Lilo doesn't even get this much attention by TMZ.

Must be a really slow news day.

1220 days ago


HarryPalms, if you have nothing good to say dont say it at all. I understand what you are saying but you can also have a little RESPECT for the guy. Give me a break, the least you can say is RIP ... dont be an A-S-S about it. Good riddance ?! what if this was your son or loved one and they say this.


1220 days ago


Its amazing that none of them killed themselves just doing those movies. their are no doubt's in my mind that they must have had to pull back on a few stunts because they may have indeed been too dangerous or deadly to perform in the first place.

And it also amazing that given the amount of drinkers in that group that others including bam margera haven't pulled off a stunt like this yet themselves. no telling how many DUI's most of them more than likely have.

1220 days ago


Yes, drinking played a part. But just looking at the skid marks, it seems like he swerved to avoid something and couldn't recover. Maybe a deer or something. They're quite prevalent in that area. We should wait for the police report.

1220 days ago


How stupid do you have to be to drink and drive in this decade? He posted pics to twitter showing himself drinking with friends before the crash. Maybe there should be a law that says if you drink and drive, you lose your license for life. Maybe that concept could penetrate their thick brains. I am sorry that he died, and that he killed his friend, but I'm glad he didn't kill some innocent traveler or pedestrian.

1220 days ago


Drunk driver or a victim of a drink driver, doesn't matter it's still sad when someone young dies, show some respect, his family and friends have lost him as well as fans!

1220 days ago


@ Reggie: I have absolutely NO RESPECT for drunk drivers nor do I for drunk driving apologists. Drunk drivers do not rest in peace.

1220 days ago


guys... its a bad prank for the next Jackass movie

1220 days ago


that is a terrible thing to say. you are an *******. He may have been drinking, and made a mistake. Nobody is perfect, and it is incredibly disrespectful of you to say this in a public format where his family might see it, and you are also disrespecting the passenger who chose to get in the car. If you have never made a mistake, go ahead and continue your stupid angry rant.

1220 days ago

No comment    

Whomever writes the tag lines... by capaitalizing the word miss you are identifing Ryan Dunn as a female. Below in the original tweet miss is not capitalized. Can you just proof read your work? Are you all graduates of Los Angeles Unified School District?

1220 days ago


How about the speed? Drunk or not, looks like he was reckless, and his passenger had to suffer for it.

1220 days ago
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