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Bam BREAKS DOWN at Ryan Dunn Crash Site

6/22/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera visited the crash site where his best friend and fellow "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn died -- and he was so overcome with emotion he could barely put together a sentence. Brace yourself, it's heartbreaking.062211_margera_fox_still

In this MyFoxPhilly report, Bam has tears streaming down his face as he recalls getting the news that Ryan had died, saying it "was the worst phone call I've ever gotten in my life."

Bam went to the crash site on Tuesday. He says he was in Arizona when Ryan crashed early Monday morning.

When asked how he'd get through this ordeal -- Bam replied, "I can't. I can't."


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Bill Leslie    

Have a drink - you'll feel better. Camera wh0re.

1222 days ago

good as gold    

BAM is a piece of CH*T. Not ONCE in this stupid video [that he is clearly using FAKE tears] did he say anything about the DEAD passenger that his STUPID dead friend KILLED. What a MORON!

1222 days ago


wtf is wrong with all RUDE ASS DISRESPECTFUL IDIOTS!? i really really! how the **** is he a 'attention whore' just because hes upset about losing his best friend! stupid ass mother*******! SHOW SOME RESPECT! and oh yeah 'hes really fake cryin' wtf!? how about puttin urself in his shoes for a min and imagine what it would be like to loss ur best friend, someone you were that close to! and obviously hes on camera because the news station decided to ****in interview him! im sure it wasn't his damn intention to be interviewed when all he was doin was visiting the crash site of his best friend probably to show respect, something all you dumbasses obviously dont know anything about!

1222 days ago

Nature Freak    

If a loved one of mine did something stupid like this I would expect people to be furious at them for their reckless behavior. Considering Ryan's history of reckless behavior his friends and family should have done a intervention years ago.

Ryan is no saint people, but he is a Jackass.
You live by the sword you die by the sword.

1222 days ago


Wow. I CANNOT believe the negativity on here. No wonder the world is such an ugly place. Bam was overwhelmed with grief - I dont understand how you can possibly say that was fake.

1222 days ago


what is that people someone dies and u got the nerve to talk crap about** happens all the time whether it could have been prevented or not...think about if one of your closest friends or family member died in the same way u wouldnt be takin that **** from anyone...people are such haters now a days no wonder we got people killin everywhere... everyones an ******* with no respect for anyone..not even for the dead...suck it everyone R.I.P Ryan Dunn u were super funny on T.V. and you'll live on for it...your the **** man ;) and to all his friends and family keep your heads up..he's lookin right at you

1222 days ago


Who said Bam wasn't a great actor? GIVE THIS MAN AN OSCAR FOR HIS PERFORMANCE. BRAVO!!! BRA-VO!!!

Almost had me there.

1222 days ago

Nature Freak    

So morrison, joplin, and hendrix were equal to Ryan Dunn?
You must be on some really good drugs to believe that BS.

1222 days ago


this seems rather fake to me..sorry but it just does..also..he just started busting out windows and tearing up a rental van for no reason at 12 apparently when the crash happened.what a douche.

1222 days ago

get a life ho    

It's sad anytime anyone dies too young and leaves behind loved ones .

To me if this Ryan guy really had true "real" friends there with him they would not have let him leave that bar after at least 3 shots and 3 large on tap beers .,.,period !

Speed was obviously a huge factor blinded by the "buzz" .

Being one who is familar with racing it looked to me like the skid marks were from an angle indicating a very high speed drift skidding out of control , definetely not from braking because the GT3 911 has anti-lock ABS braking system .

I would say the 130 MPH estimate is a conservative one .

I hope someone will at least learn a dam good lesson from all this so these 2 deaths are not in vein .

1222 days ago


WOW... What a freak.. This has to be a joke, RIGHT? What a fake, attention wh**e. Pathetic. He was CRYING? Hmmmm.. I think NOT!

Don't drink and drive.. it's that simple.

1222 days ago


I wonder if the news cameras just happened to be there or did someone in Bams group let the news people know when he would be there?

1222 days ago


Oops did a little more research and this GT3 is cornering at 70 MPH when he upshifts and loses it around a corner. Every car has its limits.

1222 days ago

Stephan Pickering/Chofetz Chayim ben-Avraham    

Shalom & Erev tov...must we? This tattooed knuckle-walker, who mangles English and cross-contaminates himself everytime he opens his mouth -- we are to believe he is 'overcome' with emotion? These people are created by Horrorwood mediasaurs, and cannot act, can barely read (do they sign their names with Xs?). They will, within weeks, be forgotten. His 'friend' was drunk -- drunk; racing down the street at 125+ mph. Roger Ebert was not mistaken. And Barn needs to go back to school.
STEPHAN PICKERING / Chofetz Chayim ben-Avraham

1222 days ago

Nature Freak    

Ryan Dunn is a s***bag who basically was doing the equivalent of firing a gun off randomly at a crowd. I suspect if he had lived he would have been charged with manslaughter or possibly worse. And what good has this "jackass" ever done for me or America. Sure I laughed when watching "Jackass" but at them not with them. The "Jackass" posse are bottom feeders who only encourage others to copy their stupidity.

1222 days ago
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