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Bam BREAKS DOWN at Ryan Dunn Crash Site

6/22/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera visited the crash site where his best friend and fellow "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn died -- and he was so overcome with emotion he could barely put together a sentence. Brace yourself, it's heartbreaking.062211_margera_fox_still

In this MyFoxPhilly report, Bam has tears streaming down his face as he recalls getting the news that Ryan had died, saying it "was the worst phone call I've ever gotten in my life."

Bam went to the crash site on Tuesday. He says he was in Arizona when Ryan crashed early Monday morning.

When asked how he'd get through this ordeal -- Bam replied, "I can't. I can't."


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Jody Hill    

I know exactly how he feels. I lost a best friend exactly the same way,except there was no drinking involved. There's never any answers just questions why. So sad.

1185 days ago


I lost a childhood friend in a car accident where her body was destroyed. she wasn't drunk but i know she had driven drunk previously. I live next door to her mom and see her almost every day. i have heard the horror story about how she had to identify her daughters body. While she wasn't burned she literally wasn't all there. To see a loved one in that state, It affects aperson and it affects those who can't see the loved one to say goodbye. So all of you pathetic losers are saying she deserved to die for previous bad decisions? And if i had gone to the crash site and cried and said something to a camera i would be a pity whore? grow up. I send my condolences yet again to the Dunn Family, Bam Margera and his family who were very close to Ryan, and to Mr. Hartwell's Family and friends. You were not bad people. You did not deserve your death, And you don't deserve the comments people are making.

1185 days ago


For all the people who feel the need to disrespect the life of a recently deceased man, you're disgusting. News flash, no one cares if you liked Ryan Dunn or any of the Jackass members for that matter. He made a poor decision, true, but I'm pretty sure none, if not most of you, did NOT know him. How would you know if he was trash or not? Just because you didn't like the show gives you the right to automatically trash him? Real classy. What if it was someone who was close to you and that you loved? If people started disrespecting and trashing that person I'm pretty positive you wouldn't react well at all. He was a human being and he made a tragic mistake. His family and loved ones are all hurt and trying to get through this horrible time. Hop of your high horses, get a life, and show some respect. Whether it's by keeping your ugly comments to yourself or by saying how much you care, a man's life ended too soon and it is a shame no matter what.

My heart truly goes out to his family and friends.

1185 days ago


**** all of u that are saying **** about ryan and bam

1185 days ago


**** all of u that are saying **** about ryan and bam

1185 days ago


Has anyone commenting on this lost a loved one to something like this? If you have and you are one of the people commenting spitefully on this blog then I take pity for you because you are so sick. For the people that are on here and haven't lost a loved one to something like this and are commenting spitefully I also take pity for you because you don't know what it's like. So what if he was drunk that fact that he is dead to some people is sad. Get in his skin and walk around in it, look at it from his point of view. Look at like you just lost your best friend from driving drunk. Then comment on here see if it makes a difference. Bam you just keep on doing you and remember Ryan is still there with you and that he wouldn't want you to morn over him.

1185 days ago


u guys r pathetic loose a brother nd then continue with ur ignorance.. hes in pain Leave ur douche bag comments for urself.yea drinkin nd driving was dum but in the words of sparticus it is DONE. so atleast show respect for sumones pain DOUCHES with negativity dont make it better regarless asholes. UGH

1185 days ago


An who are you all to siit here an judge Bam.....YOu Obviously DONT know him, an obviously you all jus drank a glass of haturad.....How can you sit here an judge him on his acctions when it isnt even about him...he know Rayn we how you gonna sit her an say those wernt seincer emotions...I takin bacck by all these comments...R>I>P Rayn Dunn, you will be dearly missed!!! My heart goes out to Bam an all of Rayn's Family...You had a talent for entertainment....Its sad to see it cut short....I was hoppin to see what future stunts wuld come next.... P>S. People dnt be one thing if you personaly knew bam an Ryan but you dont so Dont judge

1185 days ago


A-List, B-List, D-List actor...he still lost his best friend....While I do not agree with drinking and driving...this is still a human being in pain...My heart and prayers go out to those who loved Ryan as they mourn the loss of their loved one...

1185 days ago


Everybody needs to cut it the **** out. Bam is truely hurt, this was one of his best friends. Why would he fake crying for attention? He wouldn't. So stop ******* saying he's an attention whore and let the poor guy mourn.

1185 days ago


Stop being jerks about this. You have to rmember he lost his best FRIEND. Someone he's known since he was a teenager and he's hurt. And honestly everyone takes it differently. Keep them laughing up there Dunn.

1185 days ago


you know what all you people saying bad things make me sick. Someone DIED its a horriable thing no matter how it happend but you all are only focused on the bad and talkin bs wtf really and you wonder why are youth bully eachother thats why cuz you sick people who talk **** and put people down who are in mourning over the loss of a friend i cant stress it enough you all make me SICK. My prayers go out to all of ryan's friends and family.

1184 days ago


Awww.. I feel so bad for Bam.... I wish I could hug him:(

1184 days ago


this is horse **** this guy is a big fat phoney go let someone shoot a dildo up your ass you media hounding piece of garbage and personally screw tmz for putting this douche bag on their radar slow news days this makes me sick when people die and you go on tv thats just not cool get a job and quit trying to make money off others you want to interview someone how bout the passengers family how bout that no their nobody we want this slapnuts mother fruckin arrogant ass

1184 days ago

laurie oconnor    

my husband and i, have been fans of yours since your early cky videos. since we have been watching and following you careers for the past 12yrs we feel that you guys where n are a part of our family. we are so sorry for your loss our thoughts and hearts go out to all of you and ryans family. he will be missed, but NEVER forgotten for the smiles and laughter he has givin us over the years.stay strong guys!! GOD BLESS!!
The O'Connors ( new york)

1184 days ago
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