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Bam BREAKS DOWN at Ryan Dunn Crash Site

6/22/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera visited the crash site where his best friend and fellow "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn died -- and he was so overcome with emotion he could barely put together a sentence. Brace yourself, it's heartbreaking.062211_margera_fox_still

In this MyFoxPhilly report, Bam has tears streaming down his face as he recalls getting the news that Ryan had died, saying it "was the worst phone call I've ever gotten in my life."

Bam went to the crash site on Tuesday. He says he was in Arizona when Ryan crashed early Monday morning.

When asked how he'd get through this ordeal -- Bam replied, "I can't. I can't."


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Rebekkah C    

This made me cry. All you heartless, ignorant, pathetic, s***-bucket losers can go jump. I bet none of you even knew who the hell he was except that he was from Jackass.

1219 days ago

Carter Swenson    

@Rebekkah C

Heartless? I never drove a car 140 mph while shytfaced, drunk and killed an innocent war hero.

1219 days ago

Carter Swenson    


Yo Sparky...Try using punctuation marks. As it stands, your pathetic message serves only to highlight the fact that you, like most of Brandon Margera's supporters, are a drooling idiot.

1218 days ago


7-1-11 I'm in the Music industry & Hard 4 me 2 write 'Sorry it happened dude'..I'm spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON THIS ANYWAY! Have U all seen the Memorial VID 4 RYAN DUNN? In a word...
'SPECTACULAR!' I laughed & I cried..then a sigh of calm, being at Peace, to know that Ryan(& Zach)R in 'HEAVEN' w/'GOD'
(George Burns)..away from this Questionable world..Gangs,Wars, Tragedy's,Ozone Layer,too Hot too cold,2 much SNOW..Tsunami's,
Hurraicaine's, Tornado's,Earthquakes,FIRES,Floods, Mudslides, Drug Dealers,Drug Users,Alcoholics..BARS OVER SERVING PATRONS & NOT CALLING THEM A TAXI!=(Should Go 2 Jail if it took their Lives!& Shut the Place down & HEAVY FINES). JOHNNY KNOXVILLE &JACKASS CREW(Steve O./p.i. book On NY X's Best seller List.
[I should check. Maybe he's trying 2 pull an Ashton Kutcher's
'PUNK'd'on me.] Go figure! Who knew? Who knew he could write? AhHa:D Hey look..'The KING..DON RICKLES would tell Him the same!Steve-O. would be'Roasted by DON!' I mean C'mon.. HE Has a HUGE Tattooed Pix of His HEAD on his BACK! Was he w/ Charlie Sheen.. when that went Down? Mike,a fan(?)has 1 bigger of'MIKE'!
Stevo O.'s H.S.YEAR Bk.PIX & What he wrote back then...was
visionary! He ends it w/'The Stones'..'Goodbye Ruby Tueday'
lyrics! Fun Stuff 2 read.)***JACKASS Johnny &(SteveO.??) They GAVE ME A FN 'STAR'(like 'Hollywood Blvd.)&'TOP COMMENTOR'at Facebook! Haha:D(maybe'Markie MARK['NOT'WHALBERG']'The Social Network Dude'at FB did!)I inquired 2 Johnny as to"How long can I hold my title & star At Facebook?"(I also Get them at Yahoo& YouTube) JOKINGLY, I wrote "with all the Ryan Dunn comments,I'm going to be behind'STEVE O.-P.I'on the NY X's Best seller List..& STEVE O. Can go on & compete with JAMES GRISHAM Novels!" Fully NOT knowing He did make the Best seller list on the NY X's!(going 2 check)
** Well, I write alot of Legal briefs(particularily about the NET STALKERS that want & R stealing vids & Identity Theft! NOT ON MY WATCH! I've been a 'victim of that' well as a victim of being hit by a 'Drunk Driver',as a pedestrian,& the Driver left the scene to his DR.DAD's home in Great Neck,NY for 3 Days. Because I had a 'Guardian Angel' from the oncoming lane who saw what happened,(as did many who did Nothing..Nor the Drunk Drivers on Early New Yrs a.m. who were"DRIVING AROUND ME ON THE DOUBLE LINES!" That's Unconcionable! I was thrown 30 feet to the double yellow lines Unconcious..woke 2 what I thought was HEAVEN..people standing over me who were neighbors I never met or SAW before. A DR. was the 'Guardian Angel' He went 2 the corner Payphone(Remember those days?)& called '911'& called in the TAG#. The guy was caught 3 days AFTER New Yrs. so by then any alcohol is GONE any other Drugs..I don't know. He was arrested, booked, had violations with DMV up the A#%! Rich kid bought himself a Madison Ave. Atty..went2 a JURY Trial& in what seemed like Min's the JURY found Him GUILTY on several Counts. BUT BACK IN THE DAY..they didn't have the DWI & Leaving the scene as Strong as it is today. You Get shipped via the Judge 2 PRISON! So he basically got a 'slap on the Wrist' & paid HEFTY FINES..which go2 theCourt(Income).I can walk But have damage to my Spinal disks, & creeps up on U over time!

:O" DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE! IF U PARTY, GIVE THE KEYS TO THE OWNER/BARTENDER & INSTRUCT THEM TO CALL YOU A TAXI! OR HAVE A 'STRAIGHT' DESIGNATED DRIVER GET YOU HOME! IT'S NOT WORTH IT TO TRY & BE 'COOL' WITH YOUR FRIENDS..OR TO BE 'CHALLENGED!' IT'S 'BOGUS!' I'M HERE TO LIVE & WRITE ABOUT IT! I'M JUST LOOKING OUT! I HAVE A FRIEND..THAT IS A CARBON COPY OF RYAN..& DID 3 YRS. FOR HIS 2nd DWI & MAXED OUT SO HE CAN 'DRINK AGAIN' WITH OR WITHOUT A CAR! YOU SAW & HEARD THE DEVASTATING NEWS OF RYAN & ZACHARY HARTWELL (who also was Drunk)& UNFORTUNATE HE GOT INTO THE PORSCHE THAT BECAME A 'WEAPON' THE MINUTE RYAN LEFT THE LOT! I Still say the BAR is held to a higher standard & held Liable for 'Over Serving Alcoholics' & For NOT Calling a TAXI to get them both home in 1 piece! (Someone posted on this on another TMZ Ryan Dunn site..that he had 23 Car Accidents. If HE did time then he paid his Debt to 'society.' If he was a repeat offender of DWI, he should have gone to Prison..which only dries U out until they release U & all U want is a beer or drugs. If that were the case, than the JUDGE should be in Jail! Many Judges have Favortism or payoffs 2 let the client go. Pari******on Or Lindsay did 23 days or less & cried their
'ASSES' off! I have a motto: "PUT A 'D' ON YOUR CHEST & DEAL WITH IT!" (or 'H' & 'Handle it.')

1218 days ago


Some people make mistakes! he is not a speeding idiot he is just human. and i love Bam i feel for him so much. if you went through wat he is going through u would also look like that so stop hating on Bam! he is also only human and he does have feelings!!!

1217 days ago


I would do anything to meet Bam!! he seems like an amazing person and a good friend so F**K all u haters.!
_R.I.P Ryan.*

1217 days ago


HAHAHA! Heartbreaking!? Really? Was I watching the wrong video? That was the PHONIEST emotional breakdown I've ever seen. Ryan Dunn is an idiot and only has himself to blame for being dead and lets not forget he KILLED another person.
F*CK Ryan Dunn
F*CK Bam and
F*CK the Jackass ****.

1215 days ago


Take Care Bam. Im sorry for you loss. Ryan was a good funny dude.

1214 days ago


We've got some genuinely self-centered c*nts up in this comment thread.

How the **** is the man supposed to react when his best friend for years dies? Do tell.

1214 days ago


show some respect. haters get f**ked and get a f**king life. this was a tragedy

1213 days ago


He seems like he was in shock from it. I don't know if any of you have lost a loved one, but this is just about the same way I reacted when my dad died. And I loved him more than anything. So don't call him a attention whore. He's really tore up over it. Give him a ******* break. Jesus Christ.

1212 days ago


Damn I only read the first few comments and I realized how ppl on the internet are just desensitized ******* **** faces. That was his best friend I bet he would rip your ****in face off

1208 days ago


**** all of you who say its all about him you obviously don*****ch jackass you stupid ***** thats his best friend you ingnorants little *****...

1207 days ago


Really sad :'( R.I.P Ryan Dunn

1187 days ago

Stehen suthard     

Bam just lost his BEST FRIEND dnt talk ****

1146 days ago
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