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Barack Obama -- The Pacifier

6/21/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama may not be able to solve all the world's problems -- but last week at the White House, dude proved he can definitely calm a crying baby ... even when Michelle can't. 062111_obama_baby_still


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Obama is a nice guy but is a terrible President with absolutely no clue about what he is doing.

Anyone who wants him re-elected wants the economy in a depression. But "party above all" just like Obama, right?

1183 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

I love me some Barack Obama.

1183 days ago


They should call him Mr. Obama, cause he is not a president. He does not even know how many states are in the USA. Mr Obama, there are not 57 states in the USA. But an idiot!

Who's the man on Mr. Obama's left?

1183 days ago


the "fist lady" didnt even try to stop the baby from crying. hello, meaning she only cares about shopping for expensive clothes. I'm not a big obama fan, but at least he rocked the baby to try to get the crying to stop.

1183 days ago


Not seen often enough, something happy on TMZ. Awesomely cute....both the Prez and baby :) The rest of you....stop hating on him, he's trying his best....all your bashing are reminders of comments made about Bush. Nothing will ever be good enough for you people.

1183 days ago


That was TOO cute! What a story that baby will have when they grow up! OBAMA 2012!!

1183 days ago


For all of you Obama haters, what could a Republican do to change the current situation of too many people here and technology/outsourcing eliminating jobs forever. For those of you who don't agree with the overpopulation statement, 1991 was the peak year of births since the baby boom with no let up since. That's significant, as those people are now entering the workforce. To say nothing of the Repubs wanting to increase Soc Security age so people have to work longer and not open up jobs for the young people. I love this video--IMO, Obama is magical.

1183 days ago


Definitely not a fan, but I LOVE THIS VIDEO! How cute is that?!!? Mr. Obama is a charmer! Too cute!!!

1183 days ago


That was the best story so far, that was cute, i wish i was that baby for that moment, i hope he gets re-elected and keeps cleaning up the mess sum1 else made...smh.

1183 days ago


First he found Bin Landin and now he's found Big Foot!

1183 days ago


@ Julian and Fadedroots,
OMG you really think he is the worst president ever. Could that be because he is black? He did not create this mess we are in, your beloved Idiot president G W Bush did. I dont understand why people like you always want to blame the current president for the mess of the past president has created. Clinton has us at a surplus then who came into the office and put us in a down spiral, wasn't Obama.. If you think you can do a better job then get your asses out there and run. or SHUT THE HELL UP!

1183 days ago


Anyone notice the hateful look he throws at Michelle Obama when he takes the baby and the kid stops crying? Freeze the vid at that point and you'll see it. You can tell that the he and Michelle can't stand each other, and that their relationship is basically one of one-upmanship and competition. It probably stems from the fact that she's put him down for so many years. When he was campaiging she say things like, he can't even make a bed or bring home milk...crap like that. I believe if he weren't Pres., they'd be divorced by now. Fr

1183 days ago


That was a beautifull thing. Finally, after seeing so very many horrible things on the internet. I completely apprieciate this.

1183 days ago


you guys are complaining about his health care plan but its really a good thing.. Im from Canada and everyone has equal health care.. even the poor bum living on the streets has the same equal rights as I do... you shouldnt have to pay out the ass when your sick because your so called HMO wont cover certain things, treatments, meds...

1183 days ago

Dr. D    

oh, yea the President who is responsible for millions being out of work while he plays golf is some "dude". Shame the baby didn't do to him what Obama has done to the U.S-pissed on America.

1183 days ago
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