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Coroner: Ryan Dunn Died Violent Death

6/21/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Jackass" star Ryan Dunn and his passenger each died as result of both blunt force trauma AND the fire that consumed Dunn's Porsche during the crash Monday morning ... this according to the Chester County Coroner.

Ryan Dunn Cause of Death

The Coroner's Office just released the autopsy results for both men -- who, we're told, were each dead by the time officials arrived at the scene.

Based on the autopsy results, the crash was so violent, it seems it was impossible to determine if the two died from the impact of the crash itself or from the fire that resulted.

Officials say the toxicology results for both men -- which would help determine the role alcohol played in the crash -- will be released in 4 to 6 weeks.

TMZ previously reported, officials believe Dunn's car veered off the highway and crashed in a wooded area Monday morning ... before exploding in flames. Investigators believe speed may have been a factor in the crash.


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Speed never kills, but drivers who cannot handle speed kill, and drivers who drink and drive are a menace to themselves their passengers and others. Lastly the barman should have at least warned R.D. not to drive his fast power German car and to take a taxi. Its not rocket science to arrange for a cab to pick you up after you have been drinking in a BAR. Very sorry about death of R.D and his passenger.

1189 days ago


Why must people look to push the focus of someone's bad decision making onto the someone else such as the bartender in this case, ultimately you need to take responsibility for your own actions. Sad yes, Tragic yes, Stupid YES!!

1189 days ago

Andrel Rivers    

Granted they lived wild and were known for being unruly, but regardless, this is a straight up tragedy as he was young. Sometimes pushing envelopes isn't so good with 330+hp, but we live hard and fast in our youth. But out of respect for his friends and family, lets not jump to conclusions about drinking and driving and wait for the autopsy. For all whom assume without certainty he was driving drunk, look in the mirror and bitch slap yourself for being so reckless and careless about the emotions of family....

1189 days ago


According to people at the bar, as well as the bartender, he was not drunk. The bartender said that he was his normal self and didn't seem too intoxicated to drive. He then went on to say that if he thought he was drunk, he would not have allowed him to leave. I don't know if this info helps or not...

1189 days ago

Dayton Dad    

ahhh... what a nice day it is outside. first day of summer! the sun is shining. grass is green - ther is a slight breeze. i think i'll go home to my wife and kids tongiht and grill some salmon. maybe we'll go on a bike ride afterward. maybe I'll go see a movie with my brother after the kids go to bed. It sure is great to be alive. I'm glad I didnt get drunk and/or drive my car at 110 mph the other night and kill myself. man that was a good decision by me. I'm glad I make respsonsible decisions as an adult.

1189 days ago


@ CountryGal You got me on that one, good answer!

1189 days ago


I just want to say to all you PUNKS that have nothing better to do then sit here and trash talk GO TO HELL, you have no cares about his friends and family it is so sad that Ryan and Zack died and you have no place to talk bad about them, No 1 has said how much he had to dink ..... watch the movies he has drank a LOT more then 3 beers and 3 shots before, and walked away that would not put him over the legal limit, he will be missed ,R.I.P. Ryan and Zack. Sorry Bam , Steve-o , Johnny. JackAss will NEVER be the same with out Ryan

1189 days ago


For the bartender comment. to be a bartender you must complete a list of tests and accomplishments to be able to serve open containers of any alchoholic caliber. I work at a minute market and have some of the same responsibilitys. not so much as to take his keys away but to call him a cab or tow. Make no mistake it was his fault he died and took another life with him, but the bartender and establishment should be stripped of there licence to serve open containers. Much agreed karen, disgusting.

1189 days ago


I've lost too many friends to bad car crashes, I get it that because they were at a bar the assumption is that he was drunk, maybe, maybe not.

Look at it like this he had a very cool car so yes drive it like you stole it.

I thought I saw skid marks... lost control? Something in the road, a deer? No one knows.

What is a fact is that they both had families and I'm sure seeing the photos of what is left of the car is just adding grief.

No matter what the tests say the results are still the same, they are gone. Very sad for their friends and families.

1189 days ago


Drinking and driving was his choice. He should have starred in Dumb and Dumber. How many times is this said? I don't think it is sad, because it was his choice. He was happy living the life he chose. He would not have had it any other way or he would have made other choices. Alcoholism kills people. People argue about who is or is not an alcoholic. Well, if you drink and drive and it kills you, I guess that defines the disease. Live how you want, but don't say it is sad when it kills YOU! Tragic perhaps but not sad.

1189 days ago


These guys got lucky. They probally died on impact. They only got themselves killed. No one else got hurt or mamed or killed.

1189 days ago


"Jackass" indeed! He killed another person, and could have killed several more! Improvement of the gene pool in his case!

1189 days ago



1189 days ago


Anyone else curious if the Porsche recall (one that includes the model Ryan Dunn drove) might have played a factor in this?

1189 days ago


Yeah, it's always the bartenders fault. People have to be 21 because they are supposed to be adults who can think for themselves. Nobody forced him to do anything. Take responsibility for your own lives and stop blaming your problems on others.

1189 days ago
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