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Coroner: Ryan Dunn Died Violent Death

6/21/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Jackass" star Ryan Dunn and his passenger each died as result of both blunt force trauma AND the fire that consumed Dunn's Porsche during the crash Monday morning ... this according to the Chester County Coroner.

Ryan Dunn Cause of Death

The Coroner's Office just released the autopsy results for both men -- who, we're told, were each dead by the time officials arrived at the scene.

Based on the autopsy results, the crash was so violent, it seems it was impossible to determine if the two died from the impact of the crash itself or from the fire that resulted.

Officials say the toxicology results for both men -- which would help determine the role alcohol played in the crash -- will be released in 4 to 6 weeks.

TMZ previously reported, officials believe Dunn's car veered off the highway and crashed in a wooded area Monday morning ... before exploding in flames. Investigators believe speed may have been a factor in the crash.


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Sonya in Tx    

Ryan is a Darwin Award winner if it shows that any alcohol was in his system that night. Being "under the limit" means nothing if your reaction time and judgement is impaired.

1229 days ago


If you think its the bartender's fault your an ass. We all have a responsiblty as adults to take care of ourselves. He should not have drank to the point that he got in a car and killed himself in a wreck. I can think of alot of other things in the world to worry about besides a guy that I happen to agree was built to die young and had absolutley no common sense

1229 days ago


Too bad he wasnt giving Obama a ride that night

1229 days ago


if he had lived he would be going to prison for manslaughter.

he is a killer. similar to a murder suicide.

1229 days ago


slow news day, huh, tmz??? how many more posts do we need about this idiot? one was enough. if we're lucky, bam will be next. another waste of human flesh.

1229 days ago


Assumptions are the mother of all f*** ups. People don't know sh*t and like to put their two-cents worth in. Those pics on here of Ryan do not indicate he was wasted. Those are not the last pics/images of Ryan & Zac that night.

Pictures were taken of the two that night and posted online, but they are not the last pictures of Dunn before he died. Those pictures are on videotape of Dunn and Hartwell leaving the bar.

The police say they did not appear to be visibly intoxicated.

"We know that there was some alcohol consumed," said Chief Carroll. "We don't know how much and we don't know factually what the blood alcohol is yet. But there wasn't any - what we saw on the videotape - there wasn't any obvious indications of intoxication." (courtesy of

1229 days ago

eric cubeechee    

****in weak,,,Mike u know what's up leave them alone ...there good guy's enough already...go cover Kardashians

1229 days ago

bobby julano    

lmao this is funny white trash

1229 days ago


Speed. Ya think?

1229 days ago



1229 days ago


I cannot believe people are blaming the bartender, a bartender is their to serve alcohol, not babysit people.

1229 days ago


Porsche 911s Recalled For Wheel Hubs Wearing Down. Could this be the cause of the crash? Porsche 911s were recalled because this could lead to a compromised wheel-retention system and a crash.

The affected models include the 911 Turbo and Turbo S, the 911 GT3 and GT3 RS, and the GT2 RS equipped with the center locking wheel and hub assembly.

1229 days ago


Noooo!! the Porsche :(

1229 days ago


That poor that thing was sweet....good job numbbnuts for crashing that *****weed!

1229 days ago

Really? Really?    

Really CountryGal?

"So a bartender is supposed to babysit every drunk moron who comes through the door?"

Who said anything about babysitting? I said, RESPONSIBLE, I never said anything about babysitting. You're responsible for every soul that comes into your establishment, drunk coming in or not. You serve them YOUR alcohol, it's just like having drunk friends at a party. There is no babysitting, you just make sure everyone that leaves, leaves safely... Duh.

1229 days ago
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