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Coroner: Ryan Dunn Died Violent Death

6/21/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Jackass" star Ryan Dunn and his passenger each died as result of both blunt force trauma AND the fire that consumed Dunn's Porsche during the crash Monday morning ... this according to the Chester County Coroner.

Ryan Dunn Cause of Death

The Coroner's Office just released the autopsy results for both men -- who, we're told, were each dead by the time officials arrived at the scene.

Based on the autopsy results, the crash was so violent, it seems it was impossible to determine if the two died from the impact of the crash itself or from the fire that resulted.

Officials say the toxicology results for both men -- which would help determine the role alcohol played in the crash -- will be released in 4 to 6 weeks.

TMZ previously reported, officials believe Dunn's car veered off the highway and crashed in a wooded area Monday morning ... before exploding in flames. Investigators believe speed may have been a factor in the crash.


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South Side     

With all that alcohol in their systems they must have looked like two burnt matches.

1189 days ago


Too bad they didn't get it on tape it would have been a great intro for jacka$$ 4.

I love how you are all posting saying that this is the bartenders fault for not taking his keys or cutting him off. The bartender wasn't driving, was he? I didn't think so.

1189 days ago


Ryan was clearly trying to make that exit off-ramp, look at the tire marks, he was just going too fast and turned too late thinking he could still make it.


1189 days ago


It is not just whether he was legally drunk or just driving while impaired. He was speeding. Any alcohol + high speed is not a good combination. He may have reacted to something but it was his decision to speed after having a few drinks what caused their death. If he had been driving at a normal speed limit, chances are this tragedy would not have happened.

1189 days ago

Dont DUI    

I feel bad for Ryan Dunn and his passenger for losing their life at such a young age and for the parents and friends for losing a loved one however, I don't feel sorry for anyone that gets behind the wheel while intoxicated and/or decides to excessively speed beyond the posted speeds that ends up costing their life. Laws are written to protect everyone in this country. If you don't obey the law or decide to drive intoxicated you will only look like a Jackass yourself in the long run. I have lost a few friends to drugs, drunk driving and doing stupid things that cost them their life. Yes, I will miss them but, I will also remember how stupid they were to make that last uneducated decision that cost them their life. Fricken idiots!!

1189 days ago

Stagger Lee    

HAHA This is the first thing anyone from Jackass has ever done that made me laugh!!

1189 days ago

Revert man    

thats just crazy

1189 days ago


That is so sad and so disturbing. I hope that the senselessness of this tragedy will possibly save some lives and in that way some good will come from it. I pray that they were both passed out cold before the impact and fire and they felt nothing.

1189 days ago


cant we all just be bummed in peace?

1189 days ago

nobody important    

Somebody please answer this question:

Who called 911 or who discovered the wreck?

1189 days ago

Really? Really?    

@Which is it: Which is probably why PA is on the top 10 list of Worst Drunk Driving states. Horrible.

1189 days ago


ndingo...have you been reading TMZ's facebook page....that exactly my theory this morning that I posted.

1189 days ago


Three beers and three shots is not that much booze for someone his size.Speed is what caused this.

1189 days ago


Really? Why don't bar owners get in trouble every time someone gets a DUI? Every drunkard that goes into a bar and walks out to smoke a cigarette or goes into a car to smoke pot or do drugs is being watched by the bartenders? I've been to many bars and NEVER had anyone running out after me to make sure I wasn't too drunk to drive. I've seen people stumbling out and getting into cars many many times and never saw the bar owner or bartenders trying to stop them. If that's really their job they suck at it really bad.

1189 days ago


The bottom line is this jackass was drinking beer and doing shooters for about 4 hours.

Just because you can afford a Porsche, doesn't mean you know how to drive one.

The saving grace is that only himself and a passanger got killed and no one else. Chances are they were killed on impact.

1189 days ago
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