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Jackson Kids -- Daddy's BAD ASS Motorcycle Memorial

6/21/2011 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jackson kids recently got a glimpse of the coolest Michael Jackson memorial yet -- in the form of a SICK custom-painted motorcycle ... depicting the King of Pop at various stages in his career.

Paris Jackson tweeted the photos over the weekend -- and the timing couldn't be more perfect ... because this Saturday marks the two-year anniversary of their father's death.


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Those are some of the worst graphics I've seen.

1219 days ago


I understand the front headlight lifts right out to portray MJ without a nose.

1219 days ago


ha ha ha for those morons that are say WHO CARES WORTHLESS AND MAKING FUN OF THE BIKE MICHAEL you must care or you wouldn't take the time to post anything. get a life and a job . if you need to take up more time on your hands then get another job. you all must be OH WELL'S fine feathered friends. worthless and stupid. you look like jackasses when you post that. why not just move on and ignore any posts of MJ? ha cuz you do care! Michael we love and miss you angel. wish you were here with us. hugs Michael.

1219 days ago

Master Po    

Now all you need is for a child to sit on the face of Mj on the bike and it will be like neverland all over again!

1219 days ago


Nice bike, but what with the fugly paint job?

1219 days ago


Hayabusa's are great for customization and drag racing but they suck for sport riding. The bike looks nice but there are just way too many Hayabusas out there for me to get excited about one anymore. I would've taken the money and bought a Ducati 1198 or even a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 and added some better tires, carbon fiber, NO chrome whatsoever, velocity stacks, Power Commander, and a nice exhaust. That would be better than this bike.

1219 days ago


"Bad ass" and "Michael Jackson" is an oxymoron.

M.J. fans are just morons.

Because of them and their god-like worship of the neurotic narcissist, millions of people who could have used the media's attention to help end 30 years of tyranny under an oppressive islamic government were, instead, put on the back burner because the short-attention-span, garbege-fed public cared more about a dead pedophile than they did about the liberty of millions.
For the clueless among you, I'm talking about the Iranian Green Revolution that lost momentum when all you sycophants decided what was more important.
As soon as the west was distracted by Jackson's universe-shaking death (planets threw themselves out of orbit and endangered species committed mass suicide out of grief), the iron-fisted Iranian government ground it's people into the pavement with bloody reprisals.

But don't feel too bad, the mighty messiah, Obama, wasn't paying attention either. Now he REALLY owes an appology to the islamic world.

It's just sad that the Iranian people who crave freedom looked to what they thought was a bastion of liberty, only to be switched off so the funeral of the millenia could be watched by all the desperately grievous worshippers.


1219 days ago


wow prince is getting fat.

1219 days ago


and I really wish tmz would stop calling them his kids they aren't.
those are those white kids he went and brought in the 1990s

1219 days ago


and wow how can anyone not see that prince is beginning to look exactly like arnold klein even more so then from two years ago!

1219 days ago


NO one likes them at school because they are stuck up losers with that stupid body guard of theirs. Thank god school is out. They think they are better than other people, especially Prince. They are fake, MJ is not their real father, they act like they are the bomb, people laugh at them behind their backs. They are lying, they are not MJ's real kids. The only people who hang out with them are hypocrites, they bad mouth them behind their backs and they only talk to them because they are famous.

1219 days ago



Not sure where you're getting "too many Hayabusa's" out there. They are in fact, coast to coast, very very uncommon. In fact, so few were sold recently, they skipped a model year. You can get a clean adult owned stock low mile late model Hayabusa for around 7k to 9k off Craigslist / eBay all day long. With a little luck, 6.5k. Off season, even cheaper. Compare that to $22k for a 2011 Ducati 1198. The Hayabusa will eat Ferrari's and Lambo's for lunch any day of the week. It's honestly, for the money, and of course, the looks and performance, the absolute closest most will ever get to owning a Ferrari or Lamborghini. I own one of these bikes. They are considered a "sport touring" motorcycle and are extremely comfortable. Another thing is the Ducati 1198 is a small bike for med to small men. The Hayabusa along with the ZX-12 are much bigger bikes and fit us 6'2" guys @ 225 or there 'bout's, very comfortably.

1219 days ago


glory and lance-Shut up and get over the FACT that MJ IS their biological father! Klein has NO connection to these kids what so ever! Accept facts and move on.

For those saying "who cares" if you don't care then why did you take the time to post?!

1219 days ago


Y are people always focusing on the fact the kids aren't his? Who the hell cares if they aren't? The point is he was raising them and they love him. Just because someone isn't a biological parent doesn't mean they can't love and support them.

1219 days ago


of course she has a twitter
she has been living with the jacksons with no supervision over anything she does, now I see why grace leaked the stun gun try and get those poor kids out from that family.

1219 days ago
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