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'Lost' Guy & 16-Yr-Old Wife: Cradle Robbing Champs

6/21/2011 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

51-year-old "Lost" actor Doug Hutchison just married 16-year-old aspiring country singer Courtney Stodden -- and if that seems seriously WRONG to you ... it is!!   

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I'll bet anything this is a hoax. Just wait and within the next few days it will be shown that she is at least 18, and more likely late 20s.

1199 days ago


I'm from Washington state and that's a bunch of BS. I don't know of any 16 year olds marrying nasty old men or ******* horses. Better than California, where you don't really know what you're going to get...boy? girl? who knows? That's where the realy creepos live!

1199 days ago


She is not 16!!! No way in hell. If she is 16 than so am I. She doesn't have a baby face.. at 16 everyone looks young.. She is aged big time!! I would say 29 or 30 ish. This is a total PR stunt with her age. It's crap...

1199 days ago


A few things...
1. I thought Corey Haim died last year? (does that perv look just like him)
2. If that "girl" is 16... I can't even complete that sentence because there's no way in hell she is. I know American food has an incredible amount of hormones in it but wow!
3. i agree with those that suggest this is some kind of publicity stunt. But uh, for what purpose? I clicked onto website and she has Zero musical talent, ah but I'm sure Larry Flint or someone from Vivid will soon be calling. And since I didn'*****ch "Lost" and had to google this fool for other credits, I can't see how this will help this otherwise bit-player get onto anyone's A-list or even D-list.

In closing, if this "girl" actually is only 16 and this isn't for publicity, sad and disgusting don't even begin to sum up this story.

1199 days ago


That's the kinda girl that would even get Lawrence Taylor in trouble!

1199 days ago


All the creepiness aside....WHAT THE F IS WITH THE MOTHER THAT GAVE THE CONSENT THINKING?!?!?! What's wrong with her? If the mother wouldn't have given consent we'd not heard anything about this.

1199 days ago


so sad

1199 days ago



1199 days ago


There's no way that girl is 16.

1199 days ago

right straight    

She's gross,her parents did a number on her

1199 days ago


If she looks that old at 16 shes going to look horrible when she's 40. Look at the outfit she was wearing, what parents would let their kid act like that at 16. It's disgusting and either way why would she get with a dude that looks like a toad. She's gonna take his money and divorce him, he is stupid for believing she actually loves him.

1199 days ago


I was thinking something funny about the marriage. she used to be on trump miss teen beauty, the funny part is trump is kicking himself in the ass now because he's thinking WTF that guy, but i'm rich (trump says)

1199 days ago


She does NOT look 16! And ASPIRING country singer? BULL. I bet she ends up plastic and doing porn. Those two are huge pieces of white trash!

1199 days ago


@Robin Thomas...stop using that name, you’re giving the comedian Robin Thomas a bad name because you’re talking like a pedophile by sticking up for old guys preying on very young girls. If you think marriage at 12 is ok, please note that it USED to be what happened in the past, used being the operative word because it’s WRONG for young girls to be married at that age. There’s no LOVE associated with these types of ‘relationships’, these kids are being USED by guys for their own nefarious purpose. Yeah I’m judgemental if it means pointing out decidedly wrong and unacceptable behavior involving freaks like these and people who don't think this is pedophilia. Btw, if you haven’t heard Weiner’s out of office because he’s a perv, like you. Fyi, this is an entertainment/celebrity site, if you want to talk about Wall Street and those POS, go comment on NYT, etc. Get a clue you moron!

1199 days ago

who cares    

If she is 16 then Harvey is truly straight!

1199 days ago
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