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Ryan Dunn

Crashed at 130 MPH

6/21/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Dunn was doing 130 miles-per-hour in his Porsche at the time of the horrible crash that killed the "Jackass" star and his passenger -- this according to West Goshen police.


Police Chief Michael Carroll told reporters an accident reconstruction team determined the speed of the crash after inspecting the accident scene. Officials say Dunn's car collided with a guardrail at high speed, crashed in the woods and burst into flames.

According to Carroll, the crash was catastrophic -- claiming he's "never seen a car destroyed in an automobile accident the way this car was ... even before it caught on fire."

Carroll called the accident the "worst" he's ever seen ... by far.


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what it looks like is he tryed to make the turn and lost it R.I.P ryan

1126 days ago


Recipe for disaster

the better half of a six pack, some shots, hot wheels, and a buddie who doesnt believe you can hit 150

1126 days ago


"Missed by millions"

Of what?

Jr. Jackasses?

At least he gave them a PSA

1126 days ago


He's performing some of the toughest community service.

Lilo, take note! You could be next!

1126 days ago


great jackass stunt. can only do it once.

1126 days ago

Mr. Bate    

Like I said, fame and fortune as a Jackass, killed himself as a DUMBASS. 130MPH?
Thanks, I had a good laugh.

1126 days ago


Speeding kills.
When will people get that?

1126 days ago


was there a witness to the crash? who called 911?

1126 days ago


You people are just so damn rude! Have some respect! A man has died in a horrible way. Wonder if some of your friends would die this way, how would you call them?? I didn't know him in person. but I feel very sad, God bless him, his family and beloved Angie!

1126 days ago


I tink LulzSec hacked at his ECM computer! :-O

Tanx for dat great Wideo Winnie Cooper!!!

1126 days ago


said Zac was not a heavy drinker-it is same as hogan's son- show off at the cost of others-even if it means their life!

1126 days ago


an open letter to all:

the real sad part of this story isn't the fact that someone died, or the fact that that someone was or wasn't a "celebrity" it's the fact that he had everything at the tip of his fingers and completey took it for granted. sure he could afford that nice ride and could party where/when/how he wanted and with who. but you know what he had luxuries that most of americans can't. Room and board, 3 meals a day, a car let alone gas and health insurance. as i sit here typing with one hand while my 6mo daughter play on my lap i am hopeless. my 89 year old grandma is sitting in the livingroom oblivious to the anxiousness and stress we are feeling just to take care of the very bare necessities to keep her well. she makes 1,200 before taxes in SS and thats it but she isnt poverty level. my dad is a roofer who makes next to nothing a month is paying out of pocket for everything. my 63 year old aunt has been working litterally 27/7 (how i wish that were an exaggeration) taking care of my grandma by feeding/dressing/cleaning/bathing you name it she does it. she does this for no pay cause, we cant afford to pay her, so she can live here in our house for free since SHE can't afford to live on her own either. we have a helper come in a few times a week for 200 and how we pay her is a mirical. we are stretched beyond our means in every sence of the word. I am this close to asking for handouts because we are just beyond tired beyond exhaustion beyond even being civil to eachother over simply taking care of my grandma. All of this and i'm not even touching on the half of it. it is tearing my family apart and i am heart broken. i am in tears watching my family go through this i cant even tell you how sick it makes me. how i can hardley afford to buy the box of adult diapersa month that i am asked to contribute. Im embarrassed of what my family hs become. AND ALL HE HAD TO DO WAS HIRE A DRIVER FOR THE NIGHT. where is the fairness in that?? life sure is funny sometimes. maybe one day i will look back on this time and laugh....thanks for listening.

I am posting this as many places as I can so that hopefully celebrities will realize that what they have is a privilege and most people would do anything to be in their shoes for no other reason then to afford a dignified life that they are not ashamed of.

1126 days ago

Glen Benton    

Hail Satan, I'm glad his corpse was consumed by the fires of hell

1126 days ago


What's up with all the animocity? Are people really that pathetic that they'd try to disparage a man after his death? We're at the point in society where there shouldn't even be a public forum to express our opinions, as the majority of people are complete dumbasses; you do nothing to further any sort of rational discussion, just a literal diareaha stream from your mouths, and the number of people who cir*** to such stupidity is increasing everyday. Let the man rest in peace, and don't take estimates of this kind completely serious.

1126 days ago


I'm just glad he killed himself and not a car w/ kids in it. stupid f*ck.

1126 days ago
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