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Ryan Dunn

Crashed at 130 MPH

6/21/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Dunn was doing 130 miles-per-hour in his Porsche at the time of the horrible crash that killed the "Jackass" star and his passenger -- this according to West Goshen police.


Police Chief Michael Carroll told reporters an accident reconstruction team determined the speed of the crash after inspecting the accident scene. Officials say Dunn's car collided with a guardrail at high speed, crashed in the woods and burst into flames.

According to Carroll, the crash was catastrophic -- claiming he's "never seen a car destroyed in an automobile accident the way this car was ... even before it caught on fire."

Carroll called the accident the "worst" he's ever seen ... by far.


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what a JACKASS!!!!

1182 days ago


shame he killed someone else - otherwise, it was his choice, he knew the risks and he paid the price.

IMO driving 130mph while sober on a road like that is less likley to cause someone innocent to die than driving past a school at lunchtime at 35mph...

1182 days ago


branjs, the bigger picture that i see is that everyone cares so much for the loss of Dunn, but rarely do I see anyone caring about his passenger. Just because he wasn't on TV or movies doesn't make his life of any less value.

1182 days ago

Sherry Towell    

What an *******. And we are supposed to feel sorry for the creep? His passenger's family better sue. Course both of them were drunken fools. Steve O, aren't you glad you got clean when you did? You could have been the idiot in the car with him.

1182 days ago


What a ... jackass.

PS: Someone probably wrote that already, but I didn't see it on the first page, so why not reiterate it. Anyway, I'm glad they're both completely dead and not stuck in some Terri Shiavo hell. The passenger was probably partially responsible for his fate, at least if he climbed into a car with a driver who was obviously inebriated. At least they didn't take the occupants of another car down with them.

1182 days ago


On another night he could have easily hit and killed another driver on the road as well. What we don't know for sure is if he was intoxicated so we shouldn't jump to conclusions, he was drinking with friends a few hours prior but maybe he just had a few beers -- a 200lb man can drink 4 beers in an hour and still be under the limit.

1182 days ago

CIA Case_Officer    

Here is the lesson kiddies. This clown was a JACKASS. He wanted to push the envelope, do daring stupid stuff so people would know who he was - and he got our attention (if not our unreserved approval to be a jackass) and this gave his a license to thrill. I had a friend, a pilot, turn off the key and send the plane into a stall and uncontrolled freefall - just to get my reaction, almost killed both of us. If you surround yourself with maniacs that have psychopathic or sociopathic issues - sooner or later - it'll be you in that car with them going 130 MPH - then BOOM - I told you so...

1182 days ago


Ive noticed how frickin hatefull most of you are . You think your better then everybody . Its something ive noticed from people that work for corporate america. Your stuck doing the same crap everyday. day in and day out . Its a horrible way to live . Same time everyday. I use to be like that. Then i became my own boss with a 6 figure salery and now i see how horrible you corporate zombies are. None of you could afford a car like he was driving. and most of you are to stupid to have your own business. You can never have real fun with just 3 or 4 weeks vacation in a year. You are owned and have no idea what freedom is like. piece.

1182 days ago


This guy was a ******* idiot before the accident and a bigger idiot now that he crashed. I think Bam Margera, the dumb **** he is, needs to shut the **** up and recognize his friend is a dumb **** for driving that fast. Think about who else he might have killed if another car was involved. I hope the passengers family sues his estate for everything and wins. These people need to be taken off the TV. They are just so ******* stupid.

1182 days ago



1182 days ago


I'm just happy this jackass didn't run into another motorist.

1182 days ago


Oh wait, he DID kill someone else.
YEAH what a winner he is.. was.

He wanted to be a jackass - he succeeded.
But he also died a LOSER taking someone else's life in the process.

Am I a hater? YES, a hater of stupidity and retardation - definately!

1182 days ago


He died " A JACKASS"
No doubt about it.

I'm just hoping he didnt hurt anyone else in the process.

1182 days ago



1182 days ago

Roger Thornhill    

Roger Ebert was absolutely correct.
This man was more of a jackass in real life than on screen.
I have no sympathy for a man driving 130 MPH - drunk or not - WITH a passenger who died as a result. He could have killed more people and he's not to be admired for being so damned cool. He should be forgotten asap. There's no place here for "correctness". Minor "celebrities" like this fool should not be constantly defended and celebrated for their selfish stupidity. We should ABSOLUTELY call him out for what he is. Yes, sorry he's dead, but it wasn't a simple accident and it wasn't all about HIM. A second person is dead and if anyone else was in the way, at 130 MPH , they'd be dead, too. Good riddance, jackass. You will not be missed.

1182 days ago
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