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Ryan Dunn

Crashed at 130 MPH

6/21/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Dunn was doing 130 miles-per-hour in his Porsche at the time of the horrible crash that killed the "Jackass" star and his passenger -- this according to West Goshen police.


Police Chief Michael Carroll told reporters an accident reconstruction team determined the speed of the crash after inspecting the accident scene. Officials say Dunn's car collided with a guardrail at high speed, crashed in the woods and burst into flames.

According to Carroll, the crash was catastrophic -- claiming he's "never seen a car destroyed in an automobile accident the way this car was ... even before it caught on fire."

Carroll called the accident the "worst" he's ever seen ... by far.


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You people are truly vicious. Sure his actions were wrong and he paid for them, but the man is dead the only people you all are hurting is his family, friends and fans and they have a right to love and mourn this man! You cannot tell me if this was your father, uncle, son , brother, etc. you wouldn't be hurt by what all these people are saying. I truly feel for BOTH of their families and friends! I also pray his mother doesn't turn to the Internet and read these posts people put! I think all of you people should realize this is mainly about the families now!

1182 days ago


Poor Poor Ryan Dunn!!! I feel so bad for him! I mean Cakess is right no one deserves to die! Poor Bin Laden!!! Me and Cakess are gonna go make a RIP facebook page for him too! I hate these haters!!! They're all "people should be responsible for their speed." Ugh!!! I mean sometimes 130mph just sneaks up on you. I can barely tell the difference between 15 and 130 or even count that high! Its too bad his passenger wasn't as famous as the guy who is responsible for his death. At least then people might care about him as much as Ryan Dunn. Oh Wells!!! RIP Ryan Dunn!!! But not to his victim lol! cuz i don't know who your are derp herpa derp!

1182 days ago


Are majority of the people commenting on here really that ignorant or just plain stupid? Yes, he was speeding, yes he was drunk. Are you telling me that if your best friend, your sibling, someone you love, died in this way, you would mock them and have no sympothy for them being gone? Yes the guy made a mistake but come on people. Have you no soul? If this was someone you cared for, it wouldn't make a damn bit of difference that he was drunk or speeding. You'd be upset over the death of someone you cared for. You'd know they made a mistake, maybe even be angry with them for making a bad decision, but you would still mourn the loss. That is of course unless you have no heart...which it seems a lot of these people commenting, do not.

1182 days ago


Some of you people honestly have no soul. Drinking and driving is not something I stand by all means but I think all of you have forgot that this 'accident' is trajic. People make poor decisions in there life and there is always a consequence for those actions. Ryan's passenger was a grown ass adult he knew damn right what he was doing when he got into the car knowing that they had been drinking. They were both at fault. Try having some simpathy and realize that this could of happened to your brother or your best friend. And I think the last thing you would want to listen to or hear is people talking S**T about your best friend that just passed away.

1182 days ago


People die everyday as well as accidents happen everyday...Now mind you none of you who wanna diss on a dead man know what the **** really happend your going off of assumpsions mad by news critics nobody really knows...Im sure you have all sped in your car before or had 2 beers then drove so you evil people who can talk **** about a dead man you will burn in dont even have sympathy thats his friends and family are reading your evil comments....keep to yourself if you can speak so recklessly about the dead. Let him rest i dont think he knew that was going to happen he didnt intend to kill his friend im sure he was a loving caring person but most of all he was a humanbeing so give it a rest i really hope he comes and ***** with all you ****talkers......RIP ryan dunn God forgives you....<3Nicole

1182 days ago


Good riddens, the world is a safer place without that waste of skin in it.

Burn in hell.

1182 days ago

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Nevere knew the guy beofre this happened.
I now know several thins: His claim to fam e is voluntarily shioving a toy car up his rectum.
He had aprior DUI charge 5 yrs earlier and now he got drunk and drove 130mph+ , killing himself and a passenger.
Oh, and he was "great guy"

1182 days ago


I saw that road on Google Earth. How he got to 130mph is beyond me. It would have scary at 60mph.

1182 days ago


@ Nikki--I agree with you. God forgive.His family could be reading all of this and this would be hard enough on them to hear the negative comments. I was never a fan of the show however, he was a human being and his memory doesnt deserve such negativity. Havent people heard the saying" if you dont have something nice to say, then dont say anything at all"? Think about it if it was your best friend who did something stupid and then you had to sit there and read all the negative comments about your best friend. You may not have liked the guy but it doesnt mean you have to be disrespectful.
Sorry, just my opinion.

1182 days ago



1182 days ago


WOW!!!! That's checking out in a hurry....VVVVAAARRROOOOOOOMMMM.......DUNNN

1182 days ago


pray for the family and everyone pray you dont make the same mistakes we all do at sometime in life,also remember he tryed to make people happy in a world gone made with coruption and greed like our govenment.

1182 days ago


not for nothing i liked ryan dunn but he shouldnt of been drinking and driving see he was 3 times over the legal limit . you drink you drive you do 130MPH you crash you die its as simple as that . hopefully ppl will let this be a lesson learned

1182 days ago


accidents happen, people make mistakes, non of you ******* losers are perfect either. Have some god damn sympathy, that was someones son, best friend, etc... good lord you people are ****** up

1182 days ago



I aint shedding any tears here and feel no remorse what-so-ever for Dunn or any other stupid ignorant fool that drives after partying and drinking.. To be going that damn fast and seeing the vague remains of a vehicle in the pictures posted afterward., well.., he got what he deserved.. Sad that another had to be in the doomed vehicle but he/she should have known better.. What a fool and jackass.! The tv show should give him a posthumous award for the most stupid and foolish act committed and another to Bam for being a whining biatch..

I certainly hope that his last action on this earth haunts him for eternity and the Dear Lord (if the dude makes it upstairs) reminds and replays it in the dudes eyes daily..

Ya drink., Ya drive., You're Dunn.!!!!!!!!!

~peace out~

1182 days ago
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