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Ryan Dunn

Crashed at 130 MPH

6/21/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Dunn was doing 130 miles-per-hour in his Porsche at the time of the horrible crash that killed the "Jackass" star and his passenger -- this according to West Goshen police.


Police Chief Michael Carroll told reporters an accident reconstruction team determined the speed of the crash after inspecting the accident scene. Officials say Dunn's car collided with a guardrail at high speed, crashed in the woods and burst into flames.

According to Carroll, the crash was catastrophic -- claiming he's "never seen a car destroyed in an automobile accident the way this car was ... even before it caught on fire."

Carroll called the accident the "worst" he's ever seen ... by far.


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I saw the video of the crash scene on TMZ. The skid marks tell alot. They were straight and then veered off to the right. Usually that means that something was in front of the car and the driver tried to avoid it however when you're going 130 Miles no one can steer or stop a car on a dime. There is more here and we will never know because the two that do have passed on. But I really don't think that the postings about him being drunk are necessary. No one knows what happened. But being in a wooded area any type of wildlife can just appear. That's what I think happened here. He avoided hitting whatever was in front of his porche only to have give his life and that of his passenger, a friend. This is truly a tragic event and since none of us were there at that moment, no one should judge. Just my opinion.

1228 days ago


Son of a bitch. I hope the passenger's family takes everything that bastard owns.

1228 days ago


Sad thing is.... THIS JACKA$$ obviously has driven this way WITHOUT the alcohol..... he just happened to be at a bar prior... a convenient excuse for the media and friends and family, more like a pathetic way to kill his passenger and kill himself.... clap... clap... clap... WAY TO GO F%$K-O!!

1228 days ago


You don't drive 130 mph unless you're drunk or on a racetrack. I'm with those who say thank goodness this idiot did not kill more innocent people on the road.

1228 days ago


Sparkie, there would be absolutely ZERO time to react at that speed, what a crock.

1228 days ago


James Dean wasn't drunk and wasn't driving 130MPH. He was said to be driving around 55MPH when a car coming in the opposite direction veered into his lane and hit him head on.
The wrecks aren't similar AT ALL.

1228 days ago


chris, take the twinky out of your as and listen. correct no one deserves to die but if you take common sense out of the equation we are all ******. by the way ryan dumb could not hold a candle to James Dean...

hope you don't have a heart attack in traffic in the am.

1228 days ago


1228 days ago


That is completely reckless behavior. Anyone who is still defending this piece of ******* is truly delusional. Ryan Dunn really was a jackass.

1228 days ago

Glad to be White    

Reckless Rich degenerate ******* murders passenger. Amazing he didn't wipe out a family, or several other cars, could be your family, mothers, fathers, sisters or brothers strew about that freeway from his drunk actions. I feel no pity, one less dumb witted Jack-Ass to be free and safe from. The less fit will not survive. He is dead, and suffered a gruesome fate due to his choice. Drunk and driving is not a stunt, he's just simply dead.

1228 days ago


Well, he went out in style.. you gotta give him that.


1228 days ago


they called it

1228 days ago

Northern Lights    

A few days ago in Chicago 4 teenagers stole a car, and wrecked it going about 90mph. Hit a curb, then a tree, then split in half. Three kids thrown on the ground, one was buckled in. All three thrown died instantly. And this was in a neighborhood. So, excessive speeding no matter where/when/what time...... is a BAD DECISION all around!!! Dunn probably thought he was enough of a sportscar racer to drift onto the on-ramp or he could slow down in time..... nope, he bit it. A raccoon could have stepped onto the road- at 130mph- and if he tried to miss it.... who knows?? When you wreck at 80 is a LOT different (technically) than wrecking at 130mph, for every 10 mph over 50mph you do, the force of impact increases. I read the toxicology would be back in 4-6 weeks and radar is saying they will be back wed or thurs. Hopefully it will be back sooner than later so that EVERYONE can have closure (besides family). And, for those who are still questioning that this is a hoax or not, Ryan Dunn was the CONFIRMED driver and was identified by his tattoos and hair (wikipedia). But damn, driving like that was really stupid. Really stupid. Whats worse is that they were great friends and Dunn's GF was even a bridesmaid at Zak's wedding this past Oct. Sad all around.

1228 days ago


@ Chris deer or no deer Ryan was still stupid and reckless to be going 130 mph (after drinking, and no I don't care if it was one beer, three or a 12 pack, he was drinking) period.. if he had been going a normal speed and a deer jumped out he might have missed it, been able to maneuver or even survive the crash. Instead he was playing race car driver, glad to see he didn't also kill a deer or any other animal that might be crossing a dark road in rural PA.

1228 days ago


angel...I bet you would bitching loud and strong if it was your loved one that he killed. Just because you don't give a chit about anyone but yourself, shut up, duh.

1228 days ago
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