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Ryan Dunn's Passenger Indentified as Drinking Pal

6/21/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officials have identified the passenger who was killed in "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn's fatal crash as 30-year-old Zachary Hartwell ... a friend who had been hanging with Dunn at a Philly-area bar earlier in the night.

Zachary Hartwell

Cops say both Dunn and Hartwell (pictured above right) both died as a result of injuries sustained in the crash around 2:38 AM Monday morning.

Sources who were at the bar with the two men tell us Dunn had intended to drop Hartwell off at his home ... and then Dunn planned to hang out with another friend after that.

Hartwell is credited as a production assistant on the "Jackass 2" movie and recently had a small role in the Bam Margera-directed 2009 movie "Minghags."


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Yo people here talking **** about ryan and his drinking but then again you guys loved watching jackass and laughed right ******* hipocrits

1219 days ago


Why did Ebert even have to open his mouth.. If you watched jack@ss you would know that all these guys are genuine and funny as h3ll. R.I.P. Dunn, and thanks for all the laughs! :(

1219 days ago


Bunch of Jackasses!!! Add Bam Margera to the mix, he's a Jackass too. Isn't that their thing, "Hi I'm 'so and so'welcome to Jackass! They got nothing better to spend their money on but Alcohol, and Drugs(Steve-O)...Ebert was right on what he said, a Jackass doesnt let another jackass drive! Imagine if Ryan Dunn had ran over a kid or crashed into a family driving, what then? Would he still be getting the same warm sympathy he is now? Screw alcoholics!

1219 days ago

Black Becky    

Amandak, fyi alcohol kills your brain cells which are important in the decision making process.

i am so happy to see so many people against drunk driving; i hope that you all practice what you preach.

1219 days ago

Lady Sabbath    

Shouldn't headline read, "...identified?" as opposed to, "...indentified?"

1219 days ago

Lady Sabbath    

FYI, ACEKINGQUEEN, Steve-O has been clean and sober since 2008...I agree with no drinking and driving, but two lives have been lost. Please have some sympathy for their friends and family members....

1219 days ago


Hopefully, others will look at this and learn something about the dangers of drinking and driving.

1219 days ago


NEVER is it okay to drink and drive no matter how little or how much someone has had to drink. I have lost 3 great friends in one night to driving drunk, the truth of the matter is, is that two people lost their lives in their primes they were sons, brothers, best friends and companions and my love and prayers go out to their families and friends I know the great lose that they are experiencing right now and how hard it is going to be to deal with losing the people they love. Much love to all who were affected by this tragic loss and God Bless you all

1219 days ago


Good riddens jackass, thanks for not taking any innocents with you.

1219 days ago


Everyone is saying oh he was drunk and how bad it is to drink and drive, but like others have said before me, he only had 3 beers and 3 shots over a span of hours, so I highly doubt he was over the limit.

1219 days ago


He was wasted..........stop making excuses for him. He caused another person's death and could have killed others.Maybe a public service announcement__(Don't drink and Drive)----by his caring friends would be more suited to his memory.

1219 days ago


Alcohol and driving don't mix. If you guys knew his lifestyle, you knew this may/may not have been ongoing. No one says anything til the aftermath is done and a life is lost (in this case, two). Prior to this, no one ever posted on his wall showing concern, only after everyone's quick to point the finger and blame. I loved watching ryan dunn in the ckyfilms, movies, and jackass and I will be able to see him on dvd only now.

Lets remember the good times and laughter the brought, not the unfortunate events of the weekend.

1219 days ago


ok realy i dont want to beleave that hes realy gone this cant happen of fall the stpuid stunts he dose and he dies in a car crash come on

1219 days ago


Everybody saying, "he should have not been drinking and driving" is hypocritical because I'm sure you'll have done the same. Gratefully you are still living.

1219 days ago


The event is tragic. In today's society its old news. People carry their own responsibilities onto themselves and these two did just that. If the incident had been different and these two people who had been drinking crashed and killed innocent people, how would the matter been differently? His fame and celebrity status gives him no right to haled above anyone different nor should he be excused because of his celebrity status.

1219 days ago
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