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TMZ Live: Mark Cuban & Dodgers -- A Vision in Blue?

6/21/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Cuban and Shawn Marion told Harvey and Charles how good it felt to stick it to the naysayers when Dallas won the NBA Championship. And Mark talked about what it would take for him to write a check to buy the L.A. Dodgers.

And guess what ... just about everyone watching TMZ Live today is turning on Roger Ebert.


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(0:00) Topics today: Bam vs. Roger, Lindsay's house arrest commercial shoot, and a 51-year-old actor marries a 16-year-old!
(5:00) Roger Ebert tweets about drinking and driving just hours after Ryan Dunn's death ... and Bam Margera is BEYOND pissed. Who's right?
(9:00) Interesting -- 60% of TMZ viewers thought Ebert's tweet was "too soon."
(17:30) Lindsay Lohan makes $25,000 shooting a commercial while under HOUSE ARREST ... is this celebrity justice gone awry?
(23:20) Yes, we're BITTER about Lindsay's super fun stint under house arrest.
(31:55) 51-year-old "Lost" actor Doug Hutchison just got married ... sounds awesome ... until you realize it's to a 16-year-old aspiring singer. Mazel tov?
(38:00) Mark Cuban and Shawn Marion are in the house!!!
(38:30) Where is Mark going to keep the Dallas Mavericks' championship trophy? In his kitchen, or course!
(42:00) Why the Mavs partied at the Fontainebleau in Miami ... hilarious.
(47:00) HUGE NEWS -- Mark is interested in buying the L.A. Dodgers ... IF the business side of things "looks good." Too bad it doesn't look good. 


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Tracy Kirby    

Re: the drinking & Driving... Why don't they just start making cars with some kind of ignition that requires you to breathe into/on it before it will start. that would prevent people from being able to drive drunk even if they wanted to...???

1220 days ago


No way is she 16, no way.......

1220 days ago


Does he get arrested, if they divorce?

1220 days ago


Equal justice for all.If you have the money.At least now she can bid on a necklace.

1220 days ago


Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones was 53 when he married Mandy Smith, she was 18, in 1989. They had been dating since she was 14.

1220 days ago


Roger Ebert should not have posted anything but condolences to the family and friends of Ryan Dunn on the day he died. Who is he to judge? My thought is he should have remembered the compassion that has been shown him and paid it forward.

1220 days ago


you two look so tiny now... why dont you pull up the seats a bit higher ???

1220 days ago



Neither of you are old. You clearly think like parents! The parents of the 16 year old girl clearly have failed as parents!

1220 days ago

Christie Jamieson    

ASK MARK CUBAN- About Charlie Sheen, I hear he was going to make a show with him?

1220 days ago


Go Roger Ebert!!!! I feel sorry for the innocent tree, it didnt deserve that. He had been drinking was impaired and didnt care about anyone elses life on the road. Im glad he is dead, the highways are safer for everyone else now. im a victim of a drunk driver and live in pain everyday due to a selfish idiot just like him.

1220 days ago


Hey Harvey,

What do you think of Steve-O's revelation that he took large amounts of drugs with Lindsey, and has video of her high, and made her sign off on it?

1220 days ago


i think every1 should show sum effin respect & if thy dont have s*** good r nice 2 say thn dont say s*** at all!!! Rodger Ebert is a DOUCHEBAG & needs 2 keep his mouth shut if he cant pay the proper respect 4 tha fam of Ryan if all he has is negative remarks thn he shouldnt say anythng at all & keep his trap shut he's a DUMBASS!!! & for every1 else talkin dwn on Bam r Ryan ur juss a bunch of haters GET A LIFE!!!! I LOVE BAM R.I.P Ryan Dunn <3 <3 <3 My Condolences go out 2 Dunn's fam & all tha Jackass fam xoxo..........

1220 days ago

Niki Paris    

Where is Shawn's championship ring!! ASK THAT HARVEY !!

1220 days ago


I don't think reality television affects people as much as society would like to blame it. We are individuals with our own minds and to basically say every person in America can't look past the gimmick that is television itself and lead healthy lives wouldn't be a fair statement I think. People should put more blame on the person that made the decision instead of outside sources.

1220 days ago


If drinking did play a part in Ryans horrible accident then hopefully he didn't die in vain. Hopefully someone will learn a lesson from it and not drink and drive. Always have a designated driver if you want to go drinking, or call a cab. It's not worth dying over!

1220 days ago
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