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Ryan Dunn

Bam Margera's Morbid Death Prediction

6/23/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Five years before Ryan Dunn was killed in a violent car crash, Bam Margera predicted the "Jackass" star's death in eerily specific detail -- claiming, "He's gonna eat it one of these times [in a car accident]."


Bam -- along with several cast members from his MTV show "Viva La Bam" -- made the grim prediction while recording the DVD commentary for Season 5 back in 2006.

According to the commentary, Dunn was involved in SEVERAL car accidents over the years -- but Bam's mom claimed, "He'll never learn his lesson."

Another "Bam" cast member added, "I have [Ryan] in the death pool ... for death by vehicle."

In this specific episode, Ryan races Bam's Lamborghini in a limousine -- and after Ryan loses, Bam claims, "[the limo] blew up just like every other f**king car he has."


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Why must everyone bash on any bad thing a person has done? There are millions upon millions of bad drivers, just in America. There are millions upon millions of drunk drivers in America, sharing our roadways everyday. Who can honestly say they have not done a bad thing in their lives? Not a single person. He did a bad thing, rolled the dice, and he lost. How many times have you rolled the dice and won? Just because he made a mistake doesn't take away from the quality of man he was. Quit hating. Celebrate the good he made and move the **** on. He was someones son, someones friend, and loved by many. I'm sure the good (let alone the smiles) he provided the world greatly out weigh the bad he did. Can you say the same about yourselves? I'd love to see you try.

1183 days ago


Why are any of these people famous anyways? Is it because they did incredibly stupid stunts, and now that one of them predidictbly died the same way, they are all full of remorse?Live that lifestyle, don't be surprised if you die that way.P.S., I haven't heard of any of them, or their stupid shows.

1183 days ago


Lived a Jackass--Died a Jackass!

1183 days ago


For all you people that are bashing Ryan Dunn for his mistake and on some posting you hypocrites have the nerve to insult Ryan Dunn and actually talk about how he got what he deserved. Wow, what a bunch of hypocrites, criticize the action but glad the same happened to another. For the record those that are defending Ebert, you can't read English - but I'm going to help you illiterates.
This will be English tweet 101 - for the Jackasses who can't read
The tweet was "Friends don't let Jackasses drink and drive"
OK let's break this down, come on you can do it . . .

"Friends" that would be the passenger "don't let" that would be the passenger "letting" "jackasses drink and drive" that would be Ryan Dunn. His tweet blames the passenger and mocks Ryan Dunn by using jackass in the statement. Now what?

I want to know how many of you, who criticize the dead are going to enroll in organizations to stop drinking driving. I'm not, but I am not down with blaming Ryan Dunn other than he made a stupid mistake. I do not gain anything from insulting the dead other than to hurt their families. Ebert could clearly have tweeted "once again, due to the stupidity of drinking and driving we have lost two young man. His pun was intended, too soon and quite frankly only a jackass would blame the passenger and tweet such a thing. Please save your stupid comments of what you "ASSumed" unless you spoke with Ebert personally, we can only base or interpretation on his words.

In terms of his driving record, be mad at the idiots in office who continue to legalize alcohol which kills when trying to withdraw from the addiction, and cigarettes which clearly kills the person and has been PROVEN to kill innocent 2nd hand smokers. But the revenue generated it by politician on the taxes they charge and the donations they receive from big cigarette and alcohol companies is worth much more than the lives it takes to these politicians. Stand up, Stand up to them, not on your typewriter. The withdrawal of alcohol can literally kill a person. Alcohol and cigarettes are no different than illegal drugs and are only allowed because of the $$$$$, yet we don't do anything about it. Why is that? Cause you like your little beer, with your smoke as my child has to walk by you and inhale it, murderer. Wow, I'm sorry the Jackass crew never just taped ignorant people in the US, because then we would have seen the real jackasses and all PUN IS Intended.

1183 days ago


So, can idiots now stop talking about what Roger Ebert wrote on Facebook? The man was 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000% correct.

Ryan was the real jackass. He drank. He killed himself; and worse yet, he killed another person.

Nothing wrong with speaking the truth. The truth isn't always pretty, as photos of the wreck show. The only "insensitive" person was Ryan the drunk jackass.

1183 days ago

Be a little inappropriate~    

Well this was clearly a necessary post...

1183 days ago


This is a pointless post. Who could not predict that one of these jackass guys would die in a car crash or some other stupid way! They all think they are above mortality.

1183 days ago


DieselsJezebel forgot her meds this morning. I wanted to reply succinctly but there are too many flaws...

1183 days ago


Its not a voice over. On some episodes of Viva la Bam, they did commentary during the video. It was one of the features on the dvd.

1183 days ago


Im making a prediction that Bam dies of stupidity.

1183 days ago


No Mel the problem is you know it's true . . . his statement as it was tweeted blames the passenger. Ryan Dunn made a horrible mistake, in the eyes of the law he would have been charged, had he lived with manslaughter not murder. In terms of the meds, no, i took them, and am enjoying them! What I can't swallow is your ignorance. What, did I make too many points you can't prove me wrong???? Come with it, I can dish as well as take. If you have a valid point which can be proven. I would truly give you your props, but talking about meds, really is that all you had to say?" You don't have the intelligence to dispute my posting?

JFFJ - for those that don't understand it stands for . . .
Jackass Forever Forever Jackass

1183 days ago


Has anybody else noticed how this has quickly become all about Bam?

1183 days ago


Wow, what an amazing prediction!!!
Haha...sure seems like a 'duhhh" to me that Dunn would die the way he did; drunk, careless and no respect for others.
Why in the heck did he even HAVE a driver's license? Pathetic.

1183 days ago


all imma say is RIP RYAN DUNN & ZACH

1183 days ago


WAY TO GO, TMZ. And Forbid, when Bam sees this, he does something rash in his already distressed state. Nice job, idiots!

1183 days ago
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