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Ryan Dunn

Bam Margera's Morbid Death Prediction

6/23/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Five years before Ryan Dunn was killed in a violent car crash, Bam Margera predicted the "Jackass" star's death in eerily specific detail -- claiming, "He's gonna eat it one of these times [in a car accident]."


Bam -- along with several cast members from his MTV show "Viva La Bam" -- made the grim prediction while recording the DVD commentary for Season 5 back in 2006.

According to the commentary, Dunn was involved in SEVERAL car accidents over the years -- but Bam's mom claimed, "He'll never learn his lesson."

Another "Bam" cast member added, "I have [Ryan] in the death pool ... for death by vehicle."

In this specific episode, Ryan races Bam's Lamborghini in a limousine -- and after Ryan loses, Bam claims, "[the limo] blew up just like every other f**king car he has."


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This wasn't an "eerie" prediction, it was a logical one, alas. And all of these comments of Dunn's drinking and photos of his drinking could all be used in a potential lawsuit by the deceased passenger's family. I do hope these folks realize that they are laying down the very basis for a lawsuit, showing that he was a long-term drunk/unsafe driver.

1216 days ago


Tim Glomb was the one that said he had him in the death pool for a car crash not Bam. To those wondering why the vid and audio doesn't sync this is the commentary on the dvd release of viva la bam and this is a legit track. Everyone thats saying they dont care or they're glad hes gone, screw you, dont care? then stfu and keep youre stupidity to yourself...

1216 days ago


I must be doing something right, I love the responses. However, unlike others I agree with Mel and RabbleRouser who have criticized me, but they are right, because in reading my post I do see incorrect English. However, the drug alcohol is no different than any other illegal drug and I wonder why is it still legal? Your response of blaming the politicians it incorrect, we elect these individuals in hopes that they represent their constituents views. Why is alcohol not illegal? Look up some information on the addiction to cigarettes and alcohol? They government has made cigarette companies put labels on their merchandise (cigarettes boxes) stating the dangers of the cigarette. So, they do know the danger, why don't they stop it? ?????

Please assist me in understanding why 2 addictive drugs are legal? Please assist me in understanding why:
The government knows the dangers and chooses to continue keeping these drugs legal?

Rambler in response to the "friends" you have made a good point I made a mistake, Ebert is blaming all the friends for the accident.

1216 days ago


We all die, How will you die.

1216 days ago


DieselsJezebel, I don't think you are correct with saying that Ebert said that about Dunn's passenger. His passenger was possibly intoxicated as well, do you really think he had the state of mind, to actually tell Ryan to drive or not? That's just absurd. I doubt Ebert was even critisizing any of Ryan Dunns friends, I think more of what Roger Ebert was doing was making a generality about people shouldn't let drunk drivers drive, especially their friends.

1216 days ago


Sad for his family, but otherwise he got what he deserved (too bad he had to take his passenger with him). He should have been locked up a long time ago given the number of offenses he had, but no, the law let him go so he could endanger more people and eventually the problem solved itself. Hey Bam, moron, I get that you are upset, but think about it, that could have been you in the passenger seat and you'd be dead (no great loss, except to your family who sees you as their meal ticket), so count your blessings and learn from idiot Ryan's mistakes, though you're so thick headed you probably won't learn anything and we'll be reading about you next (though not soon enough for most people). This is what eventually happens when you put garbage like these guys on TV and people follow them and their escapades. Remember, it's only funny until someone gets hurt or killed, and then it's hysterical.

1216 days ago


Err correction, when i say he wasn't even critisizing any of Dunns friends, I mean that obviously he was critisizing them, but that it was more sent out as a general type of comment. Yeah it was probably meant as a comment to maybe people at the bar, or a more sober friend who was with him. But as a said, more o*****eneral type of comment.

1216 days ago


Living on the edge can be dangerous

1216 days ago


Unfortunately, he finally learned his lesson.

1216 days ago


Sounds like Bam was an enabler or just didn't care until it was too late, he should have told Dunn to get into rehab years ago! Once a Jackass, always a jackass.

1216 days ago


Dean Womer was right: "Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

1216 days ago


Well too bad for Ebert, but the surveillance video from the bar, and all of the witness say that Dunn "didn't appear intoxicated". His passenger, who'd been drinking as well, seemed "slightly intoxicated". No one stopped him from driving because no one thought that he was drunk. BOTH Ryan and his passenger made a bad choice to get into the car after drinking that night. Not just Ryan. The passenger had free will to NOT get in the car as well.

You people need to read other news sources besides just TMZ. They have SURVEILLANCE TAPES from the bar and even the police who viewed them said that Ryan didn't "look drunk".

Ebert tried to use someone death to twitter his very own PSA, but hours after his death? Really? He could have gotten his point across and NOT sounded like a heartless jerk.

I really hope that none of you who are saying such hateful things, ever have to go through losing a loved one. No matter how they pass. I certainly hope that if you do lose a loved one, you don't have to encounter the type of things being said to you that you are saying about someone else.

1216 days ago


I agree with JB. and this dude was famous for doing stupid and reckless crap so this isnt surprising at all. And, his friends shouldn't feel guilty they were just calling it like it is and he should've listened. Plust if other jackasses say you drive crazy then u must REALLY drive crazy

1216 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Bam, You F'in hypocrit. If you cared so much ( notwithstanding your freekin lies that he was sober that night) and Ryann's driving record sucked so bad, why didn't the police revoke his license and why didn't his so called friends ( like Bam you a-hole)stand up and try to get him a reality check. This jerk killed someone else. He is just another no talent loser, drunk who was so freekin stupid that he not only killed himself, he killed another innocent person. This carnage needs to stop and morons like this deserve whatever they get.

Bam and the rest of the JACKASS crwod needs to crawl back under thaty pathetic rock of stupidity that they came out from.

1216 days ago


DieselsJezebel 3 hours ago

No Mel the problem is you know it's true . . . his statement as it was tweeted blames the passenger. Ryan Dunn made a horrible mistake, in the eyes of the law he would have been charged, had he lived with manslaughter not murder. In terms of the meds, no, i took them, and am enjoying them! What I can't swallow is your ignorance. What, did I make too many points you can't prove me wrong???? Come with it, I can dish as well as take. If you have a valid point which can be proven. I would truly give you your props, but talking about meds, really is that all you had to say?" You don't have the intelligence to dispute my posting?
No, the tweet doesn't blame anyone. It was a play on the older MADD slogan "Friends don't let friends drink and drive."

Neither smoking nor 2nd hand smoke has been "PROVEN" to kill anyone.

Alcohol withdrawal does not kill people. May be brutal to get through, but it, in and of itself, does not kill people.

Cigarettes are different than (most) illegal drugs in so much as most of the illegal or prescription drugs cause impairment. Cigarettes don't.

Ignorance least on my end.

1216 days ago
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