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Winklevoss Twins

Fold in Facebook Lawsuit

6/22/2011 5:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Winklevoss twins are waiving the white flag in their epic legal war with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.


The Winklevi have been fighting Zuckerberg for 7 years, claiming he jacked their idea for a social network.

The Twins claim Zuckerberg actually screwed them twice -- the second time by hiding documents that could have scored them more than the $65 mil they settled for back in 2008.

The W.T.'s were trying to get a judge to invalidate the settlement so they could renew their fight for more money, but after a series of legal setbacks, they have now officially dropped the case.

According to the final court filing today, the Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss agreed to accept  the settlement of $65 million in stock.

Now here's the good news for The Twins.  The stock has now swelled in value to $100 million.

Invest wisely boys, and stay away from the really smart kids at Harvard.


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Tha fact that a settlement of muti millions of dollars was offered give real merit to the statements of invention thusly it should be a muti-billion dollar settlement And some credit to facto as invention.They are the REAL brains behind the schools of fish following them from shadow dark programs at moma popa has money school`ss.I would sell off face faster than a speedo and I bet they would have also and if the kid copy cat can stay in thier money for life without them I don`t think so as he is a one act pony and won`t be able to invent unless he steals or hires some real brains

1227 days ago

Chuckie Cheese    

TMZ is staffed by idiots. It is WINKLEVII, morons. Jesus. Did any of your staff graduate college?

1227 days ago

Mr. Nebo    

a couple of real spoiled, greedy crybabies ! they need to be sued for being DUMB.

1227 days ago


I'd do them BOTH!

1227 days ago


Ha ha

1227 days ago

The Truth    

Their stock will double again after the IPO, That is when they need to sell. After the IPO the stock will drop like a rock, just as soon as all the insiders unload their shares on the retail investor dupes. History doesn't repeat, but it sure does rhyme.

1227 days ago


Does their name make you want to puke? I think back to the movie white chicks with the Wayans. These two douchbags probably act like all the other stuck up, eliteist, rich douches portrayed in that movie. They so desperately need to be adored out on martha's vinyard, rubbing elbows and other genitalia I'm sure, with the likes of the Kennedys and other d-bag-ers.

Hi I'm Winklevosssssss, yup, definitely makes me want to puke.

1227 days ago


Again, not that Zuckerberg was ever a saint (actually he was a thief in many ways) but the Winkle boys never had the concept of something like Facebook the way it became so they should be happy with what they got. No use being greedy. If Zuckerberg really screwed them the way the film says, Zuckerberg will get his one day. Karma is a bitch.

1227 days ago


good now SELL!!! before the next big thing comes along and nobody remembers what facebook is and can't believe how much time they wasted there.

1227 days ago


Lux: Agreed! He isn't getting any of my sh*t either. I hate Sh*tfacebook. Zuckerberg exploited women on it to generate interest - another d-bag move that Winkle wouldn't have done. It's true that Winkle would have never gotten very far with it. They should be ecstatic.

Anyways, I'm going to miss saying Winklevii.

1227 days ago


Chuckie Cheese, LOL!

1227 days ago


100 million is more than enough for an undeveloped idea regardless of how successful it is. Imagine if Zuckerberg didn't exist and they pitched to AOL or someone like that, they would get a few million and be celebrating for years to come. Zuckerberg is the genius behind this thing, they just want his money.

1227 days ago


Unless they invented friendster, Myspace, and several others that came before facebook, they did not invent social networking sites.

They're not really entitled tot he money offered to make them go away, so they should have taken what they could get, but they got greedy.

1227 days ago


Are they Jews... they act like it.

1227 days ago

Chun LI    

LOL @ Bobo Frog

1227 days ago
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