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Chris Brown

I Didn't Mean

to Piss Off the Gays

6/22/2011 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown just lied through his teeth ... tweeting that he has "total respect for [the] Gay community" after dropping another gay slur in L.A. yesterday.


He never apologizes ... but instead writes a half-assed, dismissive explanation saying, "my intention was not to insult anyone."

Listen to the way he hurls the word around -- Chris clearly used the word "gay" as an insult ... no two ways around it.

Still, we still gotta ask ...


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Isn't the first rule of journalism not to write in your opinion and state facts? I say that's gay all the time! It's SLANG! Get over it! Chris Brown drops the N-Bomb too! Don't see no African American leaders freaking out! Okay I know he beat Ri-Ri but if he didn't.. think you'd all be hassling him every time he says the word "Gay?"

1218 days ago


When did all the *********ing... err gays (now I think) get so damn sensitive?!? Shut the **** up, suck your **** (or munch your rug), and stop getting all... "gay" over insults.. Geez, WTH next? "Homo" now a bad word?

1218 days ago


Now being someone that is gay......I am not offended its a damn word!!!! TMZ stop giving power to the words. I need TMZ just to come out and say that you hate him. If leave these celebs alone they will NOT react to you guys. He whooped her ass in 2008 its now 2011......LET IT GO(x3)!!!!!!!! Give coverage on someone who actually was actually disrespecting the the Gay community.....Tracy Morgan!!

1218 days ago


I think he is a gay, retarded,cracker,wetback,*****.Did I leave anybody out.PC B***S***

1218 days ago



1217 days ago


this guy needs to be removed from the public stage.

hey mack don't use the word 'we' when posting. you don't speak for me, homophobe!

1217 days ago

RJ Hunt    

What ever happened to the 1st amendment...and stick and stones. There is a lot more sh/t to worry about in the world. I'm tried of the gay/lesbian community forcing their agenda on the rest of society...I think the gays should focus on the bigger picture and not worry about what some "woman beating ghetto black man" has to say or said...

1217 days ago


Why the poll TMZ? Chris Brown's character isn't questionable, it's non-existent. This woman-beating, hate-spewing low-class jerk should go away already.

1217 days ago

Make it stop    

These gay rights activists are out of their minds. Go get a bee up your butt about something else. When are they gonna realize that the world doesn't revolve around them and people have just as much freedom as speech as they seem to think they have!!! Gees people get a life!!!

1217 days ago


Get over it, Gays! I'm fat & people always make comments about fat people. Do I give a ****? No!

1217 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

TMZ your plan is backfiring. You are slamming him over something virtually all young people say and you are introducing him to an audience that didn't even know he existed before the Rihanna incident. I wonder how many fans you created for him. Stop with the whining. Its definately gay, sissy, cry baby bs.

1217 days ago


So a racial slur is OK? Unless any of the people he was referring to fit the description this is a big so what.

1217 days ago


I'm sorry, but before "homosexuals" took over that word, it used to mean happy. Give me an effin break!

1217 days ago


I really need for people to get off of Chris’s nut sac, like for real!!! When you say y’all N*GG*’S is gay, it’s a phrase that is said and used from the funny TV show The Boondocks. I don’t see why everybody is flipping out about people saying the gay word for everyone does not and should not have to be excepting to the gay lifestyle. As long as you are not hurting anyone that is gay then why is so many people so damn sensitive about what you say??? If you are so worried about what people say or think about you and your lifestyle then go somewhere and hide, I am so tired of this gay SH**, everybody thinks that when you say gay, your homophobic, well NO you’re not!!!!!!!!! Could it be that you are not gay and do not approve or understand that lifestyle???
I was against gays because of my beliefs and how I was raised however the older I got and met wonderful people that are gay, I put my differences aside and got to know them for who they really are. One of my sisters are gay and when I get mad, I would say with your gay A** and she doesn’t get offended at all!!!

My point is we all need to stop acting like being gay or saying the gay word is the new disease and live your own damn life. Oh yeah and leave Chris alone, y’all are so busy worrying about what this dude is doing and saying and you really need to stop!

1217 days ago


I think you should add "who cares" to your poll. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? People say offensive things every day - unfortunately it's life. People need to stop singling out celebrities and focus on more important things in life rather than stuff like this.

1217 days ago
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