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Cops: Ryan Dunn Was VERY DRUNK During Crash

6/22/2011 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Jackass" star Ryan Dunn was extremely intoxicated at the time of his fatal crash Monday morning ... with a blood alcohol level of more than TWICE the legal limit ... this according to cops.


West Goshen Police Chief Michael Carroll told the Daily Local News ... Dunn's B.A.C. was .196 ... nearly two-and-a-half times the legal limit in Pennsylvania, which is .08.

Carroll added, "No other substances were found in his blood other than the alcohol."

As TMZ reported, Dunn and his passenger were killed when Dunn lost control of his Porsche, crashed in a wooded area and his car exploded in flames.

UPDATE: Now cops are saying Dunn was traveling between 132 and 140 MPH at the time of his crash. 



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And yet the people that are actual testing to find out IF he was drunk or not wont find out for another 4 to 6 weeks the cops are just guessing it most likly will be true that he was drunk but drunk or not he will still be missed! and for the other guy that got killed he knew damn well if ryan was drunk or not. sad sad story :(

1033 days ago


murder plain and simple

1033 days ago


Lisa about an hour ago
electriczipper (the first pos ton here) how dare you say "no great loss too bad he took a real hero with him" Ryan had more talent in his pinky finger than you'll have your entire life. You have a picture of Casey Anthony as your profile picture...that explains a lot. Both Ryan and Zachary were incredibly talented and caring men and despite any wrong doing on their part, they did not deserve this death. You need to go buy yourself a soul!

Yes, it takes REAL talent to shove a toy car up your ass.

1033 days ago


Sadly I think we knew drinking played a factor like speed did but the punishment for the crime was too much. RIP Ryan Dunn and my thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Dunn and Hartwell. As for Ebert, if Ebert wanted to be a spokesman against D&D, he should have done it long ago and not capitalize on someone elses tragedy. His comments may be right but cracking the "jackass" joke and taking pride and smugness in his comments and taking pride in perezhilton readers' comments (those readers lack human kindess and any sense of empathy) shows ebert for who he is a mean spirited jackass.

1033 days ago


^5 Roger Ebert!!!

I have ZERO pity for all these losers that think its cool to drive drunk

1033 days ago


what i dont get is how all these "celebs" get cought drinking and driving they have money they know they are going out to get trashed so why dont they higher a Chauffeur?

1033 days ago

Osiris Reborn    

Hahaha.. his fans are still claiming he was talented? Any dumbass can stick a hotwheel up his ass, and kick his friends in the nuts for giggles. Lets just face it, the mans fans are as stupid as he was. I realize it's the same crowd that would watch America's Funniest Videos and and laugh about people running into trees, or getting hit in the balls by a baseball.

But those are the very people we can do without in this world.

1033 days ago

Osiris Reborn    

People should save their sympathy for those who are losing their lives in Afghanistan, or for the cops who risk their lives everyday, or the firemen who are busting their asses in Arizona.

Screw reality tv dorks who act like children.

1033 days ago


Ebert still needs to shut his fat ******* mouth!

1033 days ago


Natural selection. It gets 'em every time.


1033 days ago


How many drinks would it take to get to that level & how long was he there drinking? Why didn't anyone stop him from driving? I wonder about those who were with him drinking feel about there part this now?

1033 days ago

the real diva    

let's face it. if he took a taxi, called a friend who was sober.or took a bus. he would have been alive still. but he chose to drive like a idiot after drinking...he is lucky there was only 2 fatalities not more..he was a jackass who killed himself and a passenger getting behind that wheel driving like a idiot drunk and crashing.

1033 days ago


This whole situation is avoidable if people would just finally grow up and realize if they plan to drink, don't drive to the bar... and especially not in a sport's car. This night was just a recipe for disaster from the get-go, doesn't matter how talented of a driver the person is, or who it is.

If it hadn't happened this time it would have later on down the road, this guy tempted fate and destroyed enough cars, almost killed his own friends enough times before hand to realize he was a bad driver. So well I feel bad that two people lost their lives, I can't help but feel Ryan got exactly what he deserved.

Also I don't drink and haven't since I was 19, so when my friends go to the bar they know they have a designated driver to call if they need a ride home.... one who's more then willing regardless of time or situation just to make sure they don't end up doing exactly this.

1033 days ago


Much respect for Ryan - I'm gonna miss him! But how were they able to get a blood sample/test when the car and him burned (with no disrespect)?

1033 days ago


How can this **** emerge, even though earlier reports by TMZ and eonline state that toxicology reports stated that screenings won't be in for aprx. six weeks! Did you get his corpse to do a screen test? I think it's bull****. Yeah, you can say that he deserved what he got for he was speeding and what not, alas, you do not understand the pain and anguish of losing someone that you love, no matter how ******* stupid they are, through a car crash. I lost my BEST friend, from the ages of 2+ in a car crash two years ago. You can say all the meanest **** in the world, and try make an example out of them, but it's nothing but utter disrespect and pain for the family and friends involved.

The truth is, and I've experimented with this, that no one cares about hearing stories of people they don't know, or of celebrities in the media that drink drive/speed. It's only when it's someone that you are connected to that this **** hits home. All the advertising in the world isn't gonna change the state of things! So all these people, the critics, with their two cents are basically preaching to the deaf! Unless you've been through it, it's falling on deaf ears. All this media about how people are slating Ryan Dunn for drink driving and speeding isn't worth the MB it takes online, and it's too soon and insensitive! Stop trying to make an example out of Ryan, it's calling upon people that already knows the pain of what losing someone in that manner feels like.

1033 days ago
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