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Katy Perry


... Corey Feldman??

6/22/2011 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katy Perry has giant coattails -- because Debbie Gibson, Hanson, and freakin' Corey Feldman all managed to ride them into her new music video. All aboard the nostalgia train!!!062211_TV_corey_still

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So I want to see this Video haha -Second

1217 days ago


Corey, you're relevant again for a coupla seconds!

1217 days ago


Good job Corey, now please don't do something stupid like everyone else seems to be doing lately. Best of luck!

1217 days ago


One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong...

Hanson still has a career. Tours, new cds, interviews...look it up. How DARE they do a cameo as a...BAND?!?! Insanity. Of course they're a nostalgia act, but to say they're riding coat tails? I don't think so.

Funny how Rebecca Black is featured in the video too, but she's not riding any coat tails, even though she's an unsigned artist with a youtube "hit".

Double standards much?

1217 days ago


well.. Corey is full of awesome.

I personally don't like Perry's dorky side

1217 days ago


I'm right there with Holls on this one. Hanson's not riding anyone's coattails. They've never gone away they've been a band for almost 20 years now believe it or not. Hanson is the best band out their. People only remember MMMbop they are so much more than that and have many albums. I can't wait for the upcoming tour; it's gonna be awesome. Do your research people. Request "Give A Little" on your local radio station.

1217 days ago


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1216 days ago


hecks yeah I love Cory Feldman - forever ago - and forever and always!!!

1216 days ago

Hanson? Are those little girls still around?

1216 days ago


hanson rocks! they do. US tour this fall,they still record albums.

harvey maybe you and your people want to go to a hanson show? of course you will be the worst guests there.

very talented band

1216 days ago


TMZ says: "Katy Perry has giant coattails -- "
Is that what we are calling them now? What was wrong with jugs, cans, bumpers, boulders, boobies, chesticles, hooters, knockers, ta-tas, ya-bows, fun-bags, cha-chas. . .

1216 days ago

Emily Sour grapes much? A minute long spot in a music video is hardly an attempt to ride on someone's coattails. And why would they need to when they've always done just fine on their own. Katy Perry didn't get them their Dancing With the Stars gig. She didn't get them the #1 Independent album in 2004. She didn't give them their own record label. And, wait, you forgot to mention that Hanson was Oprah's most annoying guest. You're slipping...

1216 days ago


HAHAHAHHA LOVE YOUR COMMENT AMANDA and by the look on Harvey's face when he heard Hanson was in a Katy Perry movie, he's got the look for REJECTion

1215 days ago


I get a kick out of reading the comments on pages like this. Adults acting juvenile, probably trying to raise a kid. Who even thinks calling Hanson "little girls" is funny anymore? I guess if that's your best insult.. Seriously though, if you're wanting to put them down, why not just go all out and call them **** or something? playing the same card you played in middle school only makes you look stupid.

And, seriously TMZ? you employ people with the mentality of a 5 year old? Riding the coat tails of Katy Perry....though I'm sure she invited them to be in her music video. Unless I have a dangerously scary definition of 'Coat Tails' I don't think being invited quite counts. I also don't think it counts when said "coat tail"er is an active entertainer(s) in the music industry. I wonder how all the other indie artists (music and otherwise) would feel about being defined as such.

1215 days ago


Honestly, like you guys have any room to say any celebrity is riding ANYONE'S coattails considering the only way you make your money is off of other celebrities' humiliation. I bet- in fact I KNOW- Hanson and Cory Feldman make more money than you will in you're whole entire lives.

1215 days ago
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