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El Tom Hanks

Dances BUENO on

Spanish TV

6/22/2011 6:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Hanks doesn't really speak Spanish ... but when he appeared on "Despierta America" on Univision yesterday ... he communicated in the universal language ... of dance.



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"Spanish TV" as in spanish speaking. Not TV from Spain geniuses...

1184 days ago


the world needs more tom hanks and less of the s***bags that tmz feeds off of.

1184 days ago

Fidel's niece    

@ Phil,

I agree.
Tom is one of the nicest
guys in Hollywood, and I
enjoyed watching him having
fun in that video.

1184 days ago


is not "dances bueno" it's "dances bien" ... idiots , you don't know any spanish

1184 days ago


omg lol.

1184 days ago


@ OK, Racists and ignorance creates racism. The reason this country is on the decline is because of 2 failed wars that are a huge economic burden to this country a weak dollar, chronic debting to Asia ( especially China), de-reguation ( apparently the former administration had mo oversight on the banking industry and mortgage industry, and looked the other way because the corporate lobbyist gave millions to the Republican party). Your words sound eerily similiar to Nazi propaganda spread in Germany against the Jews,in the 1930's and 1940's always blame the minority and that led to the murder of millions. I'm a first generation American of Mexican desent,my parents emigrated here legally, are US citizen, I have a master's degree, home owner, pay taxes, tri-lingual, lived in Europe ( legally), vote in every election, do not break the laws and am fully self supporting. All my friends are the same, dont judge us, if you sat down and had lunch with us, your opinion would change but its easier to hate us, that works for you. Very brave of you to spew hate behing an anonymous name behind a computer screen. Do you even have a job? I do I have the day and this is my guilty pleasure So I will stand up and say you are obnoxious,condenscending boorish, racist, and if you want to continue living a part of a member of society...EVOLVE.

1184 days ago

Some random guy    

Don't mind OKS, he slams Mexicans in every single post he makes on here. He's pretty open about his bigotry. All hail the white man! right OKS?

1184 days ago

A pap    

This translating dude is annoying. Ruins the show. Are people that stupid that they don't understand what's going on? was a translation really necessary then ?

1184 days ago

BB in CA    

Tom looks really good here - now afraid to look silly and have fun. The lady at the end of the video (that said Spanish TV) I don't think is TMZ. If you don't like Tom, why the hell are you watching the video, why the hell comment? Go watch something you like and be happier. Your SO negative remarks are not good for any of us! Have a good day.

1184 days ago


Spanish means from Spain. This is not spanish

1184 days ago


"OKS" - I know several Mexican families with more than five kids who have never received a dime from Welfare. (As a matter of fact Welfare doesn't exist in Mexico.)

Also, for someone referencing the "L.A. Times," you sure missed the article they posted in December of 2009 where they wrote the following;

"For the LAPD, the statistics marked the seventh consecutive year in which the rate of serious crimes has declined. Through Saturday, violent crimes, such as homicide, rape and robbery, fell about 10% compared with the same period last year, while burglary and other property crimes declined 8%, according to LAPD figures."

If you want to read the full article, here is the link,

But I'm sure the article wouldn't matter to someone like you, since the only statistics you care about are the ones that cater to your racist views. If you hate Los Angeles that bad, too bad, because Mexicans were here long before any of your ancestors were, and they are here to stay!
If you want statistics based on racist views, how's this one - Latinos are the true "Americans". The "New World" was already labeled "America" more than a century before the Mayflower landed and people spoke Spanish here before the English arrived. So, file that statistic deep inside your ass!

1184 days ago


wow wow wow that weather chica has a f'in nice ass!! tom hanks has always been my hero!

1184 days ago


Hey you guys not all the latin people are from Mexico, she is from Venezuela, in fact there are about 15 contries that speak Spanish, for people who are latinos or spanish is an offense to be called Mexican. Ok?

1184 days ago


We are all hot latinas , hahahah always guys.

1184 days ago


Funny how you people always defend your own and don't take any responsiblity for what your own have done to this country. First, you people want to confuse the public and yourselves into thinking "immigrant" is the same as "illegal immigrant". They ARE NOT. Secondly, look what your people have done to their own country - MEXICO. What like 60 headless bodies found within a month???!!!!
Barbarians. If your people are going to steal their way into MY COUNTRY - don't be too surprised that AMERICANS will be upset. You people make Los Angeles look like a third world dump.
Now go ahead and write something about how all white people are wrong about everything and how Mexicans and LATINOS are God's gift to education, safety and the world at large! HAHAHAHAHAHAH

1184 days ago
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