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El Tom Hanks

Dances BUENO on

Spanish TV

6/22/2011 6:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Hanks doesn't really speak Spanish ... but when he appeared on "Despierta America" on Univision yesterday ... he communicated in the universal language ... of dance.



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"OKC," we don't give a sh*t how you feel about Latinos (or Mexicans)! Neither have we cared, or will ever care, about how "white" people feel about us. Trust me, while you sit enraged at how "the Brown Man" is messing up "your" country, we go to sleep with big smiles on our face. And don't worry your "white" women are all safe. We plan to breed with the Chinese. You see, it is our master plan to turn the "United States of America" into the "United States of the Chinese."
Mexicans have already been the biggest ethnic group in the United States for years. The only reason that there are more "white" people accounted for is because in your obsession with preserving a "white" race, this country always includes the Irish, Italians, Poles, Jews, among others among the same group - groups that were once discriminated against and not considered "white" when they first immigrated here.
But, please, do us a favor don't include Mexicans with the so called "whites." Like I said we plan to mix with the Chinese. There are millions here in the U.S. and over a billion more in China. Breeding some Mexican-Chinese children will hopeful bring the end of the so-called "white" race.
And, always, remember Latin Americans are the true Americans. You, "OKC", are just one of our guests.

1219 days ago


chorizosupreme - sounds like a Taco Bell special - Breeding Mexicans with Chinese must be a fantasy. Chinese value education and probably are not too interested in messing up their gene pool.
Tell your theory of how the white man is one of the brown man's guests to our very efficient military. I think they might want to correct you - just like our law enforcement has too. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

1219 days ago


What they should've shown was Tom Hanks cooking on Despierta America. and him eating the hot chile pepper. LOL.. that was priceless. u can check other clips with him on univisions site

1218 days ago


"OKS" - you are very entertaining! You'll be surprised how much Asian ass I can pull. "White" girls also love that Mexican Jalapeno Pepper, you know the kind that they can't get at Taco Bell.

And, really, "Our Military" is very efficient? How long does it take to get the job done in Iraq and Afghanistan? You're mind is still living in the past. The "Great White Hope" is dead. There are already enough Mexicans in the U.S. to keep expanding our gene pool. Many "White girls" have also joined the club.

And how do you expect to correct me if you can't even keep the "illegals" from crossing the border?

I'm glad you like my comments, but you still are too damn stupid to read between the lines. Make sure you adjust the big yellow helmet that is pressing against your thick skull. And, say hello to all your friends at the trailer park for me.

For someone who pretends to value education, you are still an ignorant dumb-ass.

1218 days ago


ChorizoSubpreme. You are the one who is funny and uneducated. Your people are very visually ugly and you know it. The men have rolls of fat at the back of their head for no reason and the size of the heads are gigantic with nothing inside. The women look like gargoyles and you dress your babies up to look like dolls with lace and toilet paper on their heads. Please do not ever compare white people with brown illegal trash. Even anchor babies are yet another way you people pollute our country. Fix your own country. You turned that into a dump and you expect real Americans not to have an opionion of what your kind does here? It's so funny to see your fat lard butts wearing t-shirts when they are in the water at the beach. Completely clueless and classless. Scary!

1218 days ago


My husband thinks the woman in the clip is asking him to dance. Does anyone know what the woman actually asked him?

1217 days ago

His Prince Michael    

I can't really decipher exactly what is being said, but, I note in Tom's brilliant comedic-improvisation, he keeps repeating
"NUEVA YORK" and it actually vid, is the biggest laugh of the year!

1217 days ago


oh come on....that is not spanish TV. Spain is in europe....please TMZ i little more culture would be fine. I guess that univision is a spanish-speaking american TV channel but not a spanish you see the big "frigging" difference?

734 days ago
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