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George Clooney and Elisabetta -- IT'S OVER!!!!

6/22/2011 8:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was only a matter of time ... but professional playboy George Clooney is finally moving on from his super-hot Italian GF of two years Elisabetta Canalis ... and her UNBELIEVABLE physique.

George Clooney

The former couple just released a joint statement -- "We are not together anymore. It's very difficult and very personal, and we hope everyone can respect our privacy."

Who's next????



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from many comments here it seems that the only criteria for him should be how hot the girl is... maybe she is hot but also high maintenance, boring, hysterical, etc. You can go so far on "hotness" before wanting to see what else is out there.

1184 days ago


For the record I am female so keep that in mind when reading my following statement.

George Clooney has never ever made any bones about he was NOT getting married again. If these women don't get that well thats not his fault...he has never said otherwise and he is very public about it. He changes girlfriends about every 2 years...when they figure out he really meant it.

And frankly...if I had that kind of money I wouldn't marry anyone either and I would get the possible oh sorry my birth control didn't work you are going to be a daddy scenario nipped in the bud as well if you know what I mean ... look at the past...Paul McCartney comes to mind ;)...Mel Gibson etc etc. having some rich guys baby seems to be the new way to get rich quick.

So I have to respect the man for being honest...he has always stated he would never marry again. So I guess I don't get why some of you are bashing him for his lifestyle. He isn't lying about his motives or luring 16 year olds into his bed or a wedding dress.

1184 days ago

Clooney is GAY    

So ya "shaved" the beard, huh Georgie???

1184 days ago


So this is John Doe...

1184 days ago


Vindog, this may be a hard concept for you to grasp, but women also get tired of fcuking the same man over and over too. The same positions, the same lack of imagination...

Men are nothing special as far as this is concerned. Women just have more sense of committment.

1184 days ago


Rock Hudson was married once also. So was Elton John. See how well that turned out. George like blonde boys - according to Brad Pitt.

1184 days ago


On to the next one,chicks like her come a dime a dozen for George clooney. He is a smart man he never let's gold digging women tie him down. No ring means she gets no money I love it!!

1184 days ago


Did anyone think that maybe she was the one to call it off? She wants a husband and children and he doesn't fit that mold. How long do you think she is supposed to hang with him before she leaves him to find what she wants in life. Good for her! And him! They have what they both want.

1184 days ago


Tinalouise wrote: There is no way in hell that he can get in and out of all of these relationships the way he does while still having a heart and soul way!!!!

I think you have a point. So does Craig, I believe, wondering about how a man can string a woman along for 2 years if he knows from start he'll eventually dump her - even if he said so from the beginning, something is not quite right.

I quite like George Clooney, and I think that's why the media pretty much leave him alone - he's likable. That's why we don't get it - why doesn't he fall in love? You don't expect much from guys like Leo di Caprio, but you do from Clooney. You expect kindness.

I have no clue if he's gay or not, maybe, and with that leading man appeal it makes sense if he doesn't want to come out. But I am noting that he makes very few sex scenes, strangely few in the light of him being seen as a heart throb for women, and when he finally makes one, he's awkwardly chaste and... well... nice.

1184 days ago

steeler fan    

he has said for a long time that he will never get married again, and i guess each girl that comes along thinks she can change his mind, that girl is hot, if she can't get him i mean who can? but you'd think he would get attached to someone?

1184 days ago


Her gain.

1184 days ago


She brought up the fact that one day she wants to get married. Any woman who wants to be with him better give up on the idea of marriage or children. He's made it clear he doesn't want to get married & I'm pretty sure he doesn't want kids either.

1184 days ago


Not everyone wants to get married and kids. I have more respect for George than Tiger Woods or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Warren Beatty didn't get married and start a family until he was 55.

1184 days ago


Clooney is an old man. He dumped the girl when he couldn't get an erection anymore at the sight of her ass. He used her ass and dumped her like a used napkin. Men! Off to the next ass.

1184 days ago


George said all along he didn't want to marry again. And then she said she did. Life goes on.

1184 days ago
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