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George Clooney and Elisabetta -- IT'S OVER!!!!

6/22/2011 8:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was only a matter of time ... but professional playboy George Clooney is finally moving on from his super-hot Italian GF of two years Elisabetta Canalis ... and her UNBELIEVABLE physique.

George Clooney

The former couple just released a joint statement -- "We are not together anymore. It's very difficult and very personal, and we hope everyone can respect our privacy."

Who's next????



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BB in CA    

George is not a loser for not getting married! He's a smart man. Anytime a woman thinks the relationship isn't wonderful simply because her guy doesn't want to get married, it's time for her to move on. Marriage doesn't keep people together; it just makes it more difficult to separate if the love doesn't last.

1184 days ago


She has a great body but her face... maybe he just noticed she looks like dude.

1184 days ago

Sheila C Santos    

He's NEVER going to get MARRIED. Because He's soooooo GAY......

1184 days ago


How you gonna walk away from that!? This might be his worst decision since Syriana.

1184 days ago


Who's next? I am! George - call me!

1184 days ago


When she started talking marraige, you knew it was over. George has said many time times he tried it once and that was enough!

1184 days ago


WOW Impressive. I always thought Clooney was gay like ricky martin..

1184 days ago


No surprise as Clooney is known for frequently changing partners!!

1184 days ago


Different Rules Apply about an hour ago
George is honest about not wanting to settle down - she pushed the envelope and he pushed it back. She has the right to want a commitment and possibly a family. I see him as forthcoming with who he is, so good for him. Bad for the women that fall in love with him though. He doesn't appear to be a cheater, just a free spirit - there's a difference when the truth is told. Take a lesson boys - he may be a player, but doesn't rip the hearts out of women by lying to them.

Thank YOU!
George Clooney is the man you have fun with.It will be short-lived but you enjoy it while it lasts. She needed to shut her pie-whole about marriage. He is hot! Old, Young, all women would love a slice of that pie.
Im dating someone who is hot! Im crazy about him. But I know he's not the marrying kind. I doubt he's even the girlfriend type but he was totally up front. Anyone who dates him should know he's not going to wife up anyone or buy anyone a ring end of story

1184 days ago


NONSENSE!!! Clooney did not ask for PRIVACY while they were a couple. They LOVED the attention! Why should the public bow down to them just because they ask? Doesn't work that way, period! If they really wanted privacy, from the beginning, they would have had the cameras turned off, immediately! They didn't! One of life's lessons to be learned.

1184 days ago


gerorge has L.D.S
limp ******yndrome
thats why he cant keep a woman
they all come running to me

1184 days ago


they keep running to you because they would prefer to puke in a garbage can then on the street.

keep your lid up!!!!!

1184 days ago


They broke up because he doesn't want marriage or kids and she does, pretty simple. George has got to be a fun ride, but i*****uy says "I don't want to get married or have kids"...then chicks need to believe him!! and either accept it or move on..don't think you can change his mind over 2 or 3 years. Of course, it would help if he dated age appropriate women.....most chicks under 40, who are single w/no kids are going to want to get married and pinch out at least one kid or adopt. Except me, but I'm taken... sorry George...yes..he weeps. LOL.

1184 days ago


Sounds like she wanted to get married, and he has said time-and-time again; he will never get married. I think the whole world knows this- so why do women think they will change this? he will be a bachelor his whole life, and has clearly said this.

1184 days ago


As soon as I read her comments on marriage I knew she was about to get sh**tcanned by him. It seems that was the catalyst in his getting rid of several of his previous girlfriends. Of course, all women think they're the ONE. Not.

1184 days ago
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