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Flunks Booze Test

Ordered to Court

6/23/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan tested positive for alcohol earlier this month ... and has been ordered to appear in front of an L.A. County Superior Court judge tomorrow morning ... and the Probation Dept. wants her in jail.

Here's what we know.  Lindsay was tested twice last week.  Sources tell TMZ ... Lindsay tested positive for alcohol on one of the tests and negative on the other.  In both tests, she tested negative for drugs.  One of the tests was administered just after Lindsay had a rooftop barbecue party.

Sources tell TMZ ... the L.A. County Probation Department will ask Judge Stephanie Sautner to yank her out of house arrest and throw her in L.A. County Jail. 

And, we're told, members of the D.A.'s office -- will make an appearance as well, to lower the boom on Lindsay.  The D.A. is still handling the DUI probation part of Lindsay's criminal saga.  The L.A. City Attorney is handling the necklace case.

The Probation Department is pissed off because they tried to force Lindsay to take two tests in May but Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, refused to make Lindsay submit, claiming it wasn't part of her probation.  Turns out it was, so Lindsay subsequently took the two tests, one of which she failed.

The Probation Dept. is also ticked that Lindsay is having parties while under house arrest.

Judge Sautner will hold a hearing tomorrow at 10 AM.  Of course, we'll be there.


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Alan Carver    

@FLIZ; Unfortunately, you are WRONG. It has nothing to do with family. Her life, her actions, belong to the COURT until she finishes/completes her probation. Judges do not take LIGHTLY continued PROBATION VIOLATIONS. DUII Probation dictates that you are not to drink while on probation, use drugs, drive etc unless told otherwise by the Judge presiding over the proceedings. Simply at this point Lohan has violated under every Judge she has seen in 'court' since 2007. And what happens now is that Judge Sautner has to determine if Lohan is getting any of what the orders they are handing down to her. Clearly, and even if you choose NOT to see it, everyone else does, and I am very certain so does Judge Sautner, Lohan is NOT getting it. Others on here have pointed out that she will probably blame her probation officer or the judges orders, I mean when you are an ALCOHOLIC and you admit that you are not going to drink anymore, YOU DO NOT DRINK ANYMORE. Clearly Lohan, wants to play her own game, and playing a game with the LA Judicial system is not taken lightly and they do not allow this to be a continued issue. I am afraid that Lohan is just slow cooking her own goose and I dare say, at this point very serious repercussions are coming! Judges do not like having their orders VIOLATED TIME AFTER TIME AFTER TIME! Sorry Lohan, you lose! See you on your court date in a couple weeks. But you are going to jail until that date.

1220 days ago


darkrage6, Your a fu**ing idiot, she was on probation she cannot touch a drop of alcohol, you must be her mother or something.

1220 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Rogue, maybe we don't hate her. Maybe we care enough not to want to see the disease take another one of us? Just maybe.....

1220 days ago


There are vitamin supplements and drinks that are similar to what people seek from booze. Lindsay gurl go to a dietitian.

All those healthy people out there found legal ways to feel good.

Lindsay look into it. Hire someone to make you delicious smoothies and drinks that give you that incredible health kick.

Drugs and alcohol is such a lazy way to get a kick.

1220 days ago

Ghost Rider    

RW,JS, are such a joke. Where is that Seeker? Go ahead make me laugh, tell me a killing joke. Lindsay = LOSING

1220 days ago


And once again she will walk out of there a free woman. No one will ever hold her accountable. Why wasn't she thrown in jail last month?

1220 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

She should wear those STOLEN boots tomorrow! You all know the ones! She wore them to CS!

Make a statement to the courts! She is Lindsay Fing Lohan and can do whatever she wants!

1220 days ago


she is pathetic and weak

1220 days ago


Puckett less than a minute ago

Why does TMZ continue to enable Lou's Lindsay Lohan obsession? /snicker

You should get treatment for that, Lou.


The truth hurts, doesn't it, Puckett?

1. She's a complete mess.

2. You are an enabler who does nothing to help her with your enabling.

3. Her entire family has failed her.

4. Her life is spiraling completely out of control.

This is all ugly business and it has nothing whatever to do with LOU. LOU is just another quick place to put the blame hat. But that trick never works for long, does it, because Lindsay just messes up again and ends up in a worse situation than before.

Stop enabling. Stop lying. Stop pretending. Do something and do something meaningful.

1220 days ago


When is her lawyer just gonna say screw it, I give up? I am dissapointed. I know LL has done a lot of crap, but here she had been doing her rehab classes, community service, and doing things by the book. What is she thinking? What are the courts thinking? Why are the people coming in her house not checked, or something set up where people must be screened or on a court approved list to see her? A party, then gets popped for booze consumption. I am really dissapointed. All those people that said well.....maybe she can turn this around, serve her time, and revamp her image and career are fed up. She has abused the system, looked for loop holes, and I hope tommorrow she gets thrown in the slammer. When you are trying to turn your life around and laugh in the face of punishment, all bets are off.

1220 days ago

Good riddance!    

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The thieving liar was just lying about how she isn't drinking any more! But her drink hole was moving, which means she was lying anyway! What a loser! Throw her ass in jail!

1220 days ago


"Judges do not take LIGHTLY continued PROBATION VIOLATIONS"

No, your wrong. Judges are total chumps about young women with drug and alcohol problems who are charged with non violent crimes, and they let them get away with nearly endless VOP's before finally getting fed up and sending them to jail. I've seen it happen all to many times and the women judges are no better about it. If anything they're even softer and more forgiving. They may as well have "Butterball" stamped on them.

1220 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Sunday night at 9pm on VH1, Celebrity Rehab will kick off their new season with Michael Lohan starring!!!! FACT... Be there and be square. For louSER that equates to about 1500 more posts!!!!


1220 days ago


Fliz: "Why do you guys care that she drinks still? As long is she isn't driving."

Because drunk people don't care whether or not they have a license, if they have access to a car and and they want to go somewhere (and if nobody's there to stop them) they will. I remember hearing a news story about a women who killed 4 teenagers because after spending the evening out at a bar getting drunk with her friends (and getting a ride home from a designated driver) she decided that she wanted a hamburger and tried to drive herself to McDonalds.

1220 days ago


Blood Red Witch 21 minutes ago

How late will she be for her GRAND ENTERENCE this time? I am going with, hmmmmmmmmmmmm 20 minutes.

Anyone else?


She's gonna be pissed and in no mood to play nicey with the Judge this time, so I'll say 40 minutes. And hair pulled back, with a hard, nasty face on.

1220 days ago
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