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Flunks Booze Test

Ordered to Court

6/23/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan tested positive for alcohol earlier this month ... and has been ordered to appear in front of an L.A. County Superior Court judge tomorrow morning ... and the Probation Dept. wants her in jail.

Here's what we know.  Lindsay was tested twice last week.  Sources tell TMZ ... Lindsay tested positive for alcohol on one of the tests and negative on the other.  In both tests, she tested negative for drugs.  One of the tests was administered just after Lindsay had a rooftop barbecue party.

Sources tell TMZ ... the L.A. County Probation Department will ask Judge Stephanie Sautner to yank her out of house arrest and throw her in L.A. County Jail. 

And, we're told, members of the D.A.'s office -- will make an appearance as well, to lower the boom on Lindsay.  The D.A. is still handling the DUI probation part of Lindsay's criminal saga.  The L.A. City Attorney is handling the necklace case.

The Probation Department is pissed off because they tried to force Lindsay to take two tests in May but Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, refused to make Lindsay submit, claiming it wasn't part of her probation.  Turns out it was, so Lindsay subsequently took the two tests, one of which she failed.

The Probation Dept. is also ticked that Lindsay is having parties while under house arrest.

Judge Sautner will hold a hearing tomorrow at 10 AM.  Of course, we'll be there.


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I remember going to jail for 6 months because of a DUI, then did 30 days rehab & 2 yrs. probation. I was tested randomly & passed everytime. Thing is, I did drink while on probation, just never got caught (which IS the wrong thing to do) I'm just being honest. My question is, How much, IF any time did she do for her DUI. I'm much better now. Lindsey needs to get it together, I don't know what will wake her up though.

1183 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Lou and ILG, there is only one hospital in the world that does this procedure, and they have been doing it since 1935. My memory system now remembers alcohol negatively and if I see or smell alcohol I get an upset stomach. This procedure STOMPED my twenty year love affair with booze.

Although I will not mention the name of this hospital on these pages, finding it is easy just by googling chemically induduced aversion therapy.

1183 days ago


In regards to people demanding sympathy for Lindsay in regards to her dirty test ("alcoholism is a terrible disease" etc): LL's issue is not just alcohol, it is her sense of entitlement and narcissism, *coupled* with her alcohol addiction, which is placing her in these predicaments over and over again. That should be apparent in her choice of home decor (life size pictures of herself on her living room wall), her string of thefts ("I'm a celebrity, I'm entitled to this"), and her complete inability to truly acknowledge her own wrongdoings, instead blaming other parties for her behavior ("the judge is too hard on me, he's out to get me" "that jewelry store is just out to profit off of me").

Lindsay's not going to be able to truly become clean until she realizes that she alone is accountable for her actions--and she is indeed held accountable for her behavior by our court system.

1183 days ago


Why does this druggie thief keep getting special treatment? It's clear that the only thing that will work is real jail time.

1183 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

FU, lay off the adderall and check your FB messages.......


1183 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


Password on its way.

1183 days ago


Yeah they are "pissed off" sure. More like pissed on by this bitch, time and time again.

They will do the same thing they did the last time. "Now Lindsay, you know you were wrong, I'm gonna give you just one more chance!"

1183 days ago


It's soo hard being a fame wh*re

1183 days ago


She has proven over and over that she can't keep clean.....Her docs are keeping her in the dark if she keeps getting in the bad zone.......she needs new docs that want to help her get clean.....She needs to be where she can get clean all around now,,,,,,,,,

1183 days ago


Lohan has to be the dumbest c*nt in the history of Hollywood.

1183 days ago


BS. If anyone was serious about consequences for this piece
of trash, she would have gone to jail they day she
failed the test. ONCE AGAIN, watch lindsey skate.

She should star in her own new series "skating with the losers"

1183 days ago


This bitch is dumb! Seriously I think she must have drank/smokes/snorted any bit of common sense that a person is born with. Lost cause who needs to finally stop getting away with **** that ordinary people would be doing time for.

1183 days ago


Lindsey must be paying her attorney a lot of money for helping her break her probation, and the State of California not paying their judges enough to enforce it.

1183 days ago


Lindsey must be paying her attorney a lot of money for helping Lindsey break her probation, and the State of California not paying their judges enough to enforce it.

1183 days ago

Jack Norris    

The's in a downward spiral that is about to get her into real trouble. She's terminally stupid, thinks she can get away with anything, or both. If the judge doens't teach her real lesson this time, the system is truly screwed up.

1183 days ago
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