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Lindsay Shuts Down

Matt Lauer Interview


6/22/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan pulled the plug on Matt Lauer last night, just before cameras were supposed to roll for her big sit-down interview.

NBC sources tell TMZ ... Lauer flew to L.A. yesterday, and showed up at Lindsay's Venice loft around 6 PM.  

We're told Lindsay was actually in the makeup chair when things went south.  Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... Lauer's team blindsided them by saying the interview would be extremely lengthy because producers were planning to put it on "Dateline" as well as "Today."

Lindsay kicked up her heels, saying she was told it would only be a 15-minute interview, and refused to sit for anything longer.  The two sides began arguing -- to no avail -- and then Matt just packed up and left.

We're told before Lindsay made her decision, she consulted her publicist, Steve Honig, who agreed it was not the right time to do a televised and in depth interview. Once Lindsay decided to call it off,  Honig broke the news to Lauer.

Our NBC sources say producers made it clear to Lindsay and her people before Matt even got on the plane that the interview would be lengthy ... because it was servicing two shows.

Matt was not on "Today" today, and he's just about to land back in the Big Apple.

At least he got some AAdvantage miles out of it.



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CoolPhosphorescentShimmer about an hour ago

Matt is VERY unfair. He would probably ask unfair questions, like, "Why did you steal that necklace when you had the money to pay for it?" And, "How many times have you spouted off that you have changed, and then gone and done the same illegal things again?" Or even, "Hey, I see Ryan Dunn killed his passenger while driving drunk...did you think about anyone other than yourself when you got your multiple DUIs?"

Hate to break it to you bunky but those ARE all valid questions.
I for one would like to know the answers to ALL of them. (Not that there would be a single honest answer.)

1166 days ago


I'm wondering when she realizes it was a big mistake to do this interview, will she go back to NBC asking to do it now? I don't see how she can turn down any money. Based on her Q score a year ago, I don't think she's gonna win back any fans right now though. See where she is in five years.

1166 days ago


So much for changing her pima donna status.
She just isn't worth the publicity. She could have
showed the world she changed. LOL she hasn't changed!
Hollywood watches and smart people don't sign problems.
The woman didn't learn manners from her parents but there
comes a time when one grows past their rearing and become
responsible. You are no longer a child. GROW UP!!
instead of showing how much you've grown, you've showed
how much you haven't grown.

1166 days ago


vorlon 3 minutes ago

darkrage6 about an hour ago

You guys are idiots, it's very understandable that Lindsay isn't comfortable with doing a very long personal and in-depth interview.

Yeah- too hard for that twit to keep all the lies straight.


But she can sure keep the lines straight.

1166 days ago


Michael Lowhands gave Mike a hug after getting out of his sky blue jag and said I am so happy you are here, what kind of gel do you use.

1166 days ago


There is something seriously wrong with this girl--she cannot go one single day w/o being in the spotlight. The media should boycott her until she gets the help she needs! She was a cute little disney kid but now she just looks like crap.

1166 days ago


I would too, Vorlon, but I wouldn't pay a red cent to find out.

1166 days ago

Kay in San Diego    

TMZ your graphic is hysterical! Good job. Why is Matt so obsessed with the Lohans? Let them fade into oblivion. Dateline drags a 20 minute story into an hour and just rehashes the same stuff.

1166 days ago


Vinsetta, in answer to your question about whether or not she's entitled to unemployment benefits? No, she is not because she just turned down gainful employment.

1166 days ago


Good onr her not letting people take advantage of her generosity.

1166 days ago

Kay in San Diego    

She probably remembered how Matt kept at Britney Spears when she was pregnant and looked terrible while crying with gum in her mouth. Those producers should have cleaned Britney up a bit and Lindsey knew he'd be tough on her.

1166 days ago


The thing is, if you don't like an interviewer's style or personality, you don't sign on to do an interview with him. It's a professional commitment and Lauer depended upon her to fill a certain time slot. What if your cable company refused to come to your house and give you service because the customer service rep. didn't like you? You just don't do business that way. If you've ever worked in a capacity where you need someone to arrive on time in order to complete your job, you get what I'm saying.

1166 days ago


Great! I don't want to see her anyway.

1166 days ago

Dragon Tattoo    

Why would Matt Lauer fly all the way to LA from NY just for a 15 minute interview? "Today" probably told her but she probably was too drunk or high on drugs to remember.

1166 days ago


I'm so glad to see that she's changed. Agreeing to an interview only to change her mind and inconvenience everybody at the last minute, costing them valuable time and money is something the new-improved Lindsay would NEVER do.....oh......wait..

1166 days ago
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